Ferries from Klaipeda: the main destinations for traveling by sea from Lithuania

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Ferries from Klaipeda: the main destinations for traveling by sea from Lithuania
Ferries from Klaipeda: the main destinations for traveling by sea from Lithuania

Lithuania is a small and beautiful state that must be visited for majestic historical sights, unique nature and beautiful sea. By the way, the latter may turn out to be not only a place of leisure, but also a further journey. Ferries from Klaipeda operate with particular regularity, and there are flights to Germany and Sweden. We will talk about some of them later in the article.

Direction to Kiel (Germany)

Port city of Kiel (Germany)

Passenger ferry from Klaipeda to Kiel connects Lithuania and Germany. The destination is considered popular, trips are carried out with special regularity 7 days a week. The average travel time is 20 hours. Departure from Lithuania is carried out at 22-00, arrival at the place - at 17-00. It should be noted that the frequency and duration of the route along the route may be adjusted depending on the season and time of year.

The DFDS Seaways company where the booking is made will help arrange the departuretickets online. The latter can be easily done on specialized aggregator sites, for example, Ferries.ru. The cost of such a trip is from 260 euros. Special offers are subject to conditions: 2 people and 1 car.

Flight to Travemünde (Germany)

Port city of Travemünde (Germany)

Another ferry from Klaipeda to Germany is organized in the city of Travemünde. This destination is less popular than Kiel, so it is not always possible to find and book a ticket. Basically, the trip is available in the summer season, and TT Line is considered the serving operator. It is better to purchase a ticket through Direct Ferries, they provide a decent choice based on various transportation offers.

The cost of such a trip is much lower than in Kiel, and geographical remoteness allows you to quickly get to the German city. As some travelers note, the ferry is considered ideal in terms of the absence of traffic jams in Poland. Actions like these provide truckers with a great way to transport goods.

Direction to Karlshamn (Sweden)

Port city of Karlshamn (Sweden)

The popular ferry service to Karlshamn connects Lithuania and Southern Sweden with a single transport connection. The presented direction is served by several operators at once, in particular, Optima Seaways, Patria Seaways and Athena Seaways. The route is laid in both directions and is carried out with a frequency of up to 10 flights per week, the average travel time is 13hours.

The cost of transportation depends on the season and the workload of the ferry, the price from Klaipeda varies from 260 to 380 euros per person. This makes it possible to travel by car. Additional documents, except for a visa, are not required. For owners of freight transport, such a route will also be a fast and convenient transportation, ideal in every sense of the word.

Ferry from Klaipeda to Trelleborg (Sweden)

Port city of Trelleborg

Flights to Sweden are carried out in the port city of Trelleborg. At the moment, only one operator is ready to provide travel on the specified route - TT Line. The ferry from Klaipeda operates only 1 flight per week during the summer. The duration of the trip is about 17 hours, but the cost is much lower compared to Karlshamn - 180-220 euros.

Sometimes there are difficulties in booking in the presented direction. Therefore, we recommend booking tickets at least 3 weeks in advance. To do this, use special aggregators or the official website of the carrier. Please note that the urgent purchase of ferry tickets is sold directly at the port ticket offices. It is necessary to specify the opening hours on the specialized websites of the city administration.

A few words about domestic ferries

curonian spit

Domestic passenger flights are also carried out from the port city. The most popular of them is the ferry from Klaipeda to the Curonian Spit. Routes are carried out with particular consistency from the new and old ferry crossings. First flightleaves at 5:40, and the last one at 00:30. There are rides earlier and later, but only for locals. The fare on the regular route for 1 person with a bicycle is 0.8 euros. It's cheaper than the city bus, although the average travel time is the same at 20 minutes.

Ferries from Klaipeda are an amazing way to travel around Europe, enjoy the picturesque nature of the cold B altic Sea. It will take less than a day, and you will find yourself in Germany or Sweden in your own car. Unless, of course, you have seasickness…

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