Hotels in Ruza: addresses, rooms, services, tourist reviews

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Hotels in Ruza: addresses, rooms, services, tourist reviews
Hotels in Ruza: addresses, rooms, services, tourist reviews

Ruza is a city in the Moscow region, located on the banks of the river of the same name. The city has a rich history. Today, light industry and sports infrastructure are well developed here. It is also impossible not to say about the beautiful nature and interesting sights. If you are interested in visiting this city, check out the information about hotels in Ruza.


Country hotel "Usadba Maleevka"

"Manor Maleevka" is a cozy country eco-hotel in Ruza (in the village of Glukhovo). The main feature of this institution is a huge area of 70 hectares, most of which is occupied by green meadows, forest plantations, numerous walking paths and barbecue areas.

The following attractive options are provided for accommodation of guests:

  • Cottage with Sauna is a two-level room with an area of 70 square meters. m, designed for 4-5 people. It is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. There are two bedrooms, a living room with a fireplace, a kitchen area, a spacious balcony and, of course, a sauna. Price for 4 guests - from 8000 rubles. Additional fee for the fifth guest - 1000 rubles.
  • Suite - a comfortable three-room suite, consisting of a bedroom with a large bed, a living room with upholstered furniture and an office with a desk. The cost of accommodation - from 5000 rubles.
  • Family Grand - a cozy room consisting of two bedrooms, a spacious hallway and a balcony. The large bedroom is designed to accommodate 2-3 guests, and the second - for one guest. Cost - from 3600 rubles.
  • Family room - consists of two bedrooms, which can accommodate three people. Price - from 3400 rubles.
  • Standard - a small one-room suite with a couple of separate beds. Price - from 2400 rubles.

Resting here, you can enjoy the following services:

  • food at the restaurant and bar;
  • barbecue gazebos;
  • conference room for 45 people;
  • outdoor sports fields;
  • sports equipment rental;
  • comfortable beach;
  • organization of fishing;
  • billiards;
  • bath complex;
  • playground;
  • children's playroom;
  • animation for adults and children;
  • organization of holidays and celebrations;
  • sport entertainment.

Reviews about the hotel "Usadba Maleevka"

You can hear such positive reviews about this hotel in Ruza:

  • scenic pond on site;
  • good conditions for barbecue;
  • many opportunities for sports entertainment;
  • big landscapedan area carefully cared for by employees;
  • great food;
  • comfortable rooms;
  • large convenient parking;
  • comfortable orthopedic mattresses and pillows;
  • good breakfasts;
  • friendly and helpful staff.

And such negative ones:

  • weak wireless internet signal;
  • during the cold season, the rooms are heated so much that it is hot and stuffy;
  • no mosquito nets on windows;
  • a modest restaurant menu;
  • uncomfortable that the bathroom of the standard room is in the common corridor;
  • irregular cleaning.

Hotel "Ruza"

At the address: Krasnaya street, 86 the hotel "Ruza" is located. The hotel attracts with modern furnishings and a cozy atmosphere. To accommodate guests, there are 14 comfortable rooms, namely:

  • economy - from 1800 rubles;
  • standard - from 2000 rubles;
  • comfort - from 2000 rubles.

The following list of services is provided to guests:

  • free parking;
  • wireless internet;
  • using a hair dryer;
  • use of ironing facilities (50 rubles per hour);
  • laundry.

Reviews about the hotel "Ruza"

Travellers leave a number of positive feedback about the Ruza Hotel:

  • modern equipment;
  • quite fresh renovation in the rooms;
  • good cleaning quality;
  • excellent wireless signalInternet;
  • there are two large supermarkets nearby;
  • large new shower stall;
  • new linens and bath towels;
  • the room has a microwave and a kettle.

But not without criticism:

  • Bed linen size does not match bed size;
  • due to thin walls, the audibility between rooms is very strong;
  • clogged bathroom drain.

Hotel "Akter-Ruza"

"Akter-Ruza" is a modern hotel in Ruza (or rather, in the village of Ustye). The institution is located in a picturesque area on the banks of the river and surrounded by beautiful nature. The hotel has three three-story cottage buildings, which are equipped with rooms of the following categories:

  • single standard - from 2350 rubles;
  • double standard - from 3600 rubles;
  • junior suite - from 5100 rubles;
  • luxury - from 7100 rubles.

The following services are provided to guests:

  • restaurant;
  • bath complex;
  • barbecue;
  • organization of excursions;
  • event organization;
  • sports entertainment;
  • sports equipment rental;
  • children animation;
  • beautiful beach.

