The best hotels in Belokurikha: information and reviews

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The best hotels in Belokurikha: information and reviews
The best hotels in Belokurikha: information and reviews

Due to financial difficulties, compatriots have to refuse to travel abroad. Unfortunately, many people do not even suspect that you can have a great rest without leaving Russia.

This is not only about the Black Sea coast or the North Caucasus - Belokurikha hotels located in the marvelous Altai Territory are gaining popularity recently.

For dignitaries

The holiday village was founded on the site of the village in the 1920s. Ten years later, dormitory buildings, a solarium, an outpatient clinic, a clinic and a hydropathic facility were built on the territory. The leaders of the state rested and improved their he alth in Belokurikha.

The study of thermal waters, in which various microelements (fluorine, radon, silicic acid, nitrogen and others) were found, played a big role in the development of a large resort in the east of the country. The healing mountain air contains light air ions, the amount of which exceeds that in the famous Swiss Davos.

Climate is consideredfavorable for he alth: cool summers, warm autumn and spring months, mild winters with short frosts and thaws.

Belokurikha hotels

Today Belokurikha hotels receive more than 200 thousand tourists a year. Travelers are interested not only in the magnificent nature and medical procedures. For outdoor enthusiasts, ski slopes are equipped on the territory of the resort.

Ten kilometers from the city, Belokurikha-2 is being built - another resort with a developed infrastructure that will help cope with the growing flow of tourists.


In 2, 5 kilometers from one of the ski lifts is the hotel "Belovodie" (Belokurikha, Myasnikova street, 4). Guests are offered a variety of accommodation options here, depending on the chosen room, food and treatment package.

Spacious rooms are equipped with a refrigerator, air conditioning, minibar, cable TV, telephone and toiletries. The price includes three services: a solarium (three minutes a day), a gym and a s alt cave.

hotel russia belokurikha

The hotel "Belovodie" often come with small children, because for them there is the most important entertainment - the water park. Pools, slides and water attractions for young visitors, a thermal complex with jacuzzis, saunas and even a snow cave for adults.

Rest, treatment and service

Excursion programs are of great interest to travelers. Gorny Altai, Valley of Spirits and Chemal - there are bus trips,hiking and even horseback riding.

In the medical center, guests can get advice from a general practitioner, neurologist, physiotherapist and other medical specialists. You can purchase a he alth tour or decide on the direction of the program already on the spot. Beautiful ladies will certainly be interested in the Slender Silhouette and Relax-Antistress-Tonus complexes, as well as the universal General Wellness Course, which includes classic massage, artificial baths, speleotherapy, physiotherapy and phytobarrel.

Traveler reviews note the comfort and cleanliness in the rooms and throughout the hotel. The mini-bar has adequate prices, the photos on the Web are fully consistent with reality. For guests there is a special offer for visiting the water park. The staff is very kind and always ready to help.

hotel Belovodie Belokurikha


- high cost of living;

- lack of animators in the children's room.


In the immediate vicinity of the ski lifts "Katun-2" and "Katun" is the hotel "Blagodat" (Belokurikha, street Slavskogo, 77). On the territory there is a restaurant, a rental shop, a storage room for sports equipment, secure parking and a small he alth complex.

Several categories of rooms are available for booking: from a modest attic to spacious apartments with two bedrooms and a kitchenette. Regardless of the cost, all rooms are equipped with the necessary furniture, a set of dishes, a kettle, a hairdryer and a TV.

neo hotel blond

The hotel's location, according to guests, is ideal for winter sports. Nearby there is a ski school and, of course, great slopes designed for any level of training.

Reviews from travelers note the friendly attitude of the staff, the high quality of cleaning and the attentiveness of the maids. The work of the restaurant is a little disappointing - leisurely waiters, annoying live music and not the most delicious food.


In the very center of the resort is the Rossiya sanatorium, which offers guests to relax in cozy buildings, as well as in two hotels that are part of the complex.

Modern interior, high standards of service and the possibility of holding business events are offered by a business hotel (Belokurikha, Slavskogo St., 22). Rooms of three categories are available for booking: “Standard”, “Studio” and “Lux”. For the convenience of the guests, a working area is equipped, there is a set of dishes, an LCD TV, a safe, a telephone, a set of cosmetic accessories, a mini-bar, a kettle and even an alarm clock.

business hotel Belokurikha

Guest opinions

Rossiya Hotel (Belokurikha) is perfect not only for business trips, but also for family vacations. Guest reviews note the magnificent interior and cleanliness, compliments in the form of delicious honey and tea, and free two-hour access to the pool.

Most of all negative ratings went to the catering organization: the restaurant does not have a menu, breakfasts are served for a long time, and the quality of the dishes leaves much to be desiredthe best. Unfortunately, guests pay attention to the unprofessional attitude of the staff. During check-in and check-out, many are faced with a lack of elementary courtesy and interest from hotel managers.


For traveling with young children, guests often choose the Echo Hotel (Belokurikha, Slavskogo St., 34), which belongs to the Rossiya sanatorium.

The building, which looks like a chalet in Switzerland, offers only 24 rooms for booking. Interior details made by hand create a cozy atmosphere.

Next to the hotel there is a ski slope for beginners, you can rent the necessary equipment in winter and bicycles in the warm season. The guests of “Echo” appreciate, first of all, solitude - the building is located a little away from the life of a large sanatorium, and a few neighbors are unlikely to disturb.

On the other hand, travelers can use the infrastructure of the Rossiya complex at any time. Consultations with experienced specialists, medical procedures and excellent SPA programs. One of the best medical centers is open here, and in their free time, guests are offered a huge number of leisure options.

Horseback riding, sports fields and swimming pools, gyms, snowmobile and ATV tours, evening programs, a cinema and concert hall, billiards and bowling, a nightclub and a karaoke bar - few hotels in Belokurikha can boast such a variety.

grace hotel blond

Traveler reviews note excellent organizationchildren's recreation. For the little guests there is a playroom, a playground, a labyrinth and a dry pool. Every day, a new event awaits children: a culinary master class, a sports competition or a cartoon broadcast.


Opposite the complex “Belovodie”, already familiar to us, is the “Neo Hotel” (Belokurikha, Ak. Myasnikov St., 13). Guests are within walking distance of the water park, restaurants, grocery stores and cafes.

In a modern four-story building, travelers are offered cozy rooms for booking at a reasonable price, including breakfast. Includes a fridge, kettle, TV, hairdryer and toiletries kit.

Many travelers choose Neo because of its low cost. The cheapest accommodation option - "Double Economy" with a semi-double bed at the height of the summer season will cost only 2000 rubles.

echo hotel blond

Reviews emphasize that there is no special infrastructure in the hotel. Breakfast is served in a cafe on the ground floor, and for entertainment and medical procedures, you should contact the large sanatoriums and hotels of Belokurikha. The main disadvantage, according to the guests, is the complete lack of sound insulation.

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