Hotels in Norway: review, description, reviews

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Hotels in Norway: review, description, reviews
Hotels in Norway: review, description, reviews

Homeland of fjords, northern lights and ice. A country of harsh landscapes and ski resorts. We are talking, of course, about Norway. Real heroes are born here, who are not afraid of any weather conditions.

If you are a lover of vivid emotions and you are interested in an exotic vacation, then you should pay attention to a variety of hotels in Norway. The number of options is impressive, you can stay both in populated areas and in deserted places in the mountains.

Hotels in the capital of Norway

Oslo International Airport, located 35 km from the country, receives tens of millions of tourists every year.

Oslo is the starting point for travel across the country and Northern Europe. The capital of Norway beckons with its architecture, it is not only the cleanest capital in Europe, but also one of the most modern. In the vicinity of the city there are about three hundred freshwater lakes. What hotels can please this city of tourists?

Hotels inOslo
Hotels inOslo

The Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel is the tallest and most modern hotel in Oslo, designed as a 37-storey skyscraper with panoramic windows. Guests of this hotel will be able to appreciate the landscapes of the city, there is a restaurant "34" on the territory, which is located on the floor of the same name, where you can try not only Scandinavian, but also international cuisines. It expects guests 650 rooms with all amenities and a swimming pool with panoramic glazing. The cost of such a holiday will cost from 250 euros per person.

Voksenåsen is a hotel that impresses with its picturesque nature around, it is located in Holmenkollen, a suburb of Oslo, but you can get to the city in just five minutes by metro, the same distance as the nearest ski resort.

The territory of the hotel is surrounded by meadows and pine forests. Tourists can enjoy the purest air and fabulous landscapes. During the summer, the sky pool is open for guests.

The hotel is decorated with works of art, residents can admire the paintings and sculptures of contemporary authors, while also receiving aesthetic pleasure from art. Room rate - from 150 euros.

Hotel Continental - one of the most prestigious hotels in the city, located in the heart of Oslo. This hotel has retained the entire history of past years. Guests are offered luxury rooms with incredible design, exclusive furniture, as well as interesting decor items.

It is in this hotel that the well-known cafe Theatercaféen, which has existed for about a hundred years, is located. For connoisseurs of gourmet cuisine, the Eik restaurant is openAnnen Floor.

The main sights of the city are within walking distance around this hotel. Walking in the evening along the surrounding streets, it is impossible not to fall in love with this city. Room rates start from EUR 400.

For lovers of a more budget holiday, the choice of hotels and hostels is also quite large, Anker Hostel is located ten minutes from the center and has a good value for money service. Nearby is the main shopping street of Karl Johan.

In walking distance of the railway station. Almost all rooms have a kitchen where you can cook food, for those who do not like to cook on vacation, there is a cafe-bar with European cuisine. A five-minute walk is the metro, which allows you to easily get anywhere in the city. The cost of a room in such a hostel is from 30 euros / day.

Exotic getaway

An unusual hotel in Norway, the Tree Hotel, is the perfect opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream of a treehouse. The owners are the Lindvalls, who were inspired to create such a hotel after watching a movie. In the future, it is planned to build twenty more houses, but so far there are five of them. They are made in completely different styles, which makes the whole hotel very individual and interesting.

The rooms are equipped with everything necessary for life, you can settle in them as a single person or a couple. The cost of accommodation for one day is 129 euros for one person and 179 euros for two.

The owners of the hotel provide tourists with a variety of entertainment all year round, in the summerentertain tourists with horseback riding, fishing, and in winter - snow sledding and skiing.

Basecamp Ship in the Ice

Unusual hotel-ship in winter
Unusual hotel-ship in winter

Basecamp Ship in the Ice - the hotel is located right in the ship. In summer, the schooner provides services for walks in close waters, and during the frosty period, it is left right at one of the fjords, where it freezes and from that moment the hotel is considered open. The ship has already been restored several times, because it is over a hundred years old.

On the territory of the ship there are 10 rooms with all the necessary conditions. You can get to the hotel by purchasing a tour from Basecamp. In winter, you can go dog sledding and see the Northern Lights.

The peculiarity of Norway is an endless number of mountain peaks, hotels in the mountains are the pride of the country. The views from there are breathtaking, and it is there that you can be alone with yourself and your thoughts.

Highland Lodge

Highland Lodge is a mountain hotel located near Geilo Station. From the bar and restaurant, which are located on the territory of the hotel, there is a beautiful view of the Hardanger mountain. All rooms are individually designed and en suite.

