Where to go in St. Petersburg

Where to go in St. Petersburg
Where to go in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is one of the largest cities in the world, the second capital of Russia. The beauty of this city has been compared to the Vatican. A similar square leading to the famous Hermitage, narrow streets filled with their own special air and atmosphere.

If you are here for the first time and are seriously wondering where to go in St. Petersburg, then you probably need to find out more precisely, because this city is very rich in cultural places. In its bowels you will find majestic palaces and museums, architectural masterpieces and columns, theaters and cinemas, sights and beautiful parks. St. Petersburg is a very hospitable city, everyone who wants to see its main pearls will be offered such an opportunity. Before deciding where to go in St. Petersburg, you need to look at the map of all the places you are interested in and sketch out some kind of action plan for yourself. I will suggest you some places that I think are the most worthy to visit.

where to go in Saint Petersburg

First of all, of course, the world-famous Hermitage Museum. This museum is the heart of the city, its hallmark. Its entire collection contains more than 3 million items.copies of works of art from all over the world. This is truly a colossal archive of the greatest creations. Among the works of artists here are paintings by Raphael and Giotto, as well as many other famous creators of art of bygone eras. Ancient weapons preserved after the campaigns of Napoleon, the work of famous sculptors, architects, artists, all this you will find in the most beautiful halls of the Hermitage.

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Next in the list of the greatest sights of St. Petersburg we will name the palace bridge. Of all such structures in the city, this is the most famous. The bridge connects two parts of the city: the center and Vasilyevsky Island. It is named after the famous Winter Palace of the great Russian emperors. This bridge is considered one of the symbols of St. Petersburg. When wondering where to go on the weekend, you need to understand that on official days of rest, many cherished places are closed, except for the Palace Bridge, which you can walk along with great pleasure.

For art and theater lovers, when asked where to go in St. Petersburg, the answer will sound predictable, since, first of all, they will want to visit the famous Tovstonogov Drama Theater. This is one of the oldest theaters in St. Petersburg. He was one of the first to start working after the famous October Revolution. Famous directors served here, in honor of one of which the theater was named. This temple of art has always been famous for its enchanting performances and large-scale productions. At different times, great directors and playwrights created their masterpieces on the theater stage,artists and actors. This is exactly the place that is simply saturated with art.

where to go with a child in St. Petersburg

Next comes the Peter and Paul Cathedral - one of the famous places where to go in St. Petersburg is a must. The fact is that a special spirit of history hovers on the territory of this cathedral. Here is the tomb of famous Russian emperors. The Peter and Paul Cathedral, like many other sights, is one of the symbols of the city.

If you are vacationing with your family and still do not know where to go with your child in St. Petersburg, then it is worth noting that the city on the Neva has many beautiful parks and recreation areas. Walking in one of them, you and your child will get a huge dose of pleasure and "pure" impressions.

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