Nikitskoye Podvorye - guest houses in Pereslavl: address, description, photo, how to get there

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Nikitskoye Podvorye - guest houses in Pereslavl: address, description, photo, how to get there
Nikitskoye Podvorye - guest houses in Pereslavl: address, description, photo, how to get there

What can be more healing for the soul and body of a person than the nature of the native land? The classics of golden Russian literature wrote a lot about this. But they had the opportunity to visit overseas resorts no less than ours. All of them, each in their own way, came to a single thought: “It is indeed possible to rest with the body even far away, but in order to be healed both in body and soul, this is only due to the characteristic and unique nature of the small homeland. That's the way a person works.”

Nikitsky farmstead

This story is about one of such calm and peaceful corners, located just 2 hours from Moscow along the Yaroslavl highway. This is the Nikitskoye Compound guest complex in Pereslavl-Zalessky.

According to the level of hotel services, it is classified as a three-star. However, we should not forget that this, we repeat, -guest complex. Therefore, we recommend that guests who rely on hotel service in its purest form, in advance, on the eve of the actual settlement, specify this nuance.


Those who have visited Nikitsky Compound, as a rule, leave reviews on the corresponding page of the corporate website. They are, for the most part, positive. Most frequently mentioned:

  • He althy climate: clean air, silence.
  • Comfort and cleanliness of the cottage.
  • Sauna is great.
  • Linen is brought on demand and immediately.
  • Wonderful holiday for kids.
  • The house is warm in winter.
  • The kitchen is well stocked.
  • Every opportunity has been created for a great weekend.
  • Off-season accommodation price reduced and very attractive.

Short and concise reviews of former guests are sometimes interspersed with detailed and detailed responses of purposefully living for a week or more in the guest yard "Nikitskoye Compound" (Pereslavl). Practically in each of them it sounds that people have a feeling of living in their own comfortable and cozy country house. Such reviews, of course, are worth a lot. This is probably the highest praise for the staff of any hotel.


Nikitskoye Compound is located near Pereslavl-Zalessky, in a suburban cottage settlement.

By car, you should get to the guest complex from Moscow along the Yaroslavl highway, to the traffic police post at the entrance to Pereslavl-Zalessky, while driving from the Moscow Ring Road about 120 km. After the post, you need to continue moving on the rightbypass, where on the 19th kilometer change the direction of traffic at the T-shaped intersection "Pereslavl - Yaroslavl with a traffic light. Then - turn left to Pereslavl, while not missing after 5 km turn right to Maurino. Upon reaching the village, we recommend that you orient yourself to the signs directed to the Pereslavskiye prostory cottage settlement.

Nikitsky farmstead

The guest complex itself is located at the very entrance to this village. Its dark brown houses stand out and are hard to miss. Arriving, just call on your mobile to meet you. On the corporate website, those who wish can see contact numbers, as well as pre-book a room at the Nikitskoe Podvorye guest complex (address Yaroslavl region, Pereslavsky district, Pereslavskie prostory, Volshebnaya st., 16).

Except by car, this place of rest can be reached by bus "Moscow - Pereslavl-Zalessky", or transfer to a bus in Sergiev Posad, reaching it from Moscow by electric train. The latter option is more convenient for travelers who don't like queues.

Comfortable guest complex "Nikitskoye Compound" in Pereslavl-Zalessky is located on a picturesque forest glade. Vacationers get to Pleshcheyevo Lake, which is 2 kilometers away, by private car.

Its highlight is the proximity to the Pleshcheyevo Lake National Park. The statistics of this protected area, slightly removed from Moscow, are impressive: 5.9 thousand hectares of water surface and 15 thousand hectares of the forest fund surrounding it. Within the territory ofThe park also houses historical, architectural, archaeological sites.

Hotel complex layout

The territory of the guest yard, entrances and approaches to his cottages are carefully planned in terms of access by vehicles. Each cottage is maximally accessible. All modern communications are laid to the wooden huts. The equipment is working, the housing stock is maintained in order.

Traditional Russian "wooden" style of architecture creates an atmosphere of fabulousness for vacationers, improves mood. Courtyards adapted for recreation near the cottages allow you to organize boring picnics with barbecue or barbecue.

Nikitsky farmstead in Pereslavl-Zalessky

Obviously, the architects of the guest complex have taken into account the possibilities of a wide variety of recreation. A company of friends-colleagues can spend their memorable picnic here. There are all the possibilities for a family holiday. Those wishing to implement a personal excursion program will not be disappointed either.

After looking at the photos, you are convinced that Nikitskoye Compound looks attractive and stylish in the surroundings of the Russian forest. The description of this hotel complex can be found on different sites, but it is most relevant on the company site. After all, it is on it that, at the choice of customers, booking one of 13 cottages is carried out. Stylish and comfortable log cabins vary in architecture and capacity and can accommodate from one to sixteen people.


