"Hard Rock Hotel" (Pattaya, Thailand): description, photos, reviews

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"Hard Rock Hotel" (Pattaya, Thailand): description, photos, reviews
"Hard Rock Hotel" (Pattaya, Thailand): description, photos, reviews

The tastes of travelers are incredibly varied. Someone prefers to visit the purest ocean waters, someone prefers to retire in the mountains, and someone likes a vacation full of various excursions. One of the few resorts that combines a versatile focus is Thailand with the mainland settlement - Pattaya. Vacationers of all ages will undoubtedly find something to their liking here: from the smallest to the elderly.

The choice of holidaymakers is determined by a number of factors: the aroma of exotic plants, developed infrastructure, cool climate and the fresh sea breeze of the Gulf of Thailand - this is what many guests come here for. A variety of hotels, from eminent and luxurious to modest and budget, are located along the coast. The four-star Hard Rock Hotel welcomes every visitor from every cornerthe globe. It offers high-level service, ergonomic rooms and a cozy atmosphere. Qualified staff, as guests note, every second give a good mood, a lot of positive and a lot of smiles to absolutely all vacationers. In general, reviews of the Hard Rock Hotel (Pattaya) are mostly positive. Why did the hotel deserve such close attention? More about everything in the article.

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General characteristics

The idea of ​​building this amazing and somewhat extraordinary complex comes at the turn of the millennium, namely in 2001 the doors of a delightful hotel opened to accommodate the first tourists. Its name is fully confirmed by the style of the interior. Over the years of its existence, the Hard Rock Hotel (Pattaya, Thailand) has been subject to a number of renovations, the latest of which falls on 2011. The hotel complex is represented by one multi-storey building, the largest aquazone in Pattaya, a spacious park, its own nightclub and branded stores. Numerous greenery, fragrant plants and spreading palm trees create a picture of relaxation in a paradise. According to the guests, this institution deserves five stars.

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Despite the distance from the nearest international airport, which is 127 km away, the popularity of this place does not fade, but only grows every year. Not only young people, but also couples with children choose this place forunforgettable vacation. It is possible to overcome the distance with ease, since the transfer is one of the additional services that is included in the list of hotel services.

The favorable location noted by vacationers is due to being in the central part of the city, which allows guests to get to the largest shopping centers without spending much time.

Features of settlement

A distinctive feature of the "Hard Rock Hotel" (Pattaya), the description of which is presented to your attention in the article, is the presence of closed floors, the settlement of which occurs with the collection of a deposit for accommodation. There are rooms for people with disabilities and adjacent rooms, united by an interior door. Check-in with pets is not possible.

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The number of rooms at the Hard Rock Hotel (Pattaya), the photo of which you have the opportunity to see in the article, includes 323 apartments, which differ in the service provided, dimensions and the maximum possible number of vacationers for accommodation. The windows offer a variety of views of the sea, a luxurious garden or the infrastructure of the city. The most oversized room has an area of ​​32 square meters and is designed for three people. The largest, 160 square meters, can accommodate six guests at once. It is equipped with two bedrooms, a dining room and a kitchen. Not all rooms will be able to please the presence of a balcony, therefore, as experienced people advise, this nuance should be clarifiedupon check-in.

The interior is made in a modern style. Bright contrasts in colors create a welcoming atmosphere. The walls are decorated with paintings by talented artists. French glazing contributes to the penetration of sunlight and filling the room with light. In the evening, this problem is solved with the help of spotlights, sconces and exclusive chandeliers. The floors are covered with high quality carpet.

Bed linen, towels and room cleaning are provided daily. The attentiveness of the maids was noted in their positive reviews by numerous guests. Room Service operates around the clock.

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Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya Room Description

In addition to the unusual, somewhat extravagant, design of the rooms, the set of furniture surprises the guests who are settling in no less. Each of its details is thought out to the smallest detail and complements the unified style and orientation of the hotel complex. Its set includes double beds, bedside tables, table, chairs, coffee table, corner sofa and wardrobe. The entire room is divided into various seating areas. Each room has an individual air conditioner, which will easily create a favorable microclimate for each guest. TV - multi-channel, there are Russian-language channels. The phone allows you to contact the reception staff in a matter of seconds to resolve any issues that have arisen. Use of the safe is free of charge. The minibar is empty upon check-in, refilling it is an additional charge.

Each room hasa set for making tea and an electric kettle, a set of dishes. Wi-Fi is distributed throughout the territory. Iron available upon request.

The bathroom has a luxurious design and is equipped with a mirror, shower, toilet and hairdryer. In some chambers it is complemented by baths. A set of personal care products, snow-white towels and bathrobes contribute to a comfortable and carefree stay.

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For its guests, upon check-in, the Hard Rock Hotel offers to choose their own food system, which is divided into: breakfast only, breakfast + lunch or All Inclusive. Form of organization of serving dishes - buffet. This system has become familiar to most of these establishments. It allows everyone to choose their favorite dish in any volume. An interesting interior, numerous spotlights, a patterned floor are conducive to eating.

