Language camp in M alta for children and teenagers: an overview of the best

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Language camp in M alta for children and teenagers: an overview of the best
Language camp in M alta for children and teenagers: an overview of the best

In search of new experiences, as well as wanting to improve or learn the world's number one language of communication, let's go to an amazingly beautiful place - the island of M alta! This is a great opportunity to combine relaxation with relaxed learning in a natural language environment.

Sunny Island

M alta is a warm and sunny island, located somewhere between the shores of North Africa and the southern points of the island of Sicily in the very center of the gentle Mediterranean Sea. M alta is called one of the islands of the M altese archipelago, which gave its name to the whole state. The state, by our, Russian standards, is quite small, with its size rather reminiscent of some kind of regional or regional center. An amazing country with a temperate tropical climate, fantastically beautiful landscapes, sandy and rocky beaches, wild and landscaped (for every taste), indented rocky coasts and turquoise blue clear sea. This island is the dream of any tourist, and fans of a relaxing seaside holiday from all over the world come here every year.

Islands of the M altese archipelago

A bit of history

The M altese archipelago is also interesting for its history leading into the distant past. Arriving here once, you should definitely go along the path of the past, discovering ancient architectural monuments, visiting stone temples and sanctuaries, the age of which exceeds the famous Egyptian pyramids. A land that has known more than one generation of colonizers and absorbed parts of their national culture - Greeks and Spaniards, French and British, Arabs and Phoenicians, and even in some short period of history, Russians.

Second state language

This attractive territory, located at the crossroads of the main sea routes from Europe to Asia and Africa, has long been a bone of contention. And only in our times, already in the 20th century, the state acquires the long-awaited independence. Being under the influence of English-speaking culture for a long time, the M altese quite logically made this language their second state language. Such is this land of myths and legends, fairy tales and medieval knights.

M altese bay

World English Learning Center

But M alta is interesting not only as a tourist attraction. It is here that you can not only have a great rest and get a lot of new impressions, but also spend time with a purely practical benefit, namely, studying a foreign language. In the capital of M alta, as well as in other relatively large cities, for many years there have been numerous language schools,accepting students from all over the world. They study here, of course, English is the unchanging leader in the field of world communication.

In general, M alta is not only the center of world tourism, but also the world famous center for learning English. In order to help people of all ages and nationalities to better master the first language of international communication, special summer language camps are organized here. Arriving at such a place, anyone can from the first days immerse themselves in a relaxed atmosphere of communication with native speakers and not only, overcome the language barrier, spend time with benefit and pleasure.

Blue Lagoon

Language schools and camps

Depending on the availability of time and financial capabilities, everyone can choose for themselves a training program of different duration and different levels of complexity. It is also important to decide in advance on the choice of school. And this, it should be noted, is not an easy question, since there are many language schools in M alta.

Summer language camp in M alta is the best choice for any child

For children, probably the best training option would be a summer M altese camp. Studying at a summer camp allows you to combine immersion in an authentic language environment with a pleasant and rewarding seaside vacation. All beach areas of the M altese cities are within walking distance from the training centers. It should be noted that all international language camps for children and teenagers in M alta work all year round. The curriculum includes language courses that are designed for periods of school holidays. Classes inlanguage camps in M alta are held in the morning, while the afternoon can be completely devoted to relaxation and exciting trips to the sunny islands and hospitable cities of the archipelago.

Summer language camp

Overview of summer language camps

Before those who decide to go on this linguistic journey, sooner or later the question of choosing a place and a training program will arise. There are many children's language camps in M alta. In this article we will try to introduce you to some of the most famous of them. The program of each camp is very diverse and includes, in addition to the actual curriculum, various activities: sports team games, beach volleyball, yoga, fitness, discussion and strategy games, master classes. And in the evening, for all teenagers, they organize beach parties on the shore. Among the best language camps in M alta, according to tourists, is the Junior Camp. This is a place where traditional language learning is accompanied by a large number of activities - intellectual, sports and entertainment. This children's summer language camp is located in M alta in Sliema. The camp is designed for teenagers aged 11-17.

Perfect English Junior Language Camp in M alta is open to all children from 10 to 17 years old and is located in Bugibba. The camp program, in addition to training, is full of cultural events. Here, children get acquainted with the history of the M altese archipelago, travel through the ancient streets of the modern capital, and also go on an excursion to the ancient capital of the state -Mdina. The program includes cruises, as well as visits to cities with which the history of the Knights of M alta is connected.

Shore view

The Lexica M alta Club language camp in M alta for teenagers aged 12 to 17 is located in Gzira. To study at the camp, you must pass an entrance test. Classes are held at the Chamber College training center, which offers a variety of language programs - from individual lessons to business courses.

International language camp in M alta in Sliema Bravo kid's has everything you need for a comfortable children's holiday. The program consists not only of training, but also of interesting excursions and trips around the islands. The camp maintains constant contact with parents.

Children aged 7-16 can study at the United English language camp. The program includes a variety of master classes and creative workshops, music games and sports competitions. During the training, the guys watch and voice cartoons in English themselves, and at the end they even make their own movie!

Turquoise blue sea

What could be more beautiful: after studying in bright and spacious classrooms under the guidance of experienced and friendly teachers, go on foot to the warm seashore - where a bright turquoise wave slowly rolls onto the golden coast. And in the evening, when it gets dark, sit comfortably near the campfire to the sounds of a guitar and the splash of an oncoming wave…

Every summer, M alta lives a special life. Perhaps, more than at any other time of the year, this partThe Mediterranean is never so colorful, lively and multinational. Long daylight hours, the almost complete absence of rainy and cloudy days - all this will make the rest and education of any child unforgettable!

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