Spain in September. Spain: beach holidays in September

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Spain in September. Spain: beach holidays in September
Spain in September. Spain: beach holidays in September

Spain is one of the most hospitable, vibrant and colorful countries in Europe. Many tourists believe that you can only come here in the summer for a beach holiday, but this is not so. Spain is open to guests at any time of the year, you just need to know when it is better to go to the sea, and when to go to ski resorts, sightseeing tours, shopping, etc. You also need to familiarize yourself with the weather conditions, because the air temperature, the amount rainfall on the mainland and the islands vary significantly.

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What makes the velvet season attractive?

In most southern resorts, high temperatures last until mid-October. Spain in September is attractive for people who are accustomed to a calm measured rest, a peaceful atmosphere. In autumn there is no longer such an influx of tourists as in summer, restless students and schoolchildren leave to study. Of course, there is no certainty in the weather, rains are not ruled out, but this time is wonderful for sightseeing tours. The sea is still warm, you can get a great tan on the beach, but there is no longer a suffocating heat from which you can neither hide nor hide. That is why many travelers decide to relax in Spain in September. In the velvet season, housing pricesslightly lower than in summer. Tourists are attracted by the cultural program, the high level of service and, of course, the enchanting beauty of nature.

The weather in Spain in September

Until mid-autumn, Spanish resorts are great for a beach holiday. The first half of September is not much different from summer, the temperature stays at +30 °С, at night it does not fall below +22 °С. At this time, only occasionally refreshing short-term rains pass, precipitation is not particularly bothersome. The water temperature in the sea is kept within 23-26 °С. This weather is mainly typical for the south, the center and north of Spain are a little colder. The second half of September is usually cloudy and rainy, there may be storms that prevent walking near the coast.

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With the end of summer, there is a significant reduction in the cost of travel packages and tickets. In autumn, Spain is available for many middle-income travelers. A beach holiday in September is not much different from a summer holiday in terms of quality, but it doesn’t hit the wallet like that. A double room for a week can be rented for only 40,000 rubles, and about 2,500 rubles more. per day will be needed for meals, excursions, buying souvenirs. Spain is famous for its excellent cuisine. In September, prices in restaurants are noticeably lower compared to the peak season. One person spends about 800 rubles a day on food. Prices for excursions in the fall are not too high. For a bus or walk you will have to pay about 1200 rubles, the entrance to the temple or cathedral costs about 150-200 rubles, to the museum - 350 rubles.A ticket for a dance performance costs 1500-2000 rubles.

Ethnic cuisine

Spain cannot boast of certain culinary traditions. Each region has different dishes. The Spaniards use Moorish, Roman, African, French ideas, many recipes are taken from Mediterranean cuisine. Light snacks are served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It can be sandwiches, dried squid, cod, scrambled eggs, small pieces of meat or fish, clams in batter. Variations are very different, it all depends on the chef's imagination.

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The first course is always soup, it can be cream or puree. Such dishes are flavored with tomato, grated tomatoes. They are cooked with shellfish, fish, hams, beef, spices, steamed vegetables, croutons, garlic bread, etc. The Spaniards are very fond of meat, fish, seafood. You can try a variety of combinations with vegetables, fruits, spices. Peppers, onions, eggplants, potatoes and much more are mixed and stewed with seafood in a sauce.


All people have fun in different ways. Some associate Spain with flamenco, others with bullfighting, others with water parks. This bright and cheerful country will not let anyone get bored, absolutely everyone can have a good time here, regardless of the size of the wallet and age. Holidays in Spain in September are interesting because at this time there are no crowds in oceanariums, parks, zoos, shopping and entertainment centers. Therefore, you can relax and take a leisurely look at all the local attractions.

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Spain has a lot of beautiful parks where you can relax, have fun, enjoy the amazing nature. Barcelona has a huge zoo, which has a large number of animals brought from different parts of the world. Both adults and children like amusement parks, the main thing is not to keep emotions in yourself, but to laugh and squeal with pleasure while riding the rides!

