Ferries from Klaipeda. Directions, prices, tips

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Ferries from Klaipeda. Directions, prices, tips
Ferries from Klaipeda. Directions, prices, tips

Journey by sea is covered with a halo of romance. Even if you just need to get from point A to point B, a ferry ride is not the same as a plane ride. And if it is only part of a long journey by car, then both the driver and passengers will be able to enjoy the rest and give themselves a break.

Port of Klaipeda. How and where to get there

Port of Klaipeda

The city is actively developing maritime transportation. The new terminal of the central port of Klaipeda was constructed in 2014. Now it can simultaneously take 3 passenger ferries.

Direct international flights from Klaipeda to Karlshamn (Sweden) and Kiel (Germany) are operated by DFDS. Both routes operate daily.

The domestic ferry route connects mainland Klaipeda with the Curonian Spit (Smitine). By the way, the old passenger terminal, which is located just south of the new one, also continues to work. It accepts ferries Klaipeda - Curonian Spit, carrying only passengers without vehicles. Domestic ferries operate from earlymorning to late evening with an interval of 20-40 minutes.

From Lithuania to South Sweden. Destinations

Karlshamn, attractions

Klaipeda - Karlshamn ferries of the Danish company DFDS depart from the central port of Klaipeda every day at 21.00. The journey takes only one night, at 9 am the next day you are already in Sweden.

Karlshamn is the most beautiful city in the south of Sweden. Its history is closely connected with the port and fishing. There is even a Salmon Museum in the city! At the mouth of the Merromson River, the same salmon is caught. And in May, an annual festival dedicated to catching this fish is held. In general, spring and summer are the time of numerous festivals, celebrations and outdoor concerts. Another unique event held in Karlshamn is the B altic Festival, dedicated to the traditions and culture of all peoples living on the shores of the B altic Sea.

The ferry from Klaipeda to Stockholm, unfortunately, does not run, but you can get from Karlshamn to other major cities in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The roads are good, the trip will be pleasant.

11 hours at sea. Things to do

Restaurant on board

On the route Klaipeda - Karlshamn 3 ferries take turns: Optima, Athena and Patria Seaways. They are approximately the same in size, capacity, number of services offered and level of service.

The company's ferries are small cruise liners that, in addition to comfortable transportation, also offer entertainment on board.

2 restaurants - a la carte and buffet - will not leave indifferent neither adults nor children. By the way, withthe last is better to go to a self-service restaurant. Creating your own menu is an exciting process. Children will definitely find food to their liking from a huge selection of dishes. By the way, it is better to order dinner at the same time as buying tickets - the savings will be about 20%.

A la carte is a more exclusive option. The chef will please the author's seasonal menu. The prepaid dinner coupon is also valid in this restaurant, covering part of the bill. The difference can be paid on the spot.

Some of the ship's bars offer a pre-dinner aperitif, an evening of wine, a newspaper or a sports match on the big screen.

For souvenirs, gifts for friends and family, exclusive alcohol, go to the store on board. Promotions, seasonal discounts, special-priced products of the month and a ship-like atmosphere - shopping on a ferry is both profitable and exciting.

Children at this time can spend time in the playroom under the supervision of an experienced nanny.

Cabins on the ship

Cabin on board

The ferry is a hotel on the water. Are you a demanding traveler, accustomed to comfort? Choose one of the cabins. The beds are soft and comfortable, and every cabin has a shower, as well as a set of toiletries.

Commodore de Luxe cabins are the most luxurious, with a double bed and a large window. There are only 3 of them on the ship - be the first! They are located on the upper deck at the bow of the ferry. Enjoy sunsets and sea views right from your bed.

Two- or four-berth cabins are both internal, without a window, and externalwith porthole. It's comfort at a reasonable price. By the way, you can pre-order a cabin for allergy sufferers and for transporting pets.

If the price is the main criterion for booking a trip, choose a seat in the hall with easy chairs. Silence and subdued light at night will allow you to sleep without overpaying.

Prices, ticketing and useful life hacks

DFDS offers dynamic pricing tickets. Simply put, summer and weekends are more expensive. If you are not bound by dates, choose a trip on working days of the week.

It is most convenient to order tickets on the company's website. The booking system is simple and intuitive. In addition, you do not have to pay a reservation fee, as when paying at the box office and by phone. The standard price is a passenger and a car. The cost of the selected accommodation and additional services is added to it. The booking system will offer a choice of cabins (or places in cabins), a dinner or breakfast order (you can skip this step), as well as tickets to travel over the Øresund Bridge. For passengers traveling further to Denmark, this is a very convenient option, in addition, a ticket for the bridge when ordering a trip by ferry is 5 3% cheaper.

Be sure to follow the promotional offers of the company. Buying a service package is always more profitable.

One ticket for the Klaipeda - Karlshamn ferry is a whole trip in your pocket. May it be carefree and enjoyable!

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