Reviews from guests convince us that it is really wise andThe Nikitskoye Compound complex was built with soul. Photos of the guest yard illustrate the optimal layout and obvious comfort of its residential buildings.

Each of them has a stand-alone sauna. Can you imagine how effective it is? Especially in winter: take a sauna after an exciting ski trip. By the way, skiers, like sleds, are rented here.

A feature of each cottage is the presence of a full-fledged kitchen equipped with modern appliances, we will tell you more about this when describing the cottages. The leisure-friendly patio and equipped parking allow people to move freely and relax internally.


The Nikitskoe Compound guest complex is equipped with accommodation with heated floors, built-in saunas, playgrounds, a barbecue patio, and a parking lot. We list the main types of cottages related to it.

The most spacious is the two-storey cottage "Ilya Muromets" with an area of ​​160 m2. The spacious building has five bedrooms with a total capacity of up to 14 people and a living room furnished with two sofas. In the living room there is an opportunity to watch cable TV and use the Internet via Wi-Fi. There is a washing machine.

Nikitsky Compound Pereslavl reviews

The cottage has a kitchenette equipped with a refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher, equipped with a set of necessary utensils.

The second largest is the two-storey cottage "DobrynyaNikitich" with an area of ​​120 m2, which can accommodate ten people. It has 4 bedrooms and a living room. The equipment, furnishings and equipment of Dobrynya are similar to those described above.

Two-storey cottage "Nevsky" with an area of ​​100 m2 is designed for up to 8 people. It has two bedrooms. It has a similar level of comfort, with the exception of an individual car park. However, residents in it can use the public hotel parking.

The 45m2 sauna chalet is single storey and can accommodate up to 4 people. The house has one bedroom with a double bed. You can also relax on the sofa bed located in the living room. The chalet has its own territory with barbecue and terrace. Parking and playground are public.

Cottage "Russian" with an area of ​​100 m2 is one-story and can accommodate up to 8 people. In it, in addition to two bedrooms, there are two more niches with beds. The fenced yard is equipped with a barbecue and a terrace with outdoor furniture. Parking and playground are public.

Holidays with children

As mentioned above, the Nikitskoye Compound (Pereslavl) guest yard is built up with cottages, most of which (with the exception of cottages of the “Russian” and “chalet” types) are equipped with playgrounds. Each of the houses is equipped with baby cots and high chairs.

guest complex Nikitskoye Podvorie

The cable television program provides children's cartoon channels. In addition, the child can take his dog or cat on vacation from home.(pets are allowed in the hotel complex).

There is a rental service at the hotel complex, where you can use a bicycle in summer, and skis and inflatable sleds in winter. Teenagers, in addition to walking and playing in nature, thanks to fast Wi-Fi, can communicate with their peers on social networks or play their favorite computer games.

Beach vacation

From the guest yard "Nikitskoye Compound" to the beaches is quite far. Although the corporate site positions the hotel complex “located near Lake Pleshcheevo”, guests most often get to the beach in their cars. The walking route to the bathing place will take only 25-30 minutes.

However, for non-motorists, there is a sure way to reduce travel time. You just need to contact the administrators and rent bicycles.

Fans of a well-maintained beach holiday prefer the city beach. Connoisseurs of a calmer and more aesthetic holiday choose beaches near the legendary twelve-ton Blue Stone boulder, which is a fragment of an ancient pagan sanctuary to the sun god Yarile.

Fishing on Lake Pleshcheyevo

"Nikitskoye Compound" in its booklet offers guests such a particularly popular form of recreation as fishing. The character of Alexei Buldakov, General Ivolgin, miraculously said about this hobby of many people, inevitably instilled through unity with nature, love for the Motherland:

“Are we to blame for being born in Russia? And sometimes we need just a little so as not to lose the ground under our feet, the feeling of the homeland, the world: a quieta river, a small forest lake and a simple tackle.”

Informative and interesting fishing on Lake Pleshcheyevo! The water in the lake is s alty, clear, fed by springs. With a calm surface, the depth is visible at 10 meters. It is unique in its own way: formed during the ice age, it has a relatively shallow funnel shape. It was here, on this lake in the distant 18th century, with the construction of his amusing flotilla by Peter the Great, that the history of the Russian fleet begins. There are legends among the people that this reservoir has a double bottom, on the second level of which relic fish live. This mysticism attracts tourists to it.

Nikitsky Compound reviews

Paying 250 rubles. for a day of fishing, you can put up a tent on the shore or use the infrastructure of one of the many recreation centers created specifically for fishermen. Those who wish are allowed to fish strictly on a spinning rod or on a float rod from a boat (without a motor) or from the shore.

