Boarding house "Gelendzhik Bay". Gelendzhik, rest: prices

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Boarding house "Gelendzhik Bay". Gelendzhik, rest: prices
Boarding house "Gelendzhik Bay". Gelendzhik, rest: prices

The city of Gelendzhik is considered the pride of the Black Sea region. Recreation, the prices for which are affordable for most residents of Russia, is becoming more and more popular. Every year thousands of tourists visit the resort. This once again proves that the city has many advantages, as well as recreational potential.

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Resort in brief

This resort has a lot of advantages that cannot be described in a nutshell. However, one thing can be said for sure: there are all conditions for a comfortable pastime. For holidaymakers:

  1. A large number of comfortable private hotels.
  2. Many boarding houses and sanatoriums.
  3. European level hotels at affordable prices.
  4. Cable Cars.
  5. Water parks.
  6. Cafes and restaurants.
  7. Safari Park.
  8. Trendy nightclubs.
  9. Historical and natural attractions.

Guests can enjoy a walk along the longest promenade in the world. Beaches are located both in the city and outside it. Summer seasons are remembered for carnivals and holidays. Relaxationhere will not leave anyone indifferent. You can always have a good time at the resort, and guests will have positive vacation memories for a long time.

Location features

Gelendzhik is located in the center of the Black Sea coast. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Krasnodar Territory. The distance from the capital of Russia to Gelendzhik is about 1500 kilometers. On the one hand, the city is washed by the Black Sea. The water in the Gelendzhik Bay is very warm. On the other hand, the city is surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains, namely the Markoth Range.

Weather in Gelendzhik

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Mediterranean type of climate prevails here. It is transitional from temperate to subtropical. It is very warm here in summer. Winters are mild. Guests can come here for vacation all year round. The best time to visit this place is the summer-autumn period. It is then that the most comfortable temperatures prevail here, and the amount of precipitation is minimal. This period is also different in that at this time there is no overabundance of vehicles and tourists. Consequently, the prices of all goods and services are falling.

Optimal route selection

Airplane is the fastest and easiest way to get to Gelendzhik. This route is the most optimal for guests from remote regions. The local airport receives capital planes all year round. In the summer, numerous flights from other Russian cities arrive here. There is no railway on the territory of Gelendzhik yet. However, you can get to the neareststations. Among them: Tuapse, Krasnodar, Goryachiy Klyuch and Novorossiysk. After arriving at the station, you can transfer to a bus or taxi. You can also come to Gelendzhik by private car. To do this, you need to use the federal highway M4.

City of Gelendzhik. Gelendzhik bay. General information

The city is famous for its picturesque scenery. Gelendzhik Bay, the map of which is presented in the article, is a wonderful resort place that is filled with sun and charm. It is great for spending time with family. The locals are especially hospitable. Nothing will prevent vacationers from enjoying swimming in the warm sea.

Tourist complex

The boarding house "Gelendzhik Bay" is located on the territory of a magnificent pine park. It is located in the central part of the city. All guests are fascinated by the views of the alley of Lankaran acacias. From the boarding house to the embankment is only ten minutes away. Attractions, water parks, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs are very close.

Accommodation Features

Vacationers are settled in a five-story dormitory building. It has more than two hundred seats. The total area of ​​the territory occupied by the boarding house "Gelendzhik Bay" is about one hectare. The plot is fenced. The territory is landscaped, it is properly cared for. Security works around the clock. The complex is equipped with video surveillance and fire extinguishing systems.

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Number classification

Guests of the boarding house are settled inrooms with different levels of comfort. In any case, guests can count on the most comfortable accommodation. Double and triple rooms are available. Depending on the category, there may be one or two rooms. The modern design of the rooms will not leave anyone indifferent. There are rooms in amber, emerald turquoise and ruby ​​gold. Guests can always choose a room to their liking. The balconies offer stunning views. Here in the evenings you can enjoy the tranquility and the enchanting aroma of pine trees. Pension "Gelendzhik Bay" is ideal for those who appreciate a measured rest. Here you can feel all the charm of this resort. Rest in Gelendzhik gives a lot of warmth, smiles and joy.

