Martville Canyon is a new natural landmark

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Martville Canyon is a new natural landmark
Martville Canyon is a new natural landmark

Recently, tourists are exploring a new unique corner of nature - the Martvili canyons. Georgia is rich in picturesque landscapes of unique nature.

Tourist Paradise

This amazing mountainous country has an extraordinary variety of natural landscapes created by beautiful mountains, warm seas and fast-flowing rivers. The rich flora and fauna of Georgia is represented by the most unique species, many of which can only be found here.

The country has a rich ancient history and culture, according to legend, it was here that the legendary Colchis was located. There are many unique historical monuments in Georgia - churches, cathedrals, monasteries, made in Georgian temple architecture. Georgia is extremely attractive for tourism and recreation.

Canyon on the Abasha River

One of the remarkable natural attractions of Georgia is the Martvili Canyon. Any local resident will tell you how to get to it. This amazing place is located near the town of Martvili. This pretty town, which used to be called Chhondidi, is located on the Colchis lowland. The city is notableits monastery, built in the 7th century in honor of the holy martyrs. Next to the monastery rises the Church of the Virgin. Until now, frescoes of the 14th century have been preserved in the temple.

martvili canyon

The 2400-meter-long Martvili Canyon is formed by the Abasha karst river, which originates on the hard-to-reach Ashi plateau. This small stream with cold clear water cut a deep canyon in the rocks, forming a picturesque gorge. Around the canyon are centuries-old relic forests and high cliffs. Long creepers descend from the rocks, which, together with dense vegetation, create the feeling of a tropical forest. The river flows at the bottom of the gorge up to 40 meters deep. The sight is amazing and mesmerizing. Rocks hang over the water, forming a vault at a great height.

martvili canyons georgia

To the top of the gorge, where there is a wonderful seven-meter waterfall, it is best to sail on a rubber boat. In some places, the canyon descends in ledges, forming bizarre terraces. Its walls are covered with moss from high humidity, and in many places streams flow from cracks. Halfway through, the river forms a quiet backwater, after which it falls down in a deafening twelve-meter waterfall. This amazing picture can be observed from the wooden bridge. The sun's rays, reflected in the drops of water dust, dance with millions of irises.

Canyon Boat Tour

Many tourists prefer to sail deep into the canyon on rubber boats, of which there are many. You can rent a boat or take a boat trip with a local boatman whotell a lot of interesting things about the canyon. On the rifts, you have to carry the boat on your hands, and passengers have to cross shallow water in always cold water. Behind the second rift there is a waterfall, which can be reached by swimming - a rather risky venture, because the current in this place is very strong, and the water is icy. This exciting journey gives you the opportunity to get a closer look at the miracle of nature - the white walls of the canyon, clear clear water that changes color from turquoise to emerald, lush greenery of the forest and a beautiful waterfall on the river.

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There is also a hiking trail along the canyon, where you can take a walk, admiring the picturesque bends of the river, the sound of waterfalls and high cliffs from which locals jump into the water. When the sun hides behind the clouds, the Martvili Canyon is enveloped in a light haze, giving it an unreal, mystical look.

Baths of the princes of Dadiani

Not far, about a hundred meters from the canyon, according to local residents, there are baths, and nearby is the estate of the Dadiani family - the sovereign princes of Megrelia, the oldest aristocratic family of Georgia. Dadiani possessed a priceless relic - the Shroud of the Virgin Mary, brought from Byzantium by their ancestors in the 15th century. This shroud is usually presented at commemorative church celebrations. The family also kept relics indicating kinship with Bonaparte - after all, one of the representatives of the princely family was the wife of the nephew of the French emperor.

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Water inthe mountain river is always icy, so it is risky to swim or swim in it. But it is so pure that you can drink it. In hot weather, the water flows in separate streams, forming shallow water in places, through which you have to drag the boat. However, in the spring, during snowmelt or during heavy rains, the water level in the river rises by five or six meters, and all this mass rushes along the narrow gorge with a roar and roar - a grandiose and awesome sight.

Dinosaur footprints

Martville Canyon is not only a natural, but also a unique historical attraction. Here, in limestone rocks, fossilized remains of ancient animals that lived on the planet millions of years ago were found. Even traces of dinosaurs, carnivores and herbivores have been found. And the presence of limestone rocks indicates that once there was a sea in this place, after which these unique rocks remained. According to the found remains of sea urchins, one can speak of the Upper Cretaceous period. The canyon has another name - "Jurassic Park". There are also traces of the existence of primitive man here.

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The Martvili Canyon has been included in the list of the ten best natural attractions in Georgia, the reviews of admiring tourists confirm the correctness of this decision. Recently, the canyon was closed during construction work. It is supposed to equip the territory, build a tourist center and equip the canyon with the necessary infrastructure for visiting tourists. A convenient descent to the river will be built, and a pier for boats will be built, andThere is also a comfortable viewing platform at the top. It is assumed that this place will be given the name "Tsar's Canyon" instead of the current "Martvili Canyon". Photos of this attraction will attract masses of tourists here.

Motena Cave

Not far from the canyon, Motena Cave was formed in limestone rocks, consisting of two spacious halls with a total length of 75 meters. The halls are connected by a narrow gap. In the cave you can see huge "icicles" hanging from the ceiling - stalactites and stalagmites growing from below, sometimes forming columns, as well as travertine formations. Near the cave is a medieval fortress, which is a historical monument.

Arsen Jojiashvili's Cave

The second cave, named after the Georgian revolutionary Arsen Dzhorgiashvili, is formed in petrified limestone layers and has several branches. The river flowing inside the cave flows into a large underground lake. The inner space of the cave, which has a vault height of up to 30 meters, is decorated with huge columns of snow-white stalactites and stalagmites. Inside, it is easier to move around on rubber boats. The stepped waterfall flowing out of the cave has a height of 234 meters.

martvili canyon coordinates

Martvili Canyon has become a popular natural attraction. The coordinates of its beginning are 42°27'23.5″ s. sh. and 42°22'34.2" E. The canyon is located very close to the town of Martvili in Megrelia (Georgia, the region of Samegrelo-Upper Svaneti). You can get to it by fixed-route taxis that depart from the Kutaisi railway station.every hour. After a stop, going down to the river, you can see tourist buses and bright rubber boats. You can also come to the canyons with an excursion from Batumi, as well as by taxi from Martvili.

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