Tourist centers of Kirov and the Kirov region

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Tourist centers of Kirov and the Kirov region
Tourist centers of Kirov and the Kirov region

Many of us are already tired of spending all our weekends and holidays in concrete city walls. I want to get out into nature, visit the most beautiful places. But stop succumbing to advertising and dreaming about foreign tours, it's time to fall in love with the nature of your native places. Tourist camps of Kirov are waiting for guests and are ready to provide the best vacation, which is no worse than Egyptian or Thai. Did you know that on the territory of the Kirov region there are about two hundred natural territories that are protected by the state. Reserves, zoological reserves, resort areas, tourist camps - all these objects will help you unite with nature, relax and enjoy life.

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Tourist centers of Kirov and the Kirov region

All natural areas of the Kirov region are as far as possible from highways and large cities. This allows you to create ideal conditions for a quiet holiday, enjoying nature. Tourist bases of Kirov are located in the middle of mixed and coniferous northern forests. These lungs of the planet naturally allow all vacationers to improve their he alth. In a pine and spruce forest, the air is permeated with phytoncides, medicinal propertiesthey simply work wonders, our body, weakened by modern ecology, is filled with oxygen.

Many recreation centers of the Kirov region are located in the forest, and this allows organizing real exciting game hunting for vacationers. Hunting tourism in these places is developing very intensively. Only here in charge - huge hunting grounds. The range of birds and animals allowed for shooting is very wide. In the Kirov region, it is allowed to shoot such ungulates as elk, wild boar; as well as wild (bear, wolf). Hunting for fur animals is open: fox, raccoon, badger, otter, hare, muskrat, marten, ermine, beaver; waterfowl and upland game: woodcock, capercaillie, duck, black grouse, hazel grouse.

Hunting enthusiasts feel very comfortable at the Kirov camp sites. Many bases provide services of an experienced huntsman. Hunters are provided with escort, dogs, various means of transportation - snowmobiles, motor boats, off-road vehicles. It all depends on the desire of the client, on the preferences of the hunters, on the season itself. Not only Russian hunters come to the Russian north. These places have become popular among tourists from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Turkey.

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Geographic location of the Kirov region

The Kirov region took its place in the north-east of the Russian Plain. Its border passes with Udmurtia, the Perm Territory, with the Arkhangelsk Region and the Komi Republic, with the Nizhny Novgorod, Vologda, Kostroma Regions, with Tatarstan and the Republic of MariEmail The relief of the entire regional territory is hilly. The northeast covers the Verkhnekamsk Upland, the central part - Vyatskiye Uvaly, the north - Northern Uvaly. The total length of the region's rivers is 66.65 thousand km. In total, there are 19,753 rivers and streams on the territory. Most of the rivers belong to the Vyatka River basin. The largest rivers here are Pizhma, Luza, Moloma, Cheptsa, Cobra. The largest lakes in the region are Muserskoye, Orlovskoye, Akshuben. The deepest lake is Lezhninskoye, its depth is 36 meters. The tourist camps of Kirov, located on the banks of the rivers, provide an opportunity for tourists not only to hunt, but also to fish. Most of the territory of the Kirov region is swampy. Kaisinskoye, Salamatinskoye, Volmenskoye are considered the largest swamps.


The climate of the region is temperate continental. The proximity of the Arctic Ocean makes it easy for cold winds to penetrate the territory. As a result - cold winters, possible frosts in the summer. The temperature minimum reaches -45 … -50 degrees, maximum +38 … +40 degrees. The climate is quite humid, precipitation is frequent, 500-600 mm per year. Wind gusts (south-western, southern prevail) are minimal in summer, reach strength in winter, sometimes up to 30-40 m/s.

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Winter holidays

Winter holidays in the Kirov region deserve special attention. It is at this time that favorable conditions are formed for active pastime. The hostels of Kirov are very popular in winter, and it is better to book rooms in advance.

For an active winter holidaymany ski slopes, ice and snow slides, skating rinks, recreation areas are open. Rental of skis, skates, sledges, snow scooters is organized everywhere. Winter here lasts for five months. Winter sports are very popular in the area. In January, athletes gather in Kirov to jump from a 90-meter springboard.

Hunters from many countries come here for winter hunting. Hunting grounds occupy 11 million hectares. Winter fishing also attracts lovers of this type of recreation. In Vyatka you can catch catfish, pike, asp, burbot, perch. Snowmobile races, speedway and ice climbing competitions are held in the region in winter.

