Fun Island Resort Spa 3: description, rating, photos and reviews

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Fun Island Resort Spa 3: description, rating, photos and reviews
Fun Island Resort Spa 3: description, rating, photos and reviews

The Maldives is not considered to be a budget tourist destination, and only we althy travelers go there. But this statement is nothing more than a myth. There are also inexpensive hotels in the Maldives. And one of them is Fun Island Resort & Spa 3. The rating of this hotel, despite its modest status, is 6, 8 out of ten possible according to the Booking classification. And the authoritative site "Tripadviser" awards this hotel a "four" on a five-point scale.

Dream of an atoll hotel, with a beautiful coral reef, amidst a turquoise lagoon? You can relax in this for relatively little money. Tourists are advised not to contact agencies, but to buy plane tickets and book a hotel room on their own. Let's now take a closer look at the conditions at the Fun Island Resort & Spa 3hotel. Photos of the territory and rooms, real reviews of tourists about the hotel you will find below.

Fun Island Resort Spa 3:- Maldives

Where is the hotel located

South Male Atoll is considered the most popular region in the Maldives. In fact, it is a whole scattering of islands, islets and nameless rocks. Holidays in the Maldives are often characterized by the fact that the hotel occupies the entire piece of land in the ocean. Fun Island Resort and Spa is no exception. But he owns two islands: one, Bodu Finolgu, on which the hotel itself is located, and the other, nameless and uninhabited, where they take them to the beach once a day on a free shuttle. If you wish and have reasonable physical fitness, you can swim there yourself - there is no current there.

To be precise, the hotel's islets are located in the eastern part of South Male Atoll. Guests are welcomed by Hulule International Airport. If you take a ticket from a tour operator, transfer to the hotel is included in the price. If not, it is paid upon arrival at the hotel. It takes about 40 minutes to sail from the airport to the hotel by speedboat. The islands belonging to the hotel are surrounded by an incomparable "home" (that is, adjacent to land) coral reef. Therefore, the main category of holidaymakers at the hotel are snorkelers and divers. But on the other hand, entry into the sea here is very smooth. Therefore, the hotel is also suitable for families with children.


At check-in, guests are given a map of the island. It is small, but not to say that tiny: 700 meters long and 168 meters wide. From the photographs taken from the air, it can be seen that the pier leading to the island is longer than this piece of land. Fun hotel areaIsland Resort & Spa 3is very green, there is shade everywhere. The hotel was built in 1988. Then it closed for a long overhaul. The hotel has been welcoming guests again since 2009. It is part of the international network "Villa Hotels". Thus, it immediately becomes clear that you will not see a high-rise building spoiling the landscape on the island.

The hotel consists of a scattering of one-story villas hidden in luscious tropical greenery. There are also two restaurants, a spa center and a bar on the island. But this three-star paradise has its drawbacks. So, tourists say that there is only sand under their feet. It is small, velvet, but you don’t look like heels. On the other hand, why are there any shoes in the Maldives other than flip flops? The sand gives the hotel its atmosphere. Tourists feel like Robinsons here.

Fun Island Resort Spa 3 - grounds


Fun Island Resort & Spa 3 has a total of 75 guest rooms. They are divided into two categories: standard beach front rooms and deluxe. There is a difference, and quite noticeable. It should immediately be stated that all these villas are located on the very coast or almost by the sea. But the standards are grouped into blocks of 2-4 numbers each. The area of ​​the beach front rooms is small, only 21 square meters. But these rooms are comfortable and full of amenities.

They have air conditioning and a minibar. Each room has its own terrace. It has a comfortable lounger with a mattress and a shower to wash off the s alt water after swimming in the ocean. The deluxe suites have the full range of services offered in the standards plusthis additional services: hair dryer, plasma TV with satellite channels, free Wi-Fi. The bathroom in these rooms is spacious and partially open-air. The deluxe rooms are 60 square meters.

Fun Island Resort Spa 3 - room description

In-Room Service

Comfort in the guest rooms of Fun Island Resort & Spa 3 is felt in the details. The standard room has two entrances: one goes directly to the beach (through the terrace), and the second leads to the patio of the block. Since there are no stone-paved paths, a foot shower has been installed near the entrance to the rooms so as not to bring sand into the rooms. The deluxes have their own little garden. An iron and ironing board will be brought to you upon request.

