Comarruga, Spain: description of the resort

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Comarruga, Spain: description of the resort
Comarruga, Spain: description of the resort

Spain attracts tens of millions of people every year. This country is rich in history and sights. It has a lot to offer to those tourists who just want to bask on the beach under the bright Mediterranean sun and swim in the blue sea wave. All these requirements are fully satisfied by a small town in Spain - Comarruga.

Geographic location

Comarruga - the name of the town is written in Spanish, Coma-ruga - in the Catalan language. It is to the Catalan autonomy that the village of Comarruga in Spain belongs. It is located just 68 km from the heart of Barcelona. If you go by car, it will take about an hour.

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The town is part of the Costa Dorada region, which translates as the Golden Coast. And this is true - beautiful beaches with a slight golden tint are framed by the sapphire sea. Truly a paradise for tourists and a great jewel of Spain.

Climatic conditions

When going to Comarruga (Spain), it should be borne in mind thatthe beach season here lasts for five months - from June to the end of October. It is at this time that those who want to enjoy the sea should plan their trip. Average climate indicators for the year look like this:

month average air temperature average water temperature average rainfall days
January +10 - +14°C +13°C 1
February +7 - +15°C +13°C -
march +8 - +17°C +14°C 2
April +12 - +19°C +15°C 4
May +14 - +21°C +17°C 4
June +17 - +26°C +21°C 4
July +19 - +28°C +24°C 4
August +21 - +29°C +25°C 1
September +20 - +27°C +24°C 6
October +16 - +25°C +22°C 3
November +14 - +19°C +19°C 5
December +7 - +12°C +16°C 2

This is a very sunny region, with comfortable weather almost all year round. The functioning of the resort does not stop with the end of the beach season. Since treatment can be carried out at any time of the year.

Comarruga in Spain: resort description

The town is not a place of mass tourism. Its main visitors are the Spaniards themselves, who come at once with whole families. Approximately 90% of vacationers are exactly them.

The well-being of the resort is based on the existing thermal spring. It was first discovered at the dawn of the 19th century. Since then, suffering healings have been drawn to the place, the construction of the town has begun. Although as such the settlement existed in the XII century. All historical sights are carefully preserved, and even protected by UNESCO.

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In the process of using the waters of the source, the healing properties of not only itself, but also the mud were revealed. Both components contain quite a lot of minerals. These are NaCl, sodium bicarbonate, Mg (HC03) 2, calcium bicarbonate, iron bicarbonate, CaSO₄, silicon, carbon anhydride. So the glory of a balneological clinic appeared near the town of Comarruga in Spain.

Resort Hotels

The town can offer quite a variety of accommodation. These are hostels, campsites, standard star hotels, guest country houses and apartments. Each tourist can find not only a sweet corner for the heart, but also a joy for the wallet.

comarruga spain resort description

The most popular accommodation is in 3 star hotels. This is a great combination of price and service. At the same time, you can choose options not only in the immediate vicinity of the beach, but also from the source. For example, the Brisamar Hotel (Spain, Comarruga, Hotel Brisamar Suites). Reachto the sea is not difficult, it will take no more than 5 minutes. It will take even less time to reach the thermal waters. At the same time, all tourists note excellent service at the hotel, peace and quiet in the area.

You can choose a three-ruble note and cheaper. It differs only in the location. This is a great distance from the sea and from the thermal clinic. One of these hotels is Comarruga Playa (Spain, Hotel Comarruga Platja). Accommodation here is also highly appreciated by the guests. The staff speaks pretty good English, and there are even some Russian staff.

Spain - Costa Dorada - Comarruga: how to get there?

All tourists, as a rule, initially arrive in the capital of Catalonia. And to the town of Comarruga in Spain they get either by transfer provided by the tour operator, or on their own. In the latter case, you can use the services of a taxi, get there by train or bus.

To use the train method, you need to leave the airport and get to the El Prat de Llobregat station. On it, you need to transfer to the train going to Vilanova i la Geltra, and there already make a transfer in the same direction to Sant Vicenç de Calders. The whole journey will take about an hour. Comarruga is just 20 minutes away by taxi. This method is quite troublesome, but several times cheaper than a taxi.

Bus transport can also be reached only with transfers. Initially, you need to take a bus to Vilanova i la Geltru, and then transfer to the one that goes to Sant Vicenç de Calders. Where again fromtaxi to get to the right hotel.

Sights of Comarruga

First of all, the thermal spring itself will attract the attention of visitors. It can help in the treatment of joints, chronic rheumatism, skin diseases. The waters of the source form the Riuet rivulet, which flows into the small lake Estany. Both of them have quite a lot of fish, but its fishing is prohibited. Further, the water of the source is taken out to the sea. Access to the source is completely free. Therefore, both children and adults swarm in the riverbed all day long, combining business with pleasure.

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On the coast there is Club Nautic de Coma-ruga, which annually holds regattas. This is a private nautical club that has been operating since March 1970. The following activities are offered to the attention of visitors and regular members of the community:

  • Sailing school.
  • Sailing club.
  • Sport fishing.
  • Cruise section.
  • Diving center.
  • Marine Academy.

Everyone will be able to find a hobby. The boats are offered for rent.

There is an adventure park in the town. It's called Parc Ludic Diver. Suitable for family holidays and fun. This is a set of obstacles built with ropes and ladders on trees. All trails are ranked by age of visitors. So for the smallest children is intended, which accepts pranksters from 3 to 7 years. The blue slopes are designed for seven-year-olds, but have two levels of difficulty, and the red one is intended for people from 10 years old and from1.45 m. Please note that the park is closed from December to February.

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If such entertainment does not satisfy, then you can drive to Barcelona or Tarragona. Where you can fully enjoy the cultural and historical values. For those who crave unbridled fun, Port Aventura will satisfy the desires of both children and adults.

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