Where is the cleanest sea in Crimea: photos and reviews of tourists

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Where is the cleanest sea in Crimea: photos and reviews of tourists
Where is the cleanest sea in Crimea: photos and reviews of tourists

The Crimean peninsula has always attracted tourists. This is facilitated by a huge number of attractions, evenly distributed throughout its territory. And in the summer, tourists, of course, strive to get to the coast. The gentle sea attracts many vacationers. True, crowded beaches and sometimes muddy water do not contribute to a comfortable stay and cause negative emotions among beach visitors.

How to make your holiday better?

Everyone understands that it is impossible to simply arrive at the picturesque sea and have a good rest without making any effort to plan a trip. You will have to look for accommodation, think over excursions and routes along which you can take walks to the sights.

White sand beaches beckon people to relax by the sea and sunbathe. Clear water allows you to dive and discover the beauty of the underwater world. And nearby are interesting sights that are definitely worth a visit. Where is this?

Beaches with whitesand

Where is the cleanest sea in Crimea?

As we have already said, even before arriving on the peninsula it would be nice to think about the place of rest. After all, it will be difficult, having already reached, to figure out where the cleanest sea is in Crimea. So, according to reviews, the best place here can be found if you visit Olenevka on Cape Tarkhankut. Let's take a closer look at it.

Beach vacation

Olenevka beach, Cape Tarkhankut

Cape Tarkhankut is located on the western coast of the Crimean peninsula, which is not the most popular among most tourists. That is why here you can still find untouched nature. Only in this place are white sand beaches rare for the peninsula.

According to reviews, on this coast you can admire the sunset every evening, watching the sun sink into the perfectly clean, blue expanse of the sea. In addition, unlike the usual beaches, Cape Tarkhankut does not have a large number of outlets selling street food and souvenirs. It is here that you can relax, not listening to the cries of barkers, but plunging into the calm atmosphere of an amazing place.

Active water recreation

Until recently, no one knew about the best beaches in Crimea, located far from the popular southern coast. But recently, the small beaches of Olenevka (Cape Tarkhankut) are becoming more and more popular, and the village itself is turning into a modern resort town. Due to the remoteness from the most popular resorts and the amazing transparency of the sea, outdoor enthusiasts have settled on the local coast.

Divers go to where the cleanest sea in the Crimea, for the sake of the richunderwater world under the thickness of the purest sea water. Not far from the beach there are several rental shops for specialized equipment. In addition to renting, you can order an instructor who will teach a beginner how to dive safely, and accompany an experienced diver to the most attractive and unusual diving sites.

The best beaches in Crimea

Kitesurfing and windsurfing fans will also be able to find instructors and equipment rental for this sport.

Riding on the warm sea behind a boat or a kite charges you with good emotions for the whole year. And because of the small number of people, it becomes safe. The beaches are not crowded, so vacationers swim only in specially designated areas, and at the same time they do not experience discomfort and do not feel the need to swim where they cannot. It becomes much easier to move away from the coast, where there are no people swimming.

Activity lovers tell where the cleanest sea is in Crimea. Reviews about Cape Tarkhankut, left by extreme sports enthusiasts, attract tourists to interesting places.

Trips away from the village

A large number of beautiful places located at some distance from the village makes cycling popular. Everyone can rent a bike and go to enjoy the nature of the named cape.

If a tourist is interested in active recreation, then the question of where it is better to go on vacation in Crimea is decided by itself, because every person who comes to Olenevka can try one of the many extreme sports. The instructors will talk about the techniquesafety and prevent accidents.

Sights of Olenevka

On Cape Tarkhankut, according to reviews, there are not only the best beaches in Crimea, but also several attractions that are interesting to visit. Perhaps the main one is the most powerful lighthouse, which serves as a sea and coastal landmark. It was built more than two hundred years ago, and during this time only cosmetic repairs were carried out on it. Recently, a museum of anchors was opened here. He is waiting for his visitors.

One of the strange sights can be called the "Alley of Leaders" it is located under the water column, where the cleanest sea in the Crimea. This is a constantly growing gallery of busts of communist leaders. It is located 70 meters from the shore and can only be reached by scuba gear.

The cleanest sea in Crimea, reviews

The estate of General Popov is located in the old part of Olenevka. It was presented to Prince Potemkin in the 18th century, at the same time the manor house was erected. At the moment, the estate has been restored and is located on the territory of one of the boarding houses.

Separately worth mentioning natural attractions. A little south of Olenevka there are rocks that rise 6-10 m above the water. Through the water column you can see the bottom. Several famous films have been filmed in these amazing places. To the north of the village there are not so high cliffs, but the main attraction here is the "Dzhangul" nature reserve, which provides tourists with opportunities for camping.

What timeto come?

Where is the cleanest sea in Crimea?

The best time to visit these white sand beaches is considered to be the beginning of September. At the beginning of autumn, the velvet season does not begin at Cape Tarkhankut, as on the southern coast, because there are no rocks here that accumulate heat in summer. Therefore, at this time it becomes almost deserted here, and Olenevka turns into an ideal place to relax from people and the usual fuss for many tourists who are tired of work. It is wonderful to be here when you want peace and quiet. But at the same time, a large number of excursions and entertainment offered will not let even the most spoiled tourist spoiled by unusual resorts get bored.

How to get to Olenevka?

To get to this heavenly beach, you will have to get to the place by car. If you have to drive a private car, then the problem is solved quite simply: you just need to use the navigator or head west, following the signs. But much more often people come here by train or plane.

In this case, you will have to get from Simferopol with transfers, because there is no regular bus to Olenevka yet. First you need to get to the village. Chernomorskoye, and from there to Olenevka. Buses run every half an hour, and the length of the journey from Chernomorsky to Olenevka is 22 kilometers.

Crimea, where is it better to go on vacation?

Also can be reached from Evpatoria, where the railway station is located, but there is no airport. From this city there is a direct bus to where the cleanest sea in Crimea is. Departuretransport from the bus station, located 100 m from the railway station. The length of the journey is 90 km, and the travel time is approximately 2 hours.

Experienced tourists are advised to choose this unusual place for recreation with picturesque nature, a small number of people and many opportunities for an interesting and varied pastime.

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