Nearby is the Hardanger Plateau National Park. Prices range from 88 euros per room.

Geilo Hotel

Geilo hotel in Norway
Geilo hotel in Norway

Geilo Hotel, one of the many hotels in Norway in the mountains, is located in the town of Geilo. A pleasant bonus for guests will be a large number of services provided, which are included inthe cost of the room, for example, parking, Wi-Fi, sauna, bath. The nearest train station and the mountain road are about 30 minutes away.

The interior of the hotel is very pleasant and does not cause discomfort, each room has a bathroom, and some have a TV. During the buffet you can enjoy panoramic views of the Jostedalsfjord. For a day in this hotel you will have to pay from 90 euros per room.

Geilolie 50

Helion 50 - hotel in the mountains
Helion 50 - hotel in the mountains

Geilolie 50 - apartments are located ten minutes from Westlihuizen. On the territory there are 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. A beautiful garden has been grown nearby, from which an incredible view opens. For families, this apartment is a great option. The cost is determined by the number of people, for example, for four people it will cost 243 euros per day.

According to the reviews of tourists, there may not be free rooms there during the season, even if you booked them through Booking, you will be sent to spend the night in another place. But those who managed to stay overnight note wonderful hearty breakfasts and a cozy atmosphere.

Holidays in the mountains

Mountain hotels in Norway are especially popular with skiers. Torsetlia Cottages and Apartments is located by Dagalifjelle Mountain. It offers cozy cottages with everything you need, almost all have a terrace overlooking the mountains. Here you can save on food, because guests have at their disposal their own kitchen with all utensils for cooking, a grocery store is a five-minute walk awaywalk. There are also play areas and entertainment for children. The cost of the cottage is from 143 euros.

Norefjell Ski & Spa is located in the heart of the Noresund ski resort, the slope starts almost at the door to the room. Absolutely every room has a TV, and almost all have a balcony overlooking the mountains. Tomorrow is served as a regular buffet, and at all other meals, guests will be pleased with the standard Scandinavian menu. The hotel has its own spa and massage room, sauna, and for outdoor enthusiasts there is a fitness center.

Norway hotels overlooking the fjords

It's no secret that Norway is famous for its fjords, so some tourists come there to admire them. For such guests, there are many hotels with views of the fjords.

Maybua in Norway
Maybua in Norway

Maybua is a beachfront holiday home with panoramic fjord views. The interior of the house is decorated in a cottage style, with wooden floors and walls. All rooms offer mountain and sea views. There is a hot tub. The surrounding areas are very suitable for hiking and fishing. The price per day is from 200 euros.

Hallingdal Feriepark Hotel
Hallingdal Feriepark Hotel

Hallingdal Feriepark is a great place for nature lovers. This hotel complex, located on the Strandafjord in the Hallingdal valley, between Oslo and Bergen, occupies a huge area. For guests of the hotel there is a private beach, spa complexes and a mini zoo. When planning your vacation here, you can not even look for entertainment for a whilestay.

The hotel offers a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year, beautiful camping, cycling, farm trips, and golf courses. Just thirty minutes away is the ski resort, where more than two thousand meters of perfectly laid slopes have been built. An amazing church is located on the territory, which was built in 1192.

Hallingdal Feriepark in Norway
Hallingdal Feriepark in Norway

The restaurant will delight you with both local and European cuisine. You can take climbing courses, and also get 50% entry to the Hurramegrundt playground. The cost of living will cost from 225 euros / day.

Tourists who have vacationed here note well-equipped kitchens in the houses, you can comfortably cook your own food. You can eat deliciously on the territory of the complex itself, there is a village nearby where you can buy the necessary products.

Trips to Norway

Norway is a very attractive city for tourists, so planning a trip is not difficult. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from St. Petersburg. If you choose the most budget option, with a transfer in Helsinki, it will cost about 200 euros round trip without luggage, you will have to pay for luggage separately. It is also possible to transfer in Moscow or Riga, but the flight time will be longer and the cost will be more expensive.

You can use the services of travel agencies. On average, a tour to Norway from St. Petersburg for seven days will cost 1,000 euros. If you pay for everything separately and book everything yourself, then a trip for 7 days can cost 600Euro.

According to tourists, if you choose Norway for your trip, you will never regret it, because this is a country that conquers with its cleanliness, nature, fjords and incredible landscapes, modern service.

If you choose a weekend tour, you can meet the 350 euros, but you won’t be able to get enough of all the beauties.

When traveling, keep in mind that the time in Norway is two hours behind Moscow time.