Orfeus Park Hotel 4(Turkey, Side, Colakli): photos and reviews of tourists

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Orfeus Park Hotel 4(Turkey, Side, Colakli): photos and reviews of tourists
Orfeus Park Hotel 4(Turkey, Side, Colakli): photos and reviews of tourists

Black Sea, Red Sea, Dead Sea - there are so many tourist destinations that it can sometimes be difficult to decide on a place to stay during a long-awaited vacation. Thailand, Turkey, the Dominican Republic, Israel and, of course, domestic resorts in the Krasnodar Territory and Crimea are still among the leading destinations among Russians. However, despite the fact that Russians are increasingly choosing Sochi, Anapa or Y alta, in autumn and winter, for example, these places cannot give the opportunity to swim in the sea and sunbathe in the sun, even though they are located in subtropical latitudes and on embankments of these cities grow real palm trees. So what to do for those who want not only to change the situation and relax, but also to dive with a mask and snorkel, while spending less money than at home? There is a way out!

Vacation in Turkey

Turkey is now a paradise for those looking for a budget holiday. Prices for tours to this country are insanely attractive, you can spend two or even three times less than in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory (and this includes flights!). The reason for this generosity is that, due to political circumstances, the Turkish government subsidizes hotels that accept guests from Russia. ithappened after the coast of Turkey was reopened for tourists from our country after a short interstate conflict. Turkey traditionally earns millions in the entertainment and resort industry, so for her to lose customers is like a disaster. Therefore, the government is doing its best to lure foreigners to its warm sandy beaches and cozy hotels with a chic level of service and maintenance. And with all this, you can meet 40 or 50 thousand rubles for an excellent hotel room on the first line on the all-inclusive system. There are also a lot of destinations in Turkey itself, this country is located between the Black and Mediterranean Seas, there are thousands and tens of thousands of hotels for every taste and budget in various cities and regions of this warm southern state. Today we will look at one of the fairly popular and very worthy places - the Orfeus Park Hotel 4.


Side is the name of a small town. A little more than ten thousand people live in it permanently. This settlement is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, from here it is within easy reach of Antalya (only 75 kilometers). The climate here is wonderful and very favorable, especially for families with small children: in winter the temperature rarely drops below 15-17 degrees Celsius, in summer it is a comfortable 30 degrees with a plus sign. You can swim in the sea here almost all year round, the water temperature almost never drops below 18-19 degrees Celsius. There are two beaches in Side: western and eastern. Both of them are marked with the Blue Flag - this is an international award,indicating that these beaches comply with all environmental standards and have high-quality infrastructure. The western beach is considered safer, the entrance to the water is gentle there, there is sand under your feet. This contributes to the fact that in the high season there are really a lot of people here, especially families with children. The eastern beach is less popular, but it can be very crowded there too. Both beaches offer a huge range of water and not only water activities, lifeguards are on duty here, and cozy restaurants and authentic cafes are located near the beaches. Also, this region has a very rich history; many ancient buildings and artifacts have been preserved here. One of the most popular hotels is located in Side - Orfeus Park Hotel 4. We'll talk about all this a little later, but for now let's figure out how to get to Side on your own.

Orfeus Park Hotel 4

How to get to Side

Side is a very popular resort, including among Russians. Therefore, Russian and Turkish carriers provide maximum accessibility to this resort. Of course, the most affordable, popular and fastest way to get to Side is by air. Almost all major Russian cities have flights to Antalya. From there, you can get to your destination by taxi, bus or transfer - in time it will take only about an hour on a good level road. Airfare may differ and change depending on the date of booking and time of year, now prices start at $250. You will have to spend three and a half hours on the plane, which, in general, is not sotoo much.

There are also other, more extreme options: by bus (three days on the way from Moscow) or by your own car. Ferries between Russia and Turkey also run from Sochi, but after you get off the coast, you will have to spend almost 24 hours in a comfortable chair of a comfortable bus to Side and to the Orfeus Park Hotel 4 stars.

Sights of Side

As for the sights, here, as we noted above, there really is something to see. Some call this place a "city-museum", which, in fact, is hard to argue with. Many sightseeing objects have a history of many thousands of years - some monuments were created by man even before our era. First of all, you should go to the very center of the city - this is the historical district, the so-called old city. Ancient buildings with amazing architecture have been preserved here. Some buildings, of course, turned into ruins under the influence of time and various military conflicts, but some of the "exhibits" still delight the eyes of tourists and local residents. Here you can also visit the remains of the ancient Greek city of Agora, next to which are the ruined fragments of the oldest stone building in all of Turkey - the basilica. But even among the ruins, you can see the Byzantine symbols engraved on the stone, and next to this place there is a small bishop's chapel and a palace, which were built a little later. During the high season, there are a lot of tourists in these places, and in the ancient city itself it can be very hot and stuffy, so do not forget sunscreen,hat and a bottle of cool water.

