Tenerife Airport: description, features, location and reviews

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Tenerife Airport: description, features, location and reviews
Tenerife Airport: description, features, location and reviews

Not all inhabitants of the earth can enjoy the sun and the ocean, especially all year round! It is the fact of the year-round sun and ocean that so attracts the island of Tenerife - one of the seven most picturesque Canary Islands. Skillfully lost in the Atlantic Ocean, Tenerife calls to extend the summer or diversify the winter, and perhaps make a romantic marriage proposal. For all these cases, it will probably be difficult to choose the most picturesque place. So, if the desire to bask in one of the Canary Islands is stronger than the fear of the Teide volcano located there, then we will gladly share the secrets of a comfortable flight and passenger nuances on the way to the paradise island of Tenerife! Whatever the desired vacation, getting there in comfort is sometimes not an easy task.

Tenerife island

I would also like to note that many consider the airport the beginning of their vacation. To be more precise, how you will feel upon arrival is how your journey will be. Of course, not everyone believes in these signs, but perhaps the way it is.

Select airport

Yes, yes, that's right, booking flights to the island,keep in mind that Tenerife airport exists on the island not in the singular. There are two of them, and they are located in completely different parts of the island. That is why they were given such names: Tenerife North Airport and Tenerife South. We will talk about both air harbors below.

Thus, when choosing the airport of arrival in Tenerife, you need to rely only on the country from which you are departing, if this is not very convenient, then you can change the connection from the place of departure. That is, by adjusting and choosing the airport to which, in your opinion, it will be more convenient to get there, you will only have to take into account all the nuances of these air terminals, they can be found in our article. So, for example, when departing from Russia or the CIS, you get to the South Airport, located respectively in the southern part of the island. If your location is Europe or the USA, then the Tenerife airport that will receive you will be North. Having two airport terminals on the island is not a luxury, but a means of convenience.

South Air Port

South Airport

Designed to serve the huge number of tourists wishing to visit the island, of course, Tenerife Airport, located in the southern part of the island. It is well equipped. The main advantage is the passenger terminal with three levels, which ensures the speed and quality of passenger service. The time before the flight always lasts especially long, here it can be spent with benefit. You can relax in a quiet VIP room, satisfy your hunger and just relax in the atmosphere of a restaurant, cafe or bar. We all bring from trips warm reminders of the holiday in the form of souvenirs,for this, there are a large number of shops where it is possible to purchase both souvenirs as a keepsake and food just for guests. The moment of painful and rather boring waiting for teenagers will be able to brighten up the playrooms, where you can play, run around, in a word, spend time with maximum benefit for yourself.

Northern Air Port

north airport

This Tenerife airport is also called Tenerife Norte. To make it easily recognizable, it has a code that is better known - TFN. This air harbor cannot boast of its outstanding size, like Yuzhny, and all because the plans simply did not include the construction of an air terminal in this place. It is not located in a very favorable area, it does not work at night, and it happens that during the day, but nevertheless it receives passengers at a decent level. It is mainly focused on serving flights between the islands and routes to the Spanish mainland, which are very regular. Also, tourists from the States often fly here.

Less than the southern air harbor in size, while not inferior in quality of service. There are VIP rooms, cozy cafes, respectable restaurants, in a word, everything is the same, only significantly reduced in size. Once at this airport in the north of the island, you will not be far from civilization, everywhere you will have free Wi-Fi. In general, the northern air port has everything that is necessary for passengers on the road for a comfortable flight. The airport terminal is not inferior to its southern counterpart in any way,except, of course, the size. Its obvious drawback is, of course, that it is not a round-the-clock mode, which in itself does not complicate the rest, but makes you once again think about the connections of planes and other transport that takes you from the airport to the hotel.

Road to the airport

Road next to the airport

Probably the most pressing question that appears in the head of tourists after booking plane tickets and hotel tickets on the island is probably the following: "How to get to Tenerife airport?". And this is quite reasonable, I want to experience three things at this moment: comfort, speed, and cost savings. Since this airport is much larger than the northern one, accordingly, there are more transport options to get to it. It has a very good location - only 60 km from the capital of the island - Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and only 20 km from the resort of Playa de las Americas. That is, on the way you can have time to see many sights.

If your priority is speed, then the best option is a taxi. A trip to Playa de las Americas, for example, will cost you about 30-35 EUR, if you get to Los Gigantes - 65 EUR, the road to Puerto de la Cruz is already more expensive - 110 EUR, and to the North Airport the cost is less, is 90 EUR. Taxi fares are the same, and they are always paid strictly according to the meter: at the rate of 1 kilometer of a trip that starts and ends at the airport - 1.70 EUR, although a trip around the city inside the resort will cost half as much. But it is worth remembering that in the evening from 22:00 the cost of a taxiabout 20-25% higher, which is quite logical, demand increases significantly during this period of time. The main thing is not to forget about it in a relaxed state by the ocean. There is no need to order a taxi in advance either, there are always free cars waiting for tourists at the South Air Harbor. In turn, you can get from the South Airport by regular bus, this is a very economical option if you do not need speed and you enjoy traveling and the road.

How to get from the airport?

Airplane view

So, you can get from this place thanks to the bus service, this is an economical option. If comfort doesn't matter to you. The following routes run to the city: No. 111, 343 and 450. Usually the fare in them is about four euros, and the travel time is about 45 minutes. Arriving at any of these airports, you will not have to be nervous, because there is a scoreboard with an online broadcast at the Tenerife airport, and you can find out about changes, if any, in advance.


Going to the island of Tenerife, remember that this is one of the most extraordinary places of beauty on the planet. We sincerely wish you peace of mind, the waves of the Atlantic Ocean can cure blues and bad moods and give you romantic evenings and nights. If you take into account all our advice and observations, then your vacation can be very clearly organized, and even the presence of two airports will not be able to confuse you. We hope that our article will help you make your vacation unforgettable and leave the warmest memories in the truest sense of the word.

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