Hurghada Resort City: hotel rating

Hurghada Resort City: hotel rating
Hurghada Resort City: hotel rating

If you are going to go on vacation, then first of all you need to choose a resort and get acquainted with the rating of hotels. To do this, you need to find the hotels offered by the agency and read the reviews on them. Pay attention to both the list of the best hotels and the black list of hotels that Hurghada has to offer. The rating of hotels can be found on many sites related to tourism. But at the same time, keep in mind that the opinions of tourists are always subjective.

hurghada hotel rating

The sun shines all year round

Hurghada is a popular resort that attracts with its gentle sea, hot sun, plenty of entertainment and excursions, as well as high-quality and inexpensive service. Holidays throughout the year offers Hurghada. Due to this, the rating of hotels is at a high level. The sun always shines here. The coldest month is February. But at this time, the minimum air temperature is 23-25 degrees of heat, and water is 20-220. The hottest month is August: the air temperature reaches 350 heat, and the water warms up to 28 degrees and above. Due to the fact that Egypt has a dry climate, the summer heat is easier to endure here than inMediterranean. In addition, the heat is not so noticeable due to the constant sea breeze.

hotel rating 5 hurghada

Leader in number of hotels

The leader in the number of hotels is Hurghada. The rating of hotels in this city is not inferior to the rating of Turkish hotels, and in some respects even surpasses them. New complexes are constantly being built. Most hotels are suitable for families with children. In addition, holidays in Egypt are quite affordable. A Russian with an average income can easily afford to stay in a five-star resort hotel. All vacationers will find housing affordable for Hurghada. The rating of hotels is enhanced by convenient location, high-class service, comfort and a full range of various services. The staff of 5-star hotels can easily communicate with European tourists.

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Rating of five-star hotels in Hurghada

The top 5 hotels in Hurghada include:

1. "DanaBeachResort 5".

2. "DessolPyramisaSachKhachish 5".

3. "Melia Farahoh 5".

4. "Streibgenberger All Do Beach 5".

5. "DessertRoseResort 5".

6. "PremierRomansBoutiqueHotel 5".

7. "Titanic Beach Spa & Aqua Park 5".

8. "Albatros Palace Hotel Resort & Spa 5".

9. "OldPalaceResort 5".

10. "Golden ParadiseResort 5".

hurghada hotel rating

Rating four-star hotels in Hurghada

Rating of 4 hotels, Hurghada:

1. "Albatros Resort 4".

2. "Rimivera Beach Sun Smile 4".

3. "BeachAlbatrosGarden 4".

4. "BelEaAzurResort 4".

5. "Albatros Aqua Vista Resort & Spa 4".

6. "Palm BeachEurotel 4".

7. "Sinbad Beach Resort 4".

8. "AlbatrosAquaBlueResort 4".

9. "SentidoCrystalByResort 4".

10. "BeachAlbatrosHurghada 4".


Hurghada hotels offer a buffet. It is characterized by abundance and diversity. Every day there are dishes for every taste: fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. Breakfast and dinner in five-star hotels are free of charge, as these services are included in the price of the tour. You can dine on the beach or anywhere in the city.

hotel rating 5 hurghada

Best Hotels

The hotel "Melia Faraoh" is considered one of the best in the city and is distinguished by excellent service. She is immersed in the greenery of palm trees and flowers. There is a swimming pool here. Near the hotel begins a coral reef, famous for its beauty. Dana Beach Resort has family rooms and rooms for 1-3 persons. The rooms have a bathroom, a balcony, a terrace, a bathroom, a safe, air conditioning and a minibar. The hotel has bars,shops, hairdressers, swimming pools, discos, playgrounds and a sauna. Those who wish can play mini-golf, table tennis, billiards, volleyball, scuba diving.

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