Shkipersky duct - a street paved by history

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Shkipersky duct - a street paved by history
Shkipersky duct - a street paved by history

In the western part of Vasilyevsky Island from the street. Bering, leaving Galernaya Gavan on the right side, and the Skipper Canal on the left, then turning right, ends at the pier, winding the old street Skipper channel in St. Petersburg.

Historical background

The harbor itself was created here by the decree of Peter I. In 1721, a basin for galley ships was dug through a small river called the Black Channel. Then a channel was created, which is now called Skipper.

Once upon a time here in the Galernaya Harbor the Skipper settlement was formed, named after the craft of its inhabitants. The name of the street was formed from its name.

First (since 1812) it was Skipperskaya Street, then (since 1891) - Skipperskaya Embankment, and since 1893 - the embankment of the Skipper Canal.

Skipper channel

In the 18th century at the entrance to the Galley Harbor, the so-called navigation signs were installed - crowns or watchtowers. These are structures, formerly wooden, then rebuilt from stone, which were crowned with tall flagpoles.

There they stand to this dayalong the Skipper channel - the Western kronspitz along the street of the Skipper channel 14 and the Eastern kronspitz - in house 12 AB along the same street. The building of the second, once sentinel, building now houses a museum of the history of water rescue.

Modern Street

The length of Skippersky Protok Street is 2.2 km. Now there are only a couple of hostels and several residential buildings on this street, mainly industrial buildings, research institutes, historical and museum buildings are located here.

Skippersky Protok Street on the city map

Of course, most of it is occupied by industrial areas. In general, Vasilyevsky Island in this area began to be built up with residential buildings not so long ago.

Large industrial area

At the address Shkipersky Protok, 14, the plant of PJSC "Priboy" is located, which produces electronic devices and components. In the past, the entire territory with all the buildings at this address was subordinated to this production, but after the collapse of a single country, the management of the enterprise leased part of the premises.

Now the Priboy business center has been erected on its territory, where class B offices, warehouse and production facilities are located.

Skipper's channel 14

Modern repairs have been made everywhere, you can choose one of three Internet providers. There is a secure parking, an electronic access system, 12 elevators, rooms with a free layout of various footage. That is, tenants can plan the space according to their working needs.

The complex is located near the metro stations "Vasileostrovskaya" and "Primorskaya", major highways of the city. This makes it accessible and convenient for visitors.

There are several car repair shops, auto parts stores, companies producing and selling instrumentation, window and door structures, and furniture stores on the territory. "Park Vzmorye" is a company that brings together initiative, business, creative people. Located in the "Mast" building. In total, there are 45 buildings on the territory of the Priboy business center at 14, Skippersky Protok.

Adequate rental price, the possibility of locating production near the warehouse and office, transport accessibility and the availability of comfortable conditions for work and lunch - this is why the premises in the Priboy business house rarely remain free from tenants.

Modern Residential Complex

The majestic modern 25-storey building at 20 Skippersky Protok is not only an apartment building consisting of four buildings, but also the location of several enterprises. There is a multidisciplinary clinic "West-East", a private boarding house for the elderly "Shkipersky", shops, an excellent bakery, beauty salons, cafes and restaurants. There is everything to make life comfortable.

St. Petersburg, Skipper channel

This is a beautiful building in the form of a horseshoe with stained-glass glazing of balconies, penthouses. From here you can see the historical center of St. Petersburg.

The residents have already moved into their modern, finished apartments, so you can find outreviews of the house at 20 Skippersky Protok. They say that this is a wonderful house with a well-established infrastructure, worthy neighbors. Manages the home of the HOA "Skipper, 20".

Residents can use underground parking, there is a modern colorful and comfortable playground in the yard.

Like any new building, in this house for the first couple of years there were reasons to worry: either the elevators turn off, or the light bulbs quickly burn out in the common corridors. But gradually everything calmed down, and now few of the residents want to change their place of residence.

Sights of the Skipper Canal

Vasilyevsky Island is a great place to live. This is the central part of the city. All historical sights of the city, large shops, metro, highways are located nearby.

There are two nice and clean squares nearby, where you can take a walk in sunny weather. There is another square "Small Gavantsy" with a banquet hall Nakhimov Banquet Hall (in the center there is a monument to Admiral PS Nakhimov). And very small - behind the monument to Peter I.

For lovers of yachting, 0.5 km away is the Nevsky Yacht Club and several marinas for boats and yachts. At the Yacht Club, you can rent a watercraft or get training in driving a small sea vessel.

On this street is the Naval Museum "Submarine D-2 "Narodovolets". There is a real submarine from the Second World War, the Center for Contemporary Art. Kuryokhin and, mentioned a little higher, the Museum of the History of Water Rescue in the building of the Easterncrownspitz.

Skipper's channel 14

St. Petersburg carefully preserves its history, gives scope for the creation and development of everything new and progressive.

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