Trampolines in Sokolniki: round-the-clock jumping with JUST JUMP

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Trampolines in Sokolniki: round-the-clock jumping with JUST JUMP
Trampolines in Sokolniki: round-the-clock jumping with JUST JUMP

Do you want to have a fun and useful time? Want to get moving after work? In this case, you can go not somewhere to a bar or a nightclub, but to a trampoline center. For example, in Moscow there are JUST JUMP trampolines in Sokolniki. This is not just a pair of bright jumping ropes, but a whole complex of professional gyms.

Location of JUST JUMP arenas in Moscow

JUST JUMP center is not only trampolines in Sokolniki, but also 3 more arenas:

  • "Avtozavodskaya", located in the building of the shopping and entertainment center "Riviera" on Avtozavodskaya street, 18.
  • "Yasenevo" - located in the "Moreon" Complex on Golubinskaya street, 16.
  • "Business center" - on Presnenskaya embankment, building 2.

The largest trampolines are considered in Sokolniki at st. Sokolnichesky Val, 1, building 1. This is the only of the four arenas that operates on a 7/24 schedule.

Equipment of the trampoline center in Sokolniki

The park is equipped with more than 40 trampolines, which are combined into a single whole. Their area is almost 400 square meters. m. There are trampolineswalls and paths, sports trampolines, foam pit. The latter is designed to work out the most difficult acrobatic numbers.

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The arena is conditionally divided into zones. In each of them, both free time and group classes are possible. And if everything is clear with free jumps, then organized training requires explanation. If visitors come with a whole company, then they may well organize fun classes with a trainer. So it will be possible to more economically master the first steps, or rather jumps, on a trampoline.

In addition, the coach can be hired on an individual basis. This is especially useful for those who decide to do jumping professionally. Under the strict guidance of the jumper, they will supply the equipment, suggest some subtleties, and ensure safety.

Trampolines in Sokolniki: terms of use

Going to the center, you should know that there are some rules that ensure the safety of trampoline classes. The minimum age at which children are allowed to jump is one year. But until the age of 7, children are engaged only in the presence of adult relatives. Until adulthood, too, not everything is so simple. Written permission from a parent or guardian is required. His form can be downloaded from the arena's official resource.

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There are restrictions not only on age, but also on weight. So, a jumper weighing more than 120 kg will not be allowed to jump. This is not discrimination, but the inaccessibility of the opportunity due to technical characteristicstrampolines.

Events at Trampoline Centers

Birthday coming soon? Do you need to raise the corporate spirit in the company? Trampolines in Sokolniki are a great place to hold any event designed to cheer you up.

For festive occasions it is possible to organize contests and interactive games. Moreover, all the action will be accompanied by professional trainers. This birthday is definitely not to be forgotten. Photos from the trampolines in Sokolniki and in a year will delight with their atmosphere on this day.

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For the duration of any such events, the center may close its doors to receive other visitors. The arena administration notifies the time and dates of such closures in advance through social networks. After all, there are accounts on Facebook, VK, and Instagram.

Trampolines are fun and he althy

Trampolining is not only fun, but also useful for people of all ages. This activity helps to strengthen the vestibular apparatus, muscles of the back and legs, improve coordination of movements, digestion and blood circulation. The respiratory system also receives its portion of training.

This is an excellent exercise for those who are forbidden to strength training, but if the disease is serious enough, it is still worth consulting with your doctor about the possibility of exercising on trampolines.

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