Bowling in Orenburg: addresses, rates, prices

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Bowling in Orenburg: addresses, rates, prices
Bowling in Orenburg: addresses, rates, prices

Orenburg is not Monte Carlo, but there are quite a lot of people who like to have fun at their leisure. There are more than enough opportunities for this. Bowling is only one of them, but it surpasses many others in terms of attractiveness. As for the benefits, there are almost no competitors.

What can bowling do?

Where to go with a child on his birthday? The question does not come up very often, but quite regularly. Where can you dine without the bustle of the restaurant? Or just sit at the bar? Where, finally, to roll the balls?

Bowling center is the place where all questions find their answers. There are three such establishments in Orenburg.


There are actually more of them. Because, besides specialized centers, there are other places where you can play bowling. Cinema or cafe. But the list of big entertainment centers looks like this:

  • network of clubs "Rina";
  • complex "12 feet";
  • Rostoshi Hotel.
bowling center rina

First place in the list of bowling addresses inOrenburg is occupied by Rina. She owns two entertainment centers. One is located on 34 Salmyshskaya Street, the other is in the Gulliver shopping and entertainment center.

High quality bowling provided with professional equipment. Twelve tracks of the famous Brunswick company will not force you to stand in line. Experienced instructors will help you master the techniques of fashionable sports. You won't be bored.

The services offered by "Rina" are available to everyone. Tariff "Student" will not ruin those who gnaw at the granite of science. Parents who want to involve their child in an exciting game will pay at the rate "Children".

The peculiarity of the center "12 feet" is that here you can play for free. On the website of the organization they promise not to take money during the day from Monday to Thursday. True, in the evening or on weekends you will have to pay from 500 to 900 rubles per hour.

bowling in orenburg addresses

In the center of "Rostoshi" this service costs almost half as much. It is provided by the hotel of the same name at the address: Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 26. There are only two tracks, but this is enough for hotel customers.

Bowling in Orenburg is an in-demand entertainment. And, apparently, the list of places where you can combine sports with recreation will continue to grow.

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