Haifa is a city in Israel: description, attractions, reviews

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Haifa is a city in Israel: description, attractions, reviews
Haifa is a city in Israel: description, attractions, reviews

Haifa is the third largest city in Israel, which is also an industrial center. From the top tier offers a magnificent view of the sea. Haifa is the world famous tourist center of Israel. There you can enjoy beautiful nature, beaches, as well as cultural attractions.


Where is he, the city of Haifa? It is located in the northern part of Israel at the foot of Mount Carmel and the southern part of the Zvulun Valley. From the southern and eastern side, the mountains go around the city and descend to the Mediterranean Sea, resulting in a wide cape and a bay.

Haifa has a good location, thanks to which it has become a major port city, in which ships from different countries sail, maintaining trade relations between other states. Not far away is Tel Aviv, which is the economic center of Israel.

Haifa can be divided into three tiers - lower, middle and high. The lower one is on the coast and there are industrial enterprises, the Government Quarter and beaches. The middle tier is very busy because there are a large number of shops, markets, placesfor cultural entertainment and attractions. On the upper tier are sleeping areas with comfortable hotels, holiday homes and villas.

Haifa was built from the bottom up, which is why the old buildings are at the very bottom. The uniqueness of this city is that there is the only subway in the country, i.e. it connects the Lower Tier with the Upper Tier.


How to get there

There are several ways to get to this beautiful city. The most popular is the plane, although there is no airport in Haifa. All flights are made to Tel Aviv, from which you can reach the city in just an hour. The cost of a taxi ride from the international airport to Haifa is approximately $140.

You can also get there by sea. But, of course, not everyone has such an opportunity, but only those whose city has access to the sea. You can also get to Haifa by car, but this is a more expensive way, because you need to cross Italy or Turkey, and then take the ferry. Therefore, the most convenient and economical way is by plane.

Climatic features

The weather in Haifa is warm all year round due to the peculiarities of the Mediterranean subtropical climate. But in winter, the temperature can drop to + 13 … 18 ° С. Since the end of February, the weather has been warm, and in spring and summer the air warms up to + 25 … 32 ° С.

If you want to come sunbathe and swim, then you should come from mid-spring to the end of autumn, because during this period the weather in Haifa is hot. And if you don'tIf you like stuffiness, then you should rest in the spring and winter months. But keep in mind that from the end of autumn to the middle of winter there may be a rainy season, and sometimes a little snow may fall. Considering all these climatic features, you will be able to choose the most suitable time for a trip.

Haifa - the capital of the North of Israel

List of the best beaches

Haifa is not only the industrial center of Israel, but also the opportunity to relax on beautiful beaches.

  1. Bat Galim is the oldest beach in the city, where you can relax on surfing and diving. In addition to outdoor activities, there are a large number of cafes, restaurants and places for children's games on the beach. There is a funicular that will take vacationers to the Upper Town. Entrance to Bat Galim is free, you just need to pay for the rental of the necessary equipment. And for the convenience of older vacationers, the descent into the sea is equipped with railings.
  2. Dado Beach is considered the cleanest in Israel, its length is 3 km. It is not only clean, but all conditions for a comfortable stay are created. This beach has a dance floor, an amphitheater, and festivals are often held. There is a special place for children in the sea. So that vacationers do not get burned on the sand, a wooden flooring was made. There is a barbecue area. A feature of Dado that attracts a large number of tourists is the Google office located across the street from the beach.
  3. Kiryat Khaim is located in the western part of the Kiryat Khaim district. Its feature is a flat coastal strip, 2.5 km long. The northern part of the beach is fenced offfor especially religious Israelis who bathe separately from other people. There are "men's" and "women's" bathing days in Kiryat Khaim, which must be taken into account when visiting. There is free parking, a venue for concerts, a large number of pubs, cafes. Therefore, this beach is one of the most visited in Haifa.
  4. Neve Yam is located in the southwestern part of the settlement Atlit. It is located in a quiet secluded cove, where in September you can watch lilies bloom, and palm trees and rocks complete the beautiful landscape.

In total, Haifa has more than 10 beaches, and every vacationer can find a place according to their preferences. But they all have clean sand, which makes the rest as comfortable as possible.

funicular in Haifa


In the city you can not only relax on the beach, but also get acquainted with the cultural life of Israel. What to see in Haifa?