Pleasure for fishermen brings both predatory fish: burbot, pike, perch, and carp, silver bream, crucian carp, roach, rudd. However, fishing enthusiasts consider the small northern fish vendace, which was once part of the coronation dinner of Russian tsars, to be a special trophy.

Water sports

Active recreation is also in honor for those who visit the "Nikitsky Compound" (Pereslavl). Feedback from such tourists testifies to successful attempts to master extreme water sports.

Windsurfing is very popular on Lake Pleshcheyevo. Those who want to master the simplestself-propelled boat - a board under sail can learn this art at a local surf school.

Some vacationers are fascinated by wakeboarding (sliding on the lake with the fixation of special figures on the board, driven by a cable car or a boat). Skills are learned quickly with a French-certified training course.

Kitesurfing is cultivated on this reservoir: the one who practices it slides on a board along the waves behind a parachute. This sport is the most difficult in terms of mastering the technique. The coordination necessary for such an exciting sport is achieved as a result of mastering a number of lessons given by the trainers of the kite stations located on the coast. The latter are located near the village of Veskovo.


Guests who lived in the Nikitskoye Podvorye guest complex note the excellent cuisine, women especially like the delicious desserts here. However, unfortunately, the corporate site of the institution missed illustrating the essential moment of rest - the organization of meals. Moreover, with everything, it is obvious: this important process is not left to chance and is properly regulated. The proof of this is the laconic laudatory reviews of the most demanding guests in terms of food intake - mothers of small children.

Mentioned by vacationers in the he alth food plan is a local speci alty farm shop selling homemade milk and homemade bread.


"Nikitsky Compound" is attractive not only for its special comfort, the complex is simply surrounded by sightseeing objects.

Vacationers are a mustvisit unique small private museums - the hallmark of Pereslavl-Zalessky. It's no secret that children love anything unusual. Therefore, families of vacationers tend to visit the museum of cunning and ingenuity, the iron museum, the teapot museum and others.

Nikita courtyard description

Also enjoys the attention of the Museum of Alexander Nevsky, by the way, a native of Pereslavl-Zalessky. It is a small but spectacular exposition: even a child is interested in seeing the layout of Pereslavl-Zalessky of the 12th century, hearing about the battles won by the noble prince, examining a copy of the figure of the legendary prince, the equipment of the Russian warrior, the conquerors - the Horde and the Teutonic knight.

The Orthodox tradition of this city is strong: the noble prince Alexander Nevsky was born here in the 11th century, Sergius of Radonezh took the priesthood here. Of course, the temples of Pereyaslav-Zalessky deserve the attention of tourists:

  • The only temple of North-Eastern Russia that has survived to our time is the Transfiguration Cathedral, built in the 12th century by Yuri Dolgoruky.
  • Feodorovsky convent with the main cathedral of St. Theodore, erected at the behest of Ivan the Terrible.
  • Trinity Danilov Monastery, built in the XIV century under Prince Vasily III.

For lovers of classic, "adult" museums, we recommend visiting the cultural and historical museum-reserve "Pereslavl-Zalessky". Visitor reviews characterize it as a "good local history museum".


It's no secret that tourists tend to buy souvenirs inwhere they rested. The guests of the guest house strongly recommend their followers not to deprive their attention of the souvenir shops from the Berendey House. There are only three of them in Pereyaslav-Zalessky: two on Rostovskaya Street and one on Uritsky Street. Judging by the reviews, souvenirs reminiscent of staying in the protected area and in the historical Pereyaslav-Zalessky are really nice and popular with vacationers.

Nikitsky courtyard address

Some motorists also mention handmade souvenirs, which are sold in the shop at the Forest Heritage Museum, located in the village of Yam.


Who among us does not dream of spending a vacation or a bright weekend, gaining impressions from communicating with close friends and colleagues? Or maybe you just need, as it is sung in the song, to rush "on iron dogs - away from sick cities", i.e. heal the soul, just contemplating nature in primordial silence? Perhaps you are a fisherman and you are trying to dedicate your favorite hobby “a day that does not count towards life?”

Nikitskoye Podvorie reviews booking

All these aspirations can be realized by those who stop for a stay in the guest yard "Nikitsky Compound". Reviews on Booking testify to the high quality of the services provided, the well-established service, courtesy and friendliness of the staff. A high average score on a ten-point system is evidence of this.

As follows from the reviews of vacationers in this hospitable corner, the rest is more harmonious in terms of excursions and water recreation, formotorists. It is thanks to the "iron horses" that the distance to the center of Pereslavl-Zalessky, to the beach and to the sights, is leveled.

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