Climate of Kaliningrad: description and features

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Climate of Kaliningrad: description and features
Climate of Kaliningrad: description and features

Kaliningrad region is a unique territory of Russia. First, it is East Prussia. It was annexed to the Russian Federation later than other regions - after the liberation from the Nazi invaders. Second, it has no direct land contact with the rest of Russia. It is separated from the whole country by Lithuania, Belarus and Latvia. This is the smallest region of Russia. However, there are about forty countries in the world whose territory is inferior to East Prussia in area. The westernmost point of the Russian Federation (B altic Spit, 19 degrees east longitude) is located in the Kaliningrad region. The capital of the Amber Region is full of historical and cultural attractions. But in this article we will not focus on them. We will study the climate of Kaliningrad and the region.

Climate of Kaliningrad

Geographic location

Different factors influence the average weather data of any area. And the first of them is latitude, location in relation to the equator and the poles. According to this parameter, Kaliningrad is at 54 degrees. This is the northern part of the temperateclimatic zone. The height above sea level near Kaliningrad and the region is small. After all, the city is located near the eastern shore of the B altic Sea. The most important factor that has a primary influence on the climate of Kaliningrad is the Gulf Stream. It originates in the tropical latitudes of the Caribbean. Huge masses of warm water are moving north of the Atlantic. Therefore, despite the significant distance from the equator, winters in Kaliningrad are warm.

What is the climate in Kaliningrad

What effect does the Gulf Stream have on the climate of the Amber Region

It would be a mistake to think that a tropical current brings Caribbean weather to the shores of the B altic. First, the two territories are separated from each other by thousands of kilometers. And secondly, the climate of Kaliningrad and the region is also influenced by such a physical factor as heat transfer. As you know, air heats up faster than water. But it also cools down earlier. Water keeps heat longer. Therefore, small amplitudes of winter and summer temperatures are observed in the maritime climate. Another thing is the center of the mainland. In Siberia, for example, we see harsh winters and hot summers. Based on this, we can judge the climate in Kaliningrad. You can't call it a classic marine. The B altic Sea cuts deep into the mainland, and is separated from the Atlantic Ocean (and, therefore, the Gulf Stream) by a thousand kilometers. But scientists classify the climate of the Kaliningrad region as transitional to temperate continental. The Gulf Stream warms the air in winter and cools it significantly in summer.

Kalaningrad climate reviews

Climate characteristics of the Amber Region

The average annual temperature in the region is quite high - almost +8 degrees. If we compare this indicator with other territories of Russia located at the same latitude, then one might get the impression that the Amber Territory is a climatic resort. However, if we look at the number of sunny days in a year, it immediately becomes sad: only thirty-four! Eleven months of cloudy weather with 818 millimeters of rain.

The residents of Kaliningrad themselves speak of the local climate like this: you won't freeze in winter, but you won't warm up in summer either. When is the best time to visit the Amber Land? To do this, consider the climate in Kaliningrad by months. The coldest time of the year is the end of January and the first half of February. Winter here is snowless, with frequent thaws. Spring in Kaliningrad is early, but, as the people say, “rotten”. Cold air masses over the Atlantic can bring snowfall in late April. Summer in the Amber Region is cloudy and rainy. In July, the temperature ranges from +16 to +20. All temperature maxima of the year fall on a short period from 29.07 to 10.08. This is the best time to visit the Amber Region. Indian summer with temperatures of +10 … +15 C lasts from September 5 to 10 and a couple of days in early October. This is followed by a rainy and damp autumn. The first night frosts are recorded already in October, but winter comes into its own on December 12.

Kaliningrad climate ecology

Kaliningrad climate for asthmatics

Many Russians are seriousare considering the prospect of resettlement from other parts of the Russian Federation to the Amber Territory. And many of them prefer to settle in Svetlogorsk, where there are many sanatoriums. But there are those who would like to move to Kaliningrad. The climate, ecology, many attractions, proximity to Western values ​​allure people. But how do asthmatics live there? After all, a humid climate is not suitable for them? Theoretically, yes. But in practice, among the inhabitants of Kaliningrad and the region there are quite a few people suffering from this disease. Maybe the blame for this is the impeccable ecology (lack of dust in the air)?

Climate of Kaliningrad for cores

Sharp jumps in atmospheric pressure are very dangerous for hypertensive patients. But the low amplitudes of fluctuations in temperature indicators in the year in the Amber Territory suggest that they will "to their taste" the local climate. In winter, sunny and frosty weather is rarely established there. Summer heat and stuffiness are observed here for a maximum of a week or two in late July or early August. The rest of the time the weather is, as they say, even. But for hypotensive patients, the damp climate of Kaliningrad with a cloudy sky is contraindicated.

Climate in Kaliningrad by months

Nature of the Amber Region

In the Kaliningrad region, you can relax on the seaside. There are the B altic and Curonian Spit, famous for their sand dunes. Many tourists are attracted by its historical and cultural attractions, the capital of the region, the city of Kaliningrad. The climate, reviews of which say that it is mild and healing, created Amberthe edge of the glory of the resort.

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