  1. The cave of Elijah the prophet is the most revered shrine of the Israelis. The cave is surrounded by the Carmelite Monastery of the Order of the Crusaders.
  2. The Bahai temple - it was in this city that a new religious movement about the unity of all religions appeared. This temple is located on a mountain range, so it can be seen from all over the city. And its special architecture delights tourists.
  3. Seaport and Maritime Museum - since the city was built on the sea, it is not surprising that its entire history is connected with the water element. The National Maritime Museum has in its exposition ancient objects and unique things. This museum can be visitednot only on weekdays, but also on weekends - it is also open on Shabbat.
  4. The Bahai Gardens are a unique monument of garden architecture. They are located on Mount Carmel and descend several kilometers to the sea. There are not only exotic species of plants and trees, but also a large number of fountains, sculptures and gazebos. To visit them, you need to follow certain rules: turn off your phones, move only from top to bottom and follow the dress code (closed legs and long sleeves).
  5. The Stella Maris Monastery is one of the oldest structures located near the Bahai terraces. It was founded in the 12th century, and its walls are decorated with paintings dedicated to the Carmelite Order. Also inside the monastery there are frescoes on religious themes, and at the entrance stands one of the most ancient statues of the Virgin Mary in the country.
  6. Mount Carmel National Park and Preserve. Tourists can enjoy the delightful beauty of flowers, steppe animals and a unique collection of water lilies, so biologists from all countries come there. For a comfortable stay there are campsites and tent camps.
  7. The Carmelit funicular is the most visited place in the city. Despite the fact that there are only 6 stations, and the length is 2 km, it is decorated with special Arabic tiles and has a modern design. This metro connects all the main cultural attractions and the Lower City with the Upper City.

Museums in Haifa more than 10, and parks - more than 30, a large number of temples. A large number of believers from all over the world come there every year.

attractions in haifa

Active Leisure

But not only lovers of cultural attractions will be able to find entertainment, but also those who like outdoor activities. Hecht Park is located in the center of Haifa, where you can not only admire the panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea, but also ride along the bike paths.

You can also rent roller skates, scooters and other vehicles in the park. There are also a large number of attractions: horseback riding, go-karting and others.

Connoisseurs of extreme entertainment should go to the Ktktim shopping center and go rock climbing. There is also the opportunity to go diving on Bat Galim beach or conquer the slopes of Mount Carmel. The city has a large number of rope parks, swimming pools and other entertainment.


Almost along the entire coast there is a railway, and trains always run on time. Metronites run around the city - these are twin buses that travel along a specially designated lane (even on Shabbat). The subway closes on Friday after 15:00 and resumes after sunset - it does not operate on Shabbat.

Renting a car in the city is not worth it: there are practically no free parking lots. And after lunch, big traffic jams begin.

high-rise buildings


In Haifa, clubs and discos are open around the clock. The most famous are on the coast. There are places in the city where "golden youth" gathers. For example, Haifa Pub Crawl, which is considered the best in the city. There areelite drinks, cool DJs, but the cost of entry is appropriate.

Also, in Haifa, there are clubs that mostly go to Russian-speaking youth. You can choose an institution with live music, exquisite drinks. In Haifa, you can safely relax, because they are considered the safest. But in almost all nightly entertainment establishments, entry is allowed only from 19 years old, and in some even after 21. Therefore, you must have a document confirming your age with you.


In the city there are a large number of hotels, hotels, hostels for people with different financial capabilities and preferences. If you value comfort and homeliness most of all, you should rent apartments or apartments. The daily cost of an apartment in the coastal area is $25, and in the Upper City it is $12. Renting an apartment or apartment will be much cheaper than staying in a hotel.

When choosing a hotel, you need to consider that the most expensive ones are located on top of Mount Carmel, largely due to the stunning view. Hostels are the cheapest option, great for experienced travelers, young people. Tourists can easily choose the right hotel according to their tastes and financial capabilities.

shops in Haifa

Cafes and restaurants

There are a lot of shops on the streets of Haifa. There are especially many of them in the Lower City. Be sure to try corn sticks with peanut butter, which is called "bambo"; s alty snacks "beasley" and sweet cakes"crembo".

The visiting card of the city is locally produced halva of more than 10 varieties. But Haifa is also a Mediterranean resort, so you should definitely go to restaurants with Mediterranean cuisine. In addition to restaurants, there are cozy bars where you can try both classic and author's cocktails. Of course, you should definitely taste the local fast food.

He althcare

Israeli medicine is considered one of the best in the world. Clinics in Haifa occupy a leading position among other medical institutions in the country. Hospitals have the most modern equipment, use advanced technologies. One of the most famous clinics is "Rambam", founded in 1938. She is known for advances in diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

Elisha private clinic is also popular. They offer a wide range of services and a high level of service. But not only in Haifa, but throughout the country, one of the most advanced he althcare systems in the world has been developed.

What to buy

What is worth buying in Haifa stores as a gift to relatives and friends?

  1. Local wines made from grapes, pomegranate and currants.
  2. Date paste.
  3. Coffee of different varieties, especially interesting - with cardamom.
  4. Chocolate Elite.
  5. Beautiful ladies will love Dead Sea cosmetics.
  6. Wadi Nisnas market in search of Arabic themed souvenirs.
  7. Gifts with the image of the city are better to buy in coastal shops.

Haifa stores also have sales seasons: in spring and autumn, before the Passover and Sukkot holidays, they offer a good discount on many expensive goods.

Haifa streets


Tourists are delighted with the trip to the northern capital of Israel. There you can not only look at cultural attractions, but also admire the beautiful nature. Vacationers say that in Haifa, despite the liveliness, it is safe. This city also attracts tourists by the fact that on Shabbat there are a large number of shops, restaurants, beaches. The northern capital of Israel has a well-developed tourist infrastructure.

Haifa is one of the most famous cities in the country. There you can get acquainted with the history and culture of the state, there is such a cozy and warm atmosphere that both tourists and locals like so much.

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