Also, do not forget about sightseeing tours of cultural, architectural and historical sights of the country. Holidays in Spain in September are just conducive to a leisurely inspection of all interesting places, acquaintance with the culture and traditions of the people. In autumn, the discount season begins in many stores, so you can set aside a day for shopping to get high-quality, stylish and not very expensive things. In Spain, there is no time to be bored at any time of the year, there is always something to do here.

Beach vacation

For many years, Spain has been positioned as a resort for a beach holiday. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come here every year to enjoy the warm transparent sea, clean beaches, and amazing landscapes. Spain in September, especially at the beginning of the month, is perfect for spending time near the water. There are more than 1,700 equipped beaches in the country, organized both in mainland and island resorts. Tourists can settle down on the sandy or pebbly, Atlantic or Mediterranean coast. In Spain, snow-white, golden and anthracite-black are found.sand, each traveler can choose the most acceptable shade of the beach. The country is famous for its numerous resorts that hospitably welcome tourists at any time of the year. A high level of service and developed infrastructure attract guests from all over not only Europe, but also the world.

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The best resorts in the country

Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, Costa Blanca, Costa Tropical and Costa del Sol are the most popular cities that are famous for their beautiful weather, pearly beaches, clear sea. Spain in September pleases with sunny days, the water temperature does not fall below +23 °C. Costa Blanca has snow-white beaches. Active tourists who love water activities should go to Costa Brava. Nature lovers will also like it here. The landscapes at the resort are truly amazing, cozy bays, rocky shores, clean beaches amaze the imagination.

Costa Dorada is the most popular resort suitable for all age groups. The sea in Spain does not cool down yet in September, so travelers have time to enjoy all the delights of a beach holiday. Costa Tropical and Costa del Sol are southern resorts, you can swim and sunbathe for six months. The sun shines here 300 days a year.

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Island vacations

Absolutely all tourists want to have an unforgettable vacation, to fully enjoy the trip, but, unfortunately, often the weather crosses out all plans. Fortunately, island Spain is more stable in terms of weathercompared to the mainland, so travelers who do not like surprises are advised to go to the Balearic or Canary Islands. Ibiza, Mallorca are the best resorts for restless youth. Spain at the end of September can upset with heavy rains, but this applies only to the mainland, almost summer weather reigns on the islands until mid-October. In Ibiza, tourists are amazed by the color of the sea, clean and well-equipped beaches. Here life is in full swing around the clock, the coast is crammed with entertainment venues. Mallorca has a crystal clear blue sea, not only young people love to relax here, but also representatives of the older generation.

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The Canary Islands are ready to receive guests at any time of the year. Many influential people, stars, politicians decide to spend their holidays in Spain in September in Gran Canaria, La Palma, Tenerife. The Atlantic Ocean, snow-white coasts, laurel groves, parks immersed in flowers, cypress alleys - all this beauty cannot be described in words, you just need to come and see this splendor on your own. You can come to the Canary Islands even in winter, the temperature here does not fall below +20 °C.

September is the best time for sightseeing and shopping

Spain is a storehouse of cultural, architectural and historical treasures. In a hot and stuffy summer, it will not be possible to see all the sights of interest, and the mood will not be conducive to this. But in the fall, when it is still warm, but the exhausting heat is no longer there, you can take a leisurely stroll through all the interesting places, travel around the cities,learn more about the traditions and customs of the Spaniards. The country provides all the opportunities for active and useful recreation. Spain in September opens up great opportunities for shopaholics. At this time, many stores and boutiques offer significant discounts on quality branded goods.

When is the best time to visit Spain?

It is impossible to say with certainty when it is best to go to this wonderful country, because it all depends on the personal preferences of the traveler, his expectations from the trip. Ski holidays involve visiting Spain in the winter months, it is best to get acquainted with the sights of the state in spring and autumn, when the weather is most favorable, but you can swim and sunbathe from May to October. September is a great month to travel. During this period, you can swim, get a great tan, and get acquainted with cultural and historical monuments.

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