The best beaches in the UAE: photo and description

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The best beaches in the UAE: photo and description
The best beaches in the UAE: photo and description

The United Arab Emirates is a luxurious and prosperous state with unique architecture and strict Islamic culture. The diverse beaches of the UAE, luxury hotels, and high-class service will provide every tourist with an incredible, fabulous and unforgettable vacation.

UAE beaches

Holiday season in the United Arab Emirates

UAE delight tourists with good and sunny weather all year round. Even in winter, the thermometer shows here below 25 degrees Celsius with a plus sign. As for the water temperature, in the Persian Gulf it does not fall below +17°C.

To make your beach holiday more enjoyable and complete, it is best to plan your vacation for autumn or spring. In winter, for some vacationers, the water may seem cool and uncomfortable for long swims, and in summer the resorts are unbearably hot, and the flow of tourists is huge. Therefore, spring and autumn are considered the best time to visit the UAE.

Photos of beaches and description

There are a huge number of different hotels in the UAE. Some of them own their own parts of the coast, while others offer their guests to relax on the municipal beach. In this articleLet's try to briefly talk about the features of the bathing areas at the main resorts of the country.

best beaches in uae


Almost all the country's beaches are sandy, but with different colors of sand. Locals say that in each area the color is unique. The beaches of the UAE will appeal to all tourists - both fans of active pastime and people who prefer solitude feel comfortable here. There are few and well-maintained beaches in the country. Some places are so secluded that you can only get there by yacht or boat.

Men planning a beach holiday in this country should take note that in some areas for swimming there are women's days - at this time only the fair sex is allowed to enter them.

Abu Dhabi beaches

The city is filled with a lot of unique and interesting places. The best beaches in the UAE, which were among the first to win the Blue Flag for cleanliness, are located in the capital of the Emirates. The beaches here are free, private and family, and people can sit on the sand, comfortable sunbeds or grass.

The beaches of this city delight tourists with an abundance of entertainment, clear sea and developed infrastructure.

UAE photos of beaches
  • City beach. Divided into sections: paid, with free entry and family.
  • Al-Raha. The safest and cleanest state beach in Abu Dhabi, which has both "wild" and cozy areas.
  • The island of Bahraini. Wild beaches with white sandy shores andazure waters that can only be reached by boat.

You can buy a tour in Abu Dhabi for about 30 thousand per person (for a week).

Ras Al Khaimah

A resort for those who are only interested in a beach holiday. Tourists who come here will be able to enjoy fun outdoor activities, slides in water parks or fishing in the open sea. Local beaches are not so noisy and crowded, so they are ideal for a relaxing holiday with the family.

private beaches in the UAE

The cost of a trip to this place starts from 60 thousand (7 days).

Fujairah beaches

The beaches of the UAE in the Fujairah area are a godsend for fans of water sports. Here the beach line belongs to several hotels, but there are also "wild" sections. The water is clear, although sometimes it gets a little cloudy. Diving enthusiasts will enjoy a large number of fish, turtles and the beauty of the underwater world.

UAE beaches
  • The beach at the Sandy Beach Motel. Located near the island of Snoopy Island, which can be reached by water. There is a very bright underwater world, a lot of corals and marine life.
  • City beach. Located in the center of the emirate, has a wide coastline, covered with bulk dark sand. Not very cozy and relatively poorly equipped, which, however, does not prevent tourists from having fun.

A trip to Fujairah costs 25,000 per person

Sharjah beaches

Despite the fact that the beaches of Sharjah are not included in the top "best beaches in the UAE", onyou can always see a huge number of vacationers. The fact is that Sharjah is a cheap place to stay, and low prices attract travelers.

Public beaches (free)

Usually, they are poorly equipped, and among the tourists there are many locals. Tourists must follow the rules of etiquette of a Muslim country. For example, on free beaches you can not be in an open swimsuit, kiss or hug, drink alcohol.

Private beaches

They are the property of hotels and are always well equipped. They are mostly visited by tourists, but on weekends you can also meet locals, because getting here is easy - you just have to pay the entrance fee.

UAE beach Sharjah

Best beaches in Sharjah

The beaches of this emirate give tourists an unforgettable experience. Luxurious coral reefs, blue bays - what could be more beautiful? The best paid beach in the UAE (Sharjah) belongs to the Sheraton Hotel. And for tourists who are looking for a free good beach, it is best to opt for Ash-Sharika. Here you can find a hotel with breakfast for 20 thousand rubles.


An emirate with many technological marvels, the country's leading tourist destination and one of the busiest cities in the world.

Dubai offers tourists a great vacation, excellent service and comfort. There is no better vacation spot than the UAE, Dubai. The beaches here are incredibly spacious, with snow-white fine sand, and the sea is an unusual turquoise color.

The weather is warm throughout the year. The local beach areas, perhaps,the best in the world, but with their limitations. For example, men cannot be on municipal beaches on certain days. It is also important to remember that the UAE is a Muslim country and drinking alcoholic beverages and throwing garbage in public places are prohibited on its territory. Tourists are not allowed to behave obscenely, wear revealing clothes. Video and photography are prohibited on almost all beaches.

Best Public Beaches (Dubai):

  • Jumeirah Beach Park. A popular free beach with a length of almost one kilometer. It has everything for a comfortable stay - sunbeds and umbrellas, benches, playgrounds, barbecue areas. On Mondays and Saturdays, women and children rest here, and on Fridays, many citizens come.
  • AlMamzar Beach Park. It borders on Sharjah, occupies almost the entire peninsula (1.7 km long). There is a swimming pool, cabins, picnic areas and games. There is a small amphitheater in which performances are often held. Wednesday at Mamzar is Women's Day.
  • Jumeirah Open Beach. Located in close proximity to the hotel "Sail" and the tower "Burj Khalifa", very beloved by Russian tourists. Equipped with toilets, showers and changing rooms. There is a children's playground, recreation areas and other amenities.
  • Kite Beach - beach conquerors of waves. Despite the fact that it is always windy here, the beach is never empty. People come here to go kitesurfing, fly kites or just take pictures against their background.
UAE Dubai beaches

Private Beaches (Dubai)

Many UAE beaches are private and owned by hotels. Almost all hotels in Dubai, located on the first coastline, have their own beaches (closed). With an entrance fee, you can enjoy a range of services here, from umbrellas and towels to restaurant speci alties and even alcoholic drinks.

The most popular of the closed beaches are:

  • Dubai Marine Beach Resort &Spa;
  • Mina Club;
  • Joumana Club;
  • Nasimi Beach;
  • Habtoor Grand Beach Resort & Spa.

Prices for accommodation in hotels in Dubai start from 50 thousand rubles. For 70,000 you can rent a hotel with all-inclusive meals.


UAE is a specific state with centuries-old traditions. It does not matter which beaches in the UAE (private or city) you plan to visit - do not forget about the local Muslim culture and respect the laws of the country.

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