Services Provided

Complex "Gelendzhik Bay" has a dining room. It is located in a separate wing. The dining room can accommodate about 250 people. The safety of guests is monitored around the clock. The hotel "Gelendzhik Bay" accepts guests who arrived on a package tour from April to November. Business guests are accommodated in the hotel. It operates from early June to September. Double and triple rooms of various categories are available.

Features of food

The dining room is located on the second floor of the holiday home. Three meals a day. Dry pack included. It can be used by guests who go on sightseeing activities.

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Additional services

  1. Free Wi-Fi.
  2. Table tennis.
  3. Library.
  4. Gym.
  5. Free parking. Located on the territory of the boarding house.
  6. Children's playground. Balls, scooters, cars and more are available.
  7. Coolers. Located on each floor.
  8. Iron and ironing board. You need to contact the administrator.
  9. Deposit box. Designed to store personal documents and valuables.
  10. Beer bar. The range of beer, a variety of snacks and soft drinks.

General pricing information

The package price includes the following:

  1. Accommodation.
  2. Three meals a day.
  3. Accident insurance.
  4. Table tennis.
  5. Gym.
  6. Wi-Fi.
  7. Library.
  8. Secured parking.
  9. Children's play area.

Children from 4 to 10 years old get a 20% discount.

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Economy rooms

They are located on the first floor of the dormitory building "Gelendzhik Bay". Accommodation is expected from two to five people. The room has one room. Loggia available. There is a sink, TV, refrigerator. The bathroom and shower are on the first floor. Repair work was carried out in 2009. Two bathrooms are designed for five rooms. The total cost of services for accommodation of one person is from 950 to 1100 rubles (depending on the season).

Standard category numbers

Located on the first and fourth floors of the sleeping building"Gelendzhik Bay". The room has one room. Carpet available. There is a loggia. Amenities: bathroom, shower, TV and refrigerator. Refurbished in 2010. The total cost of services for one person is from 1150 to 1450 rubles, also depending on the season.

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Superior category rooms

They are located on the second floor of the dormitory building of the boarding house "Gelendzhik Bay". The room has two rooms: a bedroom and a living room. Carpet available. There is a loggia. Amenities: bathroom, shower, split-system, TV, electric kettle, refrigerator. Repair work was carried out in 2008. The total cost of services for one person is from 1650 to 2150 rubles, depending on the season.

Loy alty Club

Many come here every year. The dignity of the boarding house and the hospitality of the staff again and again attract tourists here. Here everyone can feel special. The club was created for regular guests of the complex. Membership in it gives certain privileges to vacationers. It is confirmed by a special card. Club members can become guests who have stayed in the boarding house three times or more. However, they must independently book rooms and pay for services. Also, a guest can become a member of the club, whose one-time application for accommodation exceeded the amount of one hundred thousand rubles. Benefits include a guaranteed level of discounts and priority bookings.

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Tourist experiences

What do the guests of the Gelendzhik Bay complex themselves say? The boarding house (reviews of tourists confirm this) has a high level of service. Guests note that only friendly and helpful staff work here. The staff of the complex promptly respond to all requests of the guests. At the beginning of summer, the number of vacationers is small. Toward the middle of the season, many guests come here.

Tourists like the location of the boarding house - it is really very profitable. Very close to entertainment centers, shops and the market. The sea is also close. The territory of the boarding house is very beautiful. You can admire it from the balconies of comfortable rooms. The rooms are clean and comfortable. Guests of the boarding house always especially note the local food. The food in the dining room is very delicious. The menu is balanced and varied. Fried and harmful foods are excluded from it. However, local dishes are able to satisfy the taste preferences of even the most sophisticated gourmet. The chef often receives compliments and thanks.

The boarding house can provide a comfortable stay for those who come here with small children. There are many places where young guests can move around and play in the sight of their parents. There is a nurse in the rest home. In case of any ailments, guests can contact her. Guests are guaranteed to receive comprehensive advice. If necessary, medical assistance will be provided. The attitude of the staff to the guests who live in economy class rooms is exactly the same as to other guests. Rooms are cleaneddaily. The common areas are kept clean.

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