Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide. One of the largest hotel chains

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Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide. One of the largest hotel chains
Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide. One of the largest hotel chains

Chain hotels have gained immense popularity among tourists. Many look for familiar names when booking a room away from home. Indeed, the brand of the hotel is a sign of quality, a guarantee of level and comfort. Many hotel chains are enterprises with a long (and sometimes even centuries) history. Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide is a name everyone knows.

A bit of history. How did the brand come about?

You can write books and make films about the history of the emergence and development of Starwood. This is a story about how to find profit even in times of crisis, how to think outside the box and take justified risks.

Founded in 1991 against the background of the American crisis of the 80s, by the end of the 90s it became the largest hotel chain of that time. The purchase of the Sheraton hotel chain allowed the company to conquer the market. For her, the company competed no more and no less with the Hilton Corporation.

Now under the Starwood Hotel brand there are more than 1300 hotels in 100 countries of the world. The Starwood concern is a conglomerate. He manages 11 hotel chains from budgetto luxurious, designed for different target audiences.

The flagship project of the company

Sheraton Fiji

With Sheraton in the 90s began the story of unprecedented success of Starwood Hotels. The first hotel of this chain was purchased back in 1937 in the city of Springfield. It was then economically unprofitable to change the name, so all subsequent acquisitions were renamed. And so the Sheraton chain was born.

All hotels are awarded 5 stars. The motto of the network - "We give you the world" - this is the philosophy of the concern. It literally covers the entire globe, offering uncompromising service, unique architecture, culinary experiences and more.

Sheraton hotels were the first to introduce a free internal telephone in every room, an on-site gym, and turned the lobby into a full-fledged conference center with wireless internet. And to this day, the company keeps up with the times, somewhere even ahead of it, and offers services that go far beyond the "standard".

The biggest hotel in the world

Hotel Macau Cotai

In 2012, China opened its doors to a huge and incredibly beautiful Sheraton Macao Hotel Cotai with 4000 rooms, two buildings of which are poetically called Heaven and Earth.

The hotel in China is a luxurious complex where even the category of rooms starts right away with the 45-meter Delux. The apotheosis of the "luxury" style is, of course, the Presidential Suite, measuring almost 270 square meters. m.

Spa, 4 themed restaurants, 3 swimming pools, gym, golf, a real jungle in the lobby - get bored inthe hotel does not have to. Staff, speaking at least 4 languages, ready to cater to your every whim.

For privileged guests, the hotel has a club lounge where you can work, meet or just relax. Actually, every hotel of the chain has such a club, however, it is available only to loyal customers of the Platinum level.

SPG. Starwood Hotels Loy alty Program

Mobile booking application

The Starwood Preferred Guest Membership Card gives hotel guests even more benefits. This program is perhaps the best in its class. It consists of three levels, the transition to each of them depends on the number of nights spent in hotels.

Becoming a member of the Strawood Hotel family is simple and free. More than 1300 hotels in 100 countries of the world will be in your pocket on one plastic card. Exclusive offers, discounts, bonus nights and much, much more.

For the convenience of guests, mobile applications have been developed that allow you to quickly book, cancel, check the balance, order additional services. SPG even offers its own Visa-based credit card for even more convenient checkout and bonus points.

Travel is made up of little things. Sometimes a well-timed cup of coffee can save the day. What if they serve chocolate with coffee? Will they order a taxi, tickets, play with children, organize a meeting, smile and invite you to visit again?

Starwood makes sure that the life of guests consists of only pleasant things.

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