This institution is also positioned as a spa hotel in Ruza, so you should pay attention to spa programs. Namely:

  • Face and neck care - cleansing, mask according to skin type, light massage.
  • Autumn hand care - hand skin peeling, mask, nourishing cream, massagehands.
  • Foot care - herbal bath, peeling, cream mask, light massage.
  • Bounty - Russian bath, peeling, chocolate wrap, massage with coconut oil, tea drinking.
  • Chocolate Paradise - Russian bath, chocolate peeling, oil massage, tea drinking.
  • Honey pleasure - Russian bath, honey massage, milk and honey hot swaddling, aroma oil massage, tea drinking.

Reviews about the hotel "Akter-Ruza"

You can hear such positive reviews about this hotel in Ruza:

  • quiet peaceful place away from a busy road;
  • beautiful cozy rooms;
  • there are many pine trees on the territory, which create a pleasant shade and fill the air with a coniferous aroma;
  • cleanliness in the rooms, in public places, and on the territory;
  • Pet friendly by agreement.

And such negative ones:

  • uncomfortable little pillows;
  • there are abandoned buildings on the territory that spoil the picture of the rest;
  • there are no disposable slippers in the rooms;
  • not the most delicious cafe food;
  • there is no furniture on the balcony (and there are no chairs in the room to take out).

Hotel-sanatorium "Dorokhovo"

While looking for a suitable hotel in Ruza, Moscow region, pay attention to the hotel-sanatorium "Dorokhovo". The institution is located in a beautiful forest between the Ruza River and the Moscow River in the village of Staraya Ruza. The establishment has been operating since 1958. For a long history of existenceestablished traditions of service and treatment have been formed here. The sanatorium has the following infrastructure:

  • six residential buildings;
  • medical building;
  • mud bath;
  • drinking gallery;
  • two canteens;
  • two indoor pools;
  • leisure center (library, dance hall, cinema and concert hall);
  • sports equipment rental;
  • outdoor sports fields;
  • terrenkur;
  • pharmacy;
  • shops;
  • information stand with newspapers;
  • ATM;
  • parking;
  • church;
  • barbershop;
  • beauty shop.

The resort can accommodate up to 600 guests at the same time. For them, the following accommodation options are provided (prices are indicated without treatment):

  • double one-room suite - from 1700 rubles per bed;
  • double two-room suite - from 2300 rubles per bed;
  • single room - from 2300 rubles;
  • single two-room suite - from 2900 rubles.

Reviews about the sanatorium "Dorokhovo"

A number of positive responses can be heard about this sanatorium:

  • good diet food;
  • a huge landscaped area, which is carefully looked after;
  • clean forest air;
  • great location by the river.

And some critiques:

  • the quality of cleaning in the rooms leaves much to be desired;
  • the smell of drugs is everywhere;
  • parquet floors in the corridors are broken in places and not repaired (just covered by a path), which is very traumatic.

Country Hotel LES Art Resort

Modern art hotel LES Art Resort is located in the village of Dorokhovskoye. To accommodate guests, cottages and buildings made of natural coniferous wood are provided. Each of the 250 single rooms is decorated with environmentally friendly materials. The following options are provided for accommodation:

  • double standard - from 8700 rubles;
  • double simple suite - from 9000 rubles;
  • double classic suite - from 11,200 rubles;
  • double classic suite-plus - from 11,700 rubles;
  • double panoramic suite - from 1200 rubles;
  • two-storey villa - from 34,200 rubles;
  • two-storey townhouse - from 23,000 rubles.

Holidays here, you can enjoy these main benefits:

  • food buffet in the restaurant;
  • complex "Laguna" with outdoor heated pool (all season);
  • children animation;
  • spa complex;
  • organization of events.

Reviews about country hotel LES Art Resort

This art hotel in Ruza has positive reviews:

  • tasty quality restaurant food;
  • beautiful design of the rooms and the hotel as a whole;
  • large landscaped area;
  • nice outdoor pool that is heated all year round;
  • on the guests' birthdaygive a delicious present in the form of a cake;
  • the windows have blackout curtains, allowing you to sleep longer in the morning;
  • friendly, attentive and helpful staff;
  • many opportunities for active entertainment;

So and negative:

  • inflated rates for accommodation and related services;
  • strong audibility between rooms - even quiet conversations of neighbors can be heard;
  • poor cellular reception;
  • weak wireless internet signal;
  • water in the pool of the main building smells strongly of bleach;
  • the territory periodically smells of sewage;
  • pools are far from residential buildings.

Cottage village "Ruza-Resort"

Those who often rest outside the city may get bored with the atmosphere of hotels. "Ruza-Resort" is a cottage village, ideal for those who want to have their own property in a picturesque corner of the Moscow region. The village is located on the banks of the river and is surrounded by a pine forest. The city of Ruza is only 6 km away.

At the moment the cottage complex is under construction. There are 100 plots with an area of 10-17 acres intended for individual housing construction. Electricity was provided, roads were laid, a common fence was installed and security was organized. It is also planned to build a recreation area, sports areas and playgrounds.

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