All rooms have a kettle with drink bags, an umbrella, beach and bath towels. Every morning the maids clean up, put a half-liter bottle of water for one person. Room service is available for a surcharge. Energy-saving light bulbs are inserted into the lamps in the rooms, since electricity is very expensive in the Maldives. Tourists assure that there is no need to bring an adapter from home: the sockets here are adapted for plugs of European appliances.

Fun Island Resort Spa 3 - Reviews


Fun Island Resort & Spa 3 has two restaurants. Farivalha serves three main buffet meals, while Enwashi operates as a la carte (lunches and dinners). Tourists say that if you take any of the paid services, you can do withoutcash: just put a signature under the check and pay for the entire amount with a credit card upon check-out. In addition to restaurants, there are bars on the territory of the hotel-island: in the lobby and on the beach. The hall of the main establishment is spacious, but there are not enough tables, as visitors notice. If the hotel is 100 percent full, you have to wait until a place becomes available.

Fun Island Resort Spa 3: - restaurant

Tourist food reviews

The guests knowingly called the Fun Island Resort & Spa 3(Maldives) a three-star paradise. The food here is fresh, tasty and delicious. Guests are offered a wide choice of dishes - both pan-European cuisine and local, exotic. Tourists assure that there is a bakery on the island - all the confectionery is the freshest. For breakfast, the choice of dishes is more modest: eggs in different forms, sausages, vegetables and fruits. Those with a sweet tooth nostalgically recall fragrant pastries and desserts.

All tourists recommend to arrange a holiday and visit a la carte restaurant. It is located right on the beach, and the entourage of serving dishes is already worth the money spent. Tourists note that the time allocated for meals is long: one and a half to two hours. If there are many guests, there is still enough food for everyone. Efficient waiters quickly change empty trays of food to full ones. Many praise the range of drinks and snacks in bars. Cocktails are wonderfully made on the shore, and the establishment in the lobby specializes more in a variety of wines.

Fun Island Resort & Spa 3: beach description

Many tourists have chosen this hotel only because of its beautiful house reef. Sothat the tube and mask must be taken. The beaches on the two islands are everywhere. Firstly, every morning at 10.00 a boat leaves for an uninhabited island. Vacationers are taken back at noon. You need to sign up for a boat at the reception, but many tourists get there by swimming, and at low tide they also wade. The best snorkeling is on the outside of the reef. You need to go along the pier, to which the ship moored, and go down into the water along special ladders.

It is best to bathe children on the spit on the left side of the island (there are outbuildings and houses where the staff lives). Romantic sunsets and sunbathing almost alone can be found on the ocean side. But the entry into the sea is steep there. The bulk of tourists resting to the left and right of the pier. The sand there is fine, but the sea sometimes takes out debris and coral fragments. For a romantic selfie, tourists move to an unnamed islet (Robinson Beach). At 16.00, the hotel attendant feeds the manta rays from the pier. You can watch this spectacle for free.

Fun Island Resort Spa 3 - beach


There is no pool at the Fun Island Resort & Spa 3(Male). It also cannot boast of a huge territory. Since this is a "troika" and not a "five", guests are encouraged to entertain themselves. Animation is not provided here, but the a la carte restaurant plays live music in the evenings, and in the evenings there is a bodu beru show.

Guests can use Wi-Fi in the lobby for free, play beach volleyball, table tennis, badminton and billiards. At the spahotel guests can relax under the skillful fingers of masseuses and visit the baths. An airport shuttle is available around the clock. Valuables can be deposited in the safe at the reception.

Fun Island Resort Spa 3 Male

Fun Island Resort & Spa 3 reviews

If you dream of a vacation a la Ibiza or Pattaya - you are clearly not here. That's what tourists say. Either a calm public or avid snorkelers and divers stop here. There are very few Russian tourists here. The main contingent is Europeans, Americans, Chinese, Indians.

The deposit is not charged upon check-in, but a welcome cocktail is given. A tourist who is obsessed with excursions can get bored here. As for the service, there were no complaints about the staff. Cleaning was the most thorough, everywhere clean and tidy. From wishes: tourists most often call on the administration to build a playground.

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