Omsk - Moscow: plane, train. Distance from Omsk to Moscow

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Omsk - Moscow: plane, train. Distance from Omsk to Moscow
Omsk - Moscow: plane, train. Distance from Omsk to Moscow

The Siberian city of Omsk in the Russian mind is traditionally a symbol of a deep province, like Saratov or Vologda. Almost three thousand kilometers separate it from Moscow. But the problems of transport communication along the route Omsk - Moscow are much more relevant for Omsk residents than for residents of the capital. Muscovites go to Siberia somehow not very willingly.

From the history of the development of Siberia

The city of Omsk was founded in 1716 by a detachment of explorers led by Ivan Buchholz. The city was founded on the banks of the Irtysh at the confluence of the Om River, which gave the name to the new settlement. It was a time of Russia's active expansion of its borders in several directions at once. The conquest of Siberia was thus a priority. For a long time, communication along the route Omsk - Moscow was carried out exclusively by horse-drawn transport. The most important for the city was the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway, which was intended to connect the central provinces of the Russian Empire with the Pacific coast. The first trains along the Omsk - Moscow route passed in 1895 after the construction of a large railway bridge across the Irtysh was completed.

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By railroadroad

Roughly since the beginning of the twentieth century, traveling along the route Omsk - Moscow, the distance between the end points of which is 2711 kilometers, has become familiar to Omsk residents. Over time, trains began to run more often, their speed increased. Travel time to the capital from Omsk currently varies from 38 hours to two days. Such a difference in time, in addition to different speeds, is also explained by the presence of two options for the route Omsk - Moscow. The southern route passes through Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Kazan and ends at the Kazan station of the capital. And the northern one - through Tyumen, Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Novgorod - delivers passengers from Omsk to the Yaroslavsky station, located on the opposite side of the same square in Moscow as Kazansky. The cost of tickets ranges from three and a half to eleven thousand rubles, depending on the class of the car and the place in it. For several decades now, the Beijing-Moscow Express has been considered the fastest train of all those passing through Omsk in transit in the western direction. The main part of the passenger traffic from Omsk to Moscow is taken by transit trains. During the day, about twenty passenger trains pass through Omsk in the direction of the capital.

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Irtysh Signature Train

Until recently, a local train departed from the platform of the Omsk railway station in the direction of the capital. Despite the fact that it was a popular and convenient train for Omsk residents, its existence was recognized as unprofitable. ATAt present, the Moscow-Omsk train remains in existence only in the form of several trailer cars for the Moscow-Novosibirsk train. Their number varies depending on the season of the year. However, the Moscow - Omsk train retains its traditional name "Irtysh". Omsk residents have become accustomed to this trademark and prefer to buy tickets for this train.

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Railway station Omsk-Passenger

In 2007, the capital reconstruction of the station complex of Omsk-Passenger station was completed. The station at this place in Omsk has been functioning properly since 1895. But his previous concept came close to exhaustion, and the station building ceased to meet its purpose. The reconstruction required significant capital investments, which were allocated both from the regional budget and through the Russian Railways. Looking at the result of the reconstruction project, we can conclude that these funds were spent rationally. The architects managed to fit the old historical building of the Omsk railway station seamlessly into the new modern transport terminal. Today, Omsk railway station fully complies with European standards for servicing railway passengers. The new building has escalators, comfortable waiting rooms, payment and information systems.

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To Moscow by plane

Regular air communication with the capital from Omsk airport was opened in 1931. It was a significant event for the Siberiancities. The route Omsk - Moscow, the distance between the end points of which remained unchanged, became possible to overcome during the day. Even with intermediate landings for refueling the aircraft. In former times, such a journey lasted several days, but now it has become measured in hours. This is a significant difference. "Moscow - Omsk" - has become the designation of not only the usual railway, but also the aviation route. To overcome the grandiose Siberian distances, the time factor is of great importance. Today, the Omsk-Moscow plane is in the air for a little more than three hours and does not need intermediate landings. About seven flights depart daily from Omsk (Central) airport in the direction of Domodedovo, Vnukovo or Sheremetyevo. Their number may increase depending on demand. The cost of tickets is in the range between four and eight thousand rubles. The most economical option is to buy a ticket for a month, with a morning departure in the middle of the week. It is interesting to note that Omsk Airport (Central) is quite close to the city center. The construction of the new Omsk (Fedorovka) air complex has dragged on for more than three decades and requires significant costs. The prospects for its completion are not yet clear. It is safe to say that the current air terminal will receive passengers for a long time to come.

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Time difference

There are two time zones between Omsk and Moscow. This means a three-hour time difference in Omsk in relation toMoscow. In practice, this means that, departing from Omsk to Moscow at seven o'clock in the morning local time, the passenger arrives in the capital at the same seven in the morning, but only Moscow time. Accordingly, on the contrary, when departing in the evening from Moscow to Omsk, you will find yourself in three hours in the early morning.

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