Ski resorts in Italy: Cervinia. Trails, hotels, reviews

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Ski resorts in Italy: Cervinia. Trails, hotels, reviews
Ski resorts in Italy: Cervinia. Trails, hotels, reviews

Italy is one of the best places for an active winter holiday. Such an industry has been developing in this country for a long time, so today there are all conditions for a comfortable vacation in the winter. The beautiful slopes of the Italian Alps are so striking in their majestic beauty that in 2009 they were included in the UNESCO list of natural heritage of the planet. One of the most beautiful places for which the ski resorts of Italy are famous is Cervinia.

Cervinia ski resorts in Italy

The Dolomites are dotted with all sorts of resort villages and complexes. Sometimes it is difficult to understand where one ski resort ends and another begins. Not only experienced athletes, but also cautious beginners will be able to find a track to their liking here. People who have already visited these places say that the prices for holidays in the Italian Alps are good - they are much lower than in French or Swiss ski resorts.

Cervinia is especially popular. Italy is a ski resort, tours to which are most in demand among foreigners. Developed infrastructure is another advantage of the Italianresort complexes. Here you can find everything you need to relax after intensive skiing on mountain slopes. Hotels, nightclubs, various restaurants with excellent Italian cuisine, SPA-salons, cafes, bars, shops selling ski equipment, and many other interesting places await skiers who decide to organize their winter holidays in Italy. Here you can have a great rest on your own or with the whole family.


At the foot of the tall Matterhorn peak lies the highest Italian ski resort - Cervinia. Almost everyone who decides to visit the ski resorts of Italy comes here. Cervinia is a small settlement, as if "stolen" from a New Year's card. Cute toy houses and majestic mountain scenery have made this place the most popular ski resort in Italy. Despite its small size, the town has restaurants, shops and supermarkets. The town lives off tourism and therefore tries so hard to please vacationers, creating ideal conditions for winter holidays.

cervinia italy ski resort


Like many other ski resorts in Italy, Cervinia provides the highest quality customer service. For the benefit of athletes, 8 funiculars, as well as chairlifts, ski lifts and cabin lifts operate. These leisurely devices are the only reliable means of transportation on the snowy slopes of the Italian Alps.

The population of Cervinia is only a thousand people, however, the village can accommodate up to 15 thousand vacationers at the same time. The environment is herehas not yet felt the harmful effects of the industrial age, and the ban on the use of vehicles allows you to keep the mountain air clean and he althy.


For beginners in skiing, or for those who have recently started their acquaintance with this exciting sport, the best ski resorts in Italy have to offer is Cervinia. Reviews of those who have already visited this magical place will melt even the hardest hearts. The trails here are of considerable length, so the descent along them rarely takes less than 20 minutes. There are plenty of blue runs, which will allow beginners to diversify their ski training, instead of training on the same track.

ski resorts italy cervinia hotels

But for experienced athletes, Cervinia is also ready to provide slopes on which they will not be bored: red and black are also found here, although less often than blue ones.

The best that the ski resorts of Italy offer is Cervinia. The layout of the trails here resembles a web that has entangled the slopes of the Matterhorn peak. With so much variety, it's hard not to find a track to suit your skiing skill.

Reviews about Cervinia and resort hotels

The place that glorified the ski resorts of Italy - Cervinia. Hotels are at almost every step, so everyone can find something to their liking. Tourists claim that this resort offers many hotels of different price categories.

ski resorts in italy cervinia reviews


Hotel Bucaneve is beautifulfour-star hotel in the heart of the resort town. Vacationers are delighted with it. Here is a real paradise for lovers of woodwork and traditional Italian outfits. Very nice place with an old feel. However, the amenities here are state of the art. There is a restaurant, a bar, a parking lot, a left-luggage office, hydromassage, a sauna, a gym and many other delights of civilization. Another plus of this hotel is that it is close to the ski lift. But the cost of living in Bucaneve will cost fans of skiing a round sum.


Cervinia, Italy attracts a huge number of we althy people. A ski resort of this level simply must have expensive and comfortable complexes, such as Europe. This four-star hotel is the largest in Cervinia. It has about 80 comfortable rooms. Hotel Europe is always ready to please visitors with friendly staff and a wide range of services. There is a sauna, swimming pool, hydromassage, solarium, gym - in general, everything you need for a he althy, high-quality holiday.

ski resorts in italy cervinia piste map


Another hotel that has absorbed all the best that the ski resorts of Italy have. Cervinia provides vacationers with the opportunity to stay in a cozy three-star hotel Astoria. There is a bar, a solarium, a games room, a living room, and a spacious hall that will please the eye. Vacationers say that the hotel is located next to the lifts to the ski slopes, and very close to it there are manyshops, local cafes, restaurants and a swimming pool.

Punta Maquignaz

The four-star Hotel Punta Maquignaz is the most luxurious hotel Cervinia, Italy has to offer. The ski resort, the photo of which is so striking to the eye, is visible from here in the best possible way. On one side of the hotel you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city, and on the other side you can enjoy the view of the mountain peaks.

cervinia italy ski resort photos

The hotel is located in the city center and looks luxurious, reminiscent of French chalets. The rooms are also distinguished by chic decoration, and excellent service has long been the hallmark of the Punta Maquignaz hotel. Here you can find a hydromassage, a reading room, a spacious fireplace room overlooking the Matterhorn, a restaurant, a bar, a garage, a gym. If you have the necessary funds, this hotel will be a great place for a winter holiday in the Italian Alps.


Beautiful place Cervinia! Italy, whose ski resort has earned worldwide recognition, has created all the conditions for a comfortable stay for vacationers. For example, the two-star Hotel Breithorn is a perfect base for a holiday in Cervinia. It is located near the ski lifts and is made in Alpine style, which gives it a special charm.

Tourists note that there are not as many amenities as in expensive hotels, but there is everything you need: a bar, a restaurant, a solarium, a garage, a parking lot. Prices here are lower than in four-star luxury hotels, which makes this small hotel even more attractive.

cervinia italy ski resort tours

Chalet Valdotain

If you don't like the noise and crowded streets of Cervinia, then this small Alpine-style hotel, located some distance from the center of the resort town, is perfect. Chalet Valdotain impresses guests with its cozy atmosphere and picturesque views. The hotel is located next to the fabulous landscape of the Blue Lake. Therefore, here you can observe impressive views of mountain nature all year round.

This hotel has great food and lots of interesting entertainment. There is an indoor pool, baths and saunas, as well as a jacuzzi and a gym. There is a piano bar, solarium, car park, garage, games room.

Chalet Valdotain is suitable for those who appreciate comfort and unhurriedness, peace and solitude. It is pleasant to relax here not only in winter, but also at any other time of the year, as the views of the mountain slopes, overgrown with mighty coniferous trees, impress vacationers in both winter and summer.

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