orfeus park hotel 4 turkey side

Things to do in Side

In addition to open-air museums and ancient architecture, Side is famous for its large number of entertainment venues. Here everyone will find something to their liking. Literally 15 kilometers from Side there is a large canyon with unique plants and breathtaking views. In the town itself there are a lot of cozy, authentic and very stylish cafes and restaurants for every taste and budget. Here you can sit with a cup of Turkish coffee in the early morning and taste delicious wine in the evening, feeling the breath of the south breeze from the sea. Many restaurants employ professionals, recognized chefs. There are also establishments with international awards. The level of service and service here, as in many other cities in Turkey, is at its best.

orfeus park hotel 4 side

If you come here for drive, emotions and entertainment, welcome to the noisy nightclubs that attract guests here and there with bright lights and loud music. As for shopping, Side is not as good with it as in large cities. If you want to buy something, then it is better to go to neighboring Antalya, since in Side the prices are too high, and the choice is very small. But all the markets, shops, beaches and other entertainment are almost within walking distance from the largest hotels, including the Orfeus Park Hotel 4in Side, which we will talk about now.

Differences between a 4 hotel and a 5

But first, brieflyLet us dwell on the differences between a 4-star hotel and a five-star hotel. Of course, the first thing that immediately catches your eye is the price. Sometimes two almost identical hotels, the difference of which lies in one star, have prices that differ twice. In fact, "star rating" is, of course, an indicator of the level of service and quality of the hotel, but when it comes to 4 stars or 5, there are practically no differences. There is a regulation adopted by the international community and a list of requirements for which hotels are given stars. If you carefully study these documents, it turns out that the difference is in the details: the number of elevators, the waiting time for them, the presence of a canopy in front of the entrance, or the cleaning time. At the same time, all the differences are seconds (if we are talking about waiting time or cleaning time), but prices increase significantly. It is not easy to get five stars, but it is honorable, the hotel management really does a great job, but it is not always worth overpaying for it. Today we are talking about the Orfeus Park Hotel 4in Turkey, which is one of the best in terms of price and level of service in this country.

orfeus park hotel 4 turkey

Orfeus Park Hotel

Side Orfeus Park Hotel 4 is the full name of this luxurious hotel, which annually attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists from all over the world, including from Russia. It has everything your heart desires: cozy rooms, large well-groomed territory, excellent pools, a private beach and, of course, one of the best services on the coast. The complex includes a conference hall, two restaurants, a large number of bars, a disco,two pools (one of which is indoor) and a SPA-center, a shopping center, a hairdresser's and even a doctor's office. Here you can find your own mini-water park with water slides and a car park consisting of brand new cars that you can rent and go on an independent exploration of the surroundings. The beach is within easy reach - only 300 meters or 3 minutes of slow walking.

orfeus park hotel 4 reviews

Hotel area

Orfeus Park Hotel 4 can rightly be proud of its chic territory. There is really a lot of space here, and the presence of a huge pool and tennis court makes this resort unique in all of Side. Plants, lawns, cypress alleys and winding paths only add to the atmosphere and comfort of this hotel. This is especially good for families with small children, who can slide down the water slides or go rollerblading or cycling around the park hotel.

orfeus park hotel 4 side reviews


The Orfeus Park Hotel 4in Turkey (Side) has a very rich room stock. In total, there are 287 rooms of different categories and sizes: from small standard rooms to spacious suites. Each room has a balcony, private bathroom, shower, hairdryer, safe, mini-bar, air conditioning, TV, wardrobes and other pieces of furniture. For an additional fee, a baby cot or stroller can be ordered to your room. The hotel also offers rooms located on the attic floor: from there one of the best views of the surroundings of this area of ​​​​the small town opens. Of course betterjust book in advance at Orfeus Park Hotel 4, reviews (mostly positive) about this place contribute to the fact that tours here are sold out many months before arrival.

Where to order a tour to the Orfeus Park Hotel

Let's not go into too much detail on this point. In each city, there is probably an office of some travel agency, where you can find out more about how to book a tour at Orfeus Park Hotel 4in Side (Turkey). In addition, today there is an opportunity to buy a last-minute ticket at an attractive price via the Internet, using aggregators that will select the cheapest option for you. Do not forget about independent tourism - the hotel has its own website through which you can do everything without resorting to the services of tour operators and without overpaying for their work.

Hotel reviews

Finally, we got to the most interesting - reviews of Orfeus Park Hotel 4in Turkey. In fact, there are very few bad stories about this hotel on the Internet. People tend to be satisfied with their stay here. Someone comes here with families, others - in couples. The hotel is very popular with honeymooners. In almost all messages and reviews about Orfeus Park Hotel 4in Side, people especially emphasize the good location of the complex, the excellent attitude of the staff towards guests, the cozy and almost homely atmosphere and the very good beach, which is a short walk from the room. Of course, the main advantage, according to tourists, is the price. People write that for such a low price they expected lesshospitality and a lower level of service, but as a result received almost a five-star holiday for the price of four stars. The cuisine deserves special attention - almost no one will go hungry here.

orfeus park hotel 4 turkey side reviews

Summing up, we can safely say that this hotel is one of the best on the entire Mediterranean coast. Low prices, comfort, service, beaches and location make this complex worthy of the attention of even the most sophisticated travelers. Well, reviews of Orfeus Park Hotel 4in Turkey (Side) only reinforce the first impression of this wonderful place.

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