Sponsorship letter for visa: what is it and how to write it?

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Sponsorship letter for visa: what is it and how to write it?
Sponsorship letter for visa: what is it and how to write it?
sponsorship letter

It is unlikely that there is a person on planet Earth who does not like to travel. No one will refuse a change of scenery, a good rest and new experiences. But we all know that for any pleasure in our life we ​​have to pay. One of these forms of payment is the period associated with the execution of a bunch of documents and papers for traveling abroad. In this pile of required forms, a statement from the interested person - the sponsor, must often be present in order for the potential traveler to receive a visa and the necessary amount for the trip.

What is a sponsorship letter?

First, let's figure out what is such a document? And then we will determine what is necessary for its compilation and correct spelling?

A sponsorship letter is a mutually beneficial receipt in order to receive financial support from a we althy person. It may be needed by several categories of citizens: children from 14 years old, pensioners, the unemployed, the disabled and students (students). The main purpose of this document is to show the inspection authorities that a person has the opportunity to pay for his trip andall necessary expenses associated with it.

When may be needed

Everyone knows that you need a visa to travel abroad. As a rule, travelers try to get a Schengen card in order to be able to move freely not only in the country they are going to, but also in other Schengen areas. It currently includes 28 member states of the European Union.

why you need a sponsorship letter

There are three main cases when a sponsorship letter may be needed. And who will provide the trip depends on the specific situation. If you go on an ordinary tourist trip, then only a close relative can become your patron: parents, sisters, brothers, husband, wife. A spouse you are not married to can also act as a sponsor, but the chances of obtaining an exit permit in this case are drastically reduced.

To apply for a guest visa, you will need to receive a call from the inviting party, which will act as a sponsorship letter. But it is worth noting that such a notice does not give an idea of ​​\u200b\u200byour financial situation and income, so you need to enlist other kinds of support. For example, take a bank statement that there is a certain amount in your account. For the Schengen area, the minimum is €1000.

In the case of a visa for an official trip (negotiations or advanced training), a sponsorship letter can be written on behalf of the company in which youwork, or be sent as a challenge from the inviting organization.

Composing a sponsorship letter

how to write a sponsorship letter

Now let's look at how to write a sponsorship letter, what should be reflected and taken into account in it? The main points that should be covered in this document are the degree of relationship (with supporting evidence attached) and the solvency of who will act as the funder. Sponsor agrees to pay for all of your travel related expenses, from your travel package to souvenirs and medical care, if needed.

When issuing a sponsorship letter, it must indicate: the date of the proposed trip abroad, the planned place of residence (country), passport details of both parties, and also indicate the degree of relationship between the sponsor and the applicant.

A sample sponsorship letter looks like this:

Sample sponsorship letter

Sponsorship letter is written in a free form, but with a formal approach. Anyway, it is a document. If the application is made on behalf of the company, then it is better to issue it on the letterhead of the organization. As a rule, such a letter is written in Russian, with rare exceptions - in English and others, since in some countries there is a similar requirement (for example, in England and Austria). At the same time, the Russian equivalent is also asked to attach. In what language it is worth writing a sponsorship application, you should immediately check with an employee of the embassy or at the visa officeservice.

Example of a sponsorship letter:

sponsorship letter example

A letter from a sponsor does not require notarization, but to be more sure that you will be given permission to leave, it is better not to neglect this procedure. Especially if the funder is not a close relative of yours.

Additional documents

How to write a sponsorship letter

Together with the sponsorship letter, you will need to attach a number of official papers, namely: a document confirming the sponsor's solvency (certificate of employment or bank statement, account), a copy of the sponsor's passport (first page and registration) and a copy of the document certifying that you are related. It is also important to note: if a minor child is sent abroad, without parents or official guardians, then it will be necessary to take care of a certificate from the place of study or present a student ID.


In conclusion, I would like to note a couple of important aspects. Requirements for compiling a sponsorship letter in different countries are not very different. If there is a difference, then it is insignificant. If necessary, all the nuances of registration can be clarified at the embassy or you can find a good example on the World Wide Web.

Important to remember! A sponsorship letter is not a guarantee of obtaining a visa, as the verification procedure is strictly individual. The more facts you provide linking you to your home country, the more likely you are to travel outside of it withoutproblems.

Enjoy your travels!

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