If you decide to come on vacation to the Kirov region, you can choose a place to your liking in advance, we present the most popular tourist centers in the region.

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Tourist base "South" (Kirov)

Cozy and comfortable tourist base "South" is located on the banks of the Vyatka River, near the village of Borovitsa. Built in a picturesque place, surrounded by a pine forest. Vacationers can enjoy the silence, the natural beauty of nature, clean air. The buildings are made according to European standards, with a high level of comfort. A three-story cottage has been erected on the territory of the base, which can simultaneously accommodate up to 40 people. All rooms are well furnished and have their own design style. The cottage has a dance hall, a kitchen, a fireplace room, a Finnish sauna, rooms of different colors. Guest houses are also built on the territory of the base, each of them can accommodate 12 people.

At the hostelYou can have a great time both alone, enjoying peace and quiet, and relax with a cheerful company. In summer you can relax on the sandy shore of Vyatka, swim in a clean river. Rent issued rubber boats, catamarans, bicycles. In winter - skis, snowmobiles, sleds. Sports grounds for active recreation are equipped everywhere.


The Lebed camp site (Kirov) is located in the village of Skozyryatka, 45 km from the city. The area is surrounded by a birch grove and pine forest, which enriches the surrounding air with pure oxygen. Vyatka flows near the camp site, where you can relax, swim and go fishing. At any time, the recreation center offers comfortable accommodation and recreation for both adults and children.

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Cottages are built from environmentally friendly raw materials. The camp site offers three types of houses, everyone can choose their own accommodation at will and upon request. In addition to holidays, various promotions and discounts are offered to tourists.

The following entertainments are available for vacationers: Russian bath; barbecue grill; golf club with a golf course; playground; billiards; board games; game of laser tag; children's outdoor area with an inflatable pool, swings, slides; bicycles for rent; arbors for a picnic; tent rental; fishing; walks on the water; sand beach; bathing. In the cafe you can order any celebration. Parking is available for guests.


The Poroshino tourist center (Kirov) is located in a unique forest area, where many cross-country and ski tracks are equipped.Nearby is the village of the same name Poroshino. Guests can choose a hotel room or a private cottage. In the summer, a camp for children opens here.

On holidays, fun events are organized for the New Year, Maslenitsa, March 8. Competitions, corporate parties, children's parties and even weddings are held.

There is an equestrian club on the territory of the base, where the instructor will teach you how to ride a horse. Horseback riding, excursions, hiking.

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The bath complex consists of a beach area with an outdoor pool. There is a playground nearby. A separate bathhouse has its own relaxation room.

Pavilions are located in the forest part, equipped with barbecues, can accommodate many guests.

From active recreation - rental of winter and summer sports equipment.


Yaho hostel (Kirov) has its own equestrian club. Offers an active, entertaining vacation for families, children, adult groups. The base is located in a pine forest, not far from the railway station Matanza. The equestrian club organizes one-day programs based on communication with animals. Horseback riding is taught, and then a horseback ride.

You can stay in one of the cottages, each of which has its own name and style: "Family", "Deck", "Tourist House", "Pyramid", "Hut".

Barbecues are provided for daytime rest; sports grounds; bicycles for rent; steep crossing; bath; horseback riding; horse rides; rentalskis, snowmobiles; paintball; organization of seminars, conferences, corporate parties, holidays; transfer.

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Pine Coast

The hostel "Pine Coast" (Kirov) is located on the Bystritsa River, 30 km from the city of Kirov. Vacationers can stay in comfortable rooms of separate large and small cottages. Fishing is organized for guests, all means for active recreation are rented: bicycles, boats, catamarans, in winter - skis and sleds, ice drifts. The staff of the camp site, at your request, will organize corporate events, various conferences, family holidays.

Forest Tale

The camp site "Forest Fairy Tale" (Kirov) is located on the Nikulinka River. It is surrounded by a pine forest. Ecologically clean area makes it possible to enjoy pure oxygen and take a break from the bustle of the city. The territory of the base is closed, 4 cottages for guests have been built here, you can rent them with a family or a small company. The restaurant complex offers a varied, delicious cuisine. Several banquet halls allow you to arrange any celebration here - a wedding, an anniversary, a corporate party. The Russian bath will give you the opportunity to relax, relax, sit in the relaxation room with a group of friends.

Come on vacation to the Kirov region, moments of outdoor recreation will be remembered for a long time in the bustle of the city!

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