The abundance of dishes provided is incredibly large, and the taste characteristics, as noted by the guests, are excellent. Light snacks and refreshing drinks can be enjoyed at the pizzeria. Starz Diner serves a la carte menu and serves Indian, Thai, Japanese and European cuisines.

Fresh seafood is served on Saturdays at the legendary Eat to the Beat Buffet. This event, according to vacationers, is incredibly attractive.

There is a Snack Bar on the shore, where in the hot heat you can drink a refreshing cocktail and enjoy the surroundingslandscapes, lying on a sun lounger.

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Incredibly favorable location of the hotel relative to the coastline. In order to find yourself on the beach, travelers need to cover a distance of only 100 meters. However, it should be noted that this is a city beach, the infrastructure of which is at the highest level. Rental of sunbeds, umbrellas and beach towels is available for a fee. Rescuers and security service monitor order and safety 24 hours a day.

The coastline is sandy, the entrance to the waters of the Gulf of Thailand is gentle. It is favorable for bathing and playing in the shallows.

Beach Leisure

Change your time on the beach by playing volleyball or riding water rides, popular among which are scooters, banana boats and boat rides. Going out to the open sea on a snow-white yacht is not only interesting, but also incredibly romantic. Those who wish to experience a frantic sense of relaxation can use the services of masseurs who will give each cell of the body a portion of oxygen and new strength.


A distinctive feature of the Hard Rock Hotel (Pattaya), reviews of which we are considering, is the presence of the largest aqua zone in the city. The area of ​​the outdoor pool reaches 2000 square meters. It is filled with fresh water and has no heating system. The ubiquitous palm trees, exotic fragrant plants, boulders and the presence of a sandy entrance to the aqua zone make this place unique and givesunforgettable emotions for guests.

You can diversify your time by playing water polo or aqua aerobics, which are conducted by qualified instructors daily. There are water slopes for both children and adults, riding on which gives a lot of positive to every vacationer.

Around the perimeter of the pool there are numerous sunbeds with mattresses, umbrellas for shady rest and bungalows, the rent of which is not included in the price of accommodation and is paid after the fact. These cozy gazebos, according to vacationers, are perfect for a romantic getaway and social pastime.

For babies

For the organization of children's leisure "Hard Rock Hotel" (Pattaya) reviews of tourists receives extremely positive. In addition to the children's aqua zone and a mini-pool with a sand entrance, where children can build sand castles, a kids club is open for kids. Under the supervision of a qualified teacher, the children will take part in competitions in sports and ingenuity, draw, play with numerous toys and perform a number of creative tasks. Group viewing of cartoons is a pleasant and relaxed activity that allows kids to relax during a busy day.

An outdoor playground that includes a variety of slides, mazes, carousels and swings for the little guests. Here they frolic and spend the lion's share of their energy. Throughout the day, a team of cheerful animators amuse and amuse children of all ages, appearing in costumes of different characters.

Cribs in the room are available upon request. Babysitting servicespaid. High chairs are available in restaurants and pizzerias.

Beauty and he alth

On the territory there is a beauty salon, which is preferred by vacationers of all ages. A visit to the spa will give incredible pleasure to everyone, because healing and relaxing procedures are a guarantee of cheerfulness. Everyone will feel a surge of new strength after visiting the massage parlor.

The presence of a gym allows lovers of a he althy lifestyle to keep their bodies in good shape, and beginners to get rid of a couple of extra pounds. Professional instructors will help in the distribution of physical activity and the achievement of goals. Here you can use simulators, dumbbells, barbells and other sports equipment. Aerobics classes are attended by representatives of different generations: from young to old.

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Active Entertainment

During the day, for those who have had their fill of swimming and sunbathing, the doors of the library and Internet cafes are open. There is a basketball court and tennis courts. Billiard tables can be rented at any time of the day. Sports matches are shown on a large screen in the lobby. The climbing wall is one of the favorite activities of travelers. Here you can imagine yourself as the lord of the mountain, tirelessly overcoming obstacles on the way to the top. Foam Parties are held on Saturdays. In the evening, a team of artistic animators give a real show to all guests of the Hard Rock Hotel.

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Additional services

An incredibly large list of additional services, which was formed on the basis of many years of experience in the development of the hotel complex Pattaya "Hard Rock Hotel" ("Booking" gives a fairly high rating - 8.5). Twelve conference rooms, located both in the open air and in the main building, are designed for business meetings, meetings and conferences. They are equipped with all necessary appliances, screen and furniture.

You can use the laundry or ironing service at any time of the day. This service is included in the price. Near the reception, functioning around the clock, there is a currency exchange office and a tour desk. Parking spaces are provided free of charge. On the territory there are branded clothing stores, which are in unprecedented demand among the guests. In addition, in souvenir shops you can buy memorable gifts for relatives and friends.

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