Wonderful hotel "Ukraine". Address in Moscow known

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Wonderful hotel "Ukraine". Address in Moscow known
Wonderful hotel "Ukraine". Address in Moscow known

The best among the best not only in Russia, but also in Europe is the Ukraine Hotel, whose address in Moscow is known to many, since it is located in one of the seven famous "Stalin skyscrapers". Emphasizing the majesty of the ancient city, this building rises high above the Moscow River. It is considered a landmark of the capital of the XX century.

Hotel Ukraine address in Moscow

Location of the Ukraine Hotel

In order for every guest who settled in the hotel to admire the incredibly beautiful views, to see the solemnity and impressiveness of the capital, the hotel "Ukraine" (address in Moscow: Kutuzovsky Prospekt 2/1), is located in a very interesting place, which is considered its most important advantage.

Flows of cars rush along Novy Arbat and Kutuzovsky Prospekt right past its walls. Located in the center of the metropolis, in the bend of the Moscow River, in the Dorogomilovo district, the hotel "Ukraine" (the address in Moscow is the Kyiv metro station, you can navigate like that)facing the river with its facade.

From the building down to the shore, you can go down the elegant square, where in the 70s of the last century a monument to Taras Shevchenko was opened. Guests of the hotel love to stroll along the beautiful embankment, laid out of granite, to approach the water along the comfortable stairs, to walk to the Novoarbatsky bridge.

Quite next door are government buildings, embassies of some countries, shopping and entertainment and business centers. The Bolshoi Theatre, the Tretyakov Gallery, Red Square and the Kremlin can be reached in just a few minutes by metro.

Hotel Ukraine address in Moscow metro

Some interesting facts

The history of the origin of the idea of ​​"Stalin's skyscrapers" in Moscow is curious. It arose after the return of one of the delegations from New York. They admired this overseas city, its skyscrapers. And then it was decided to build high-rise buildings in Moscow, so to speak, so as not to be left behind.

A team of specialists was created under the direction of Arkady Mordvinov, head of the Academy of Architecture of the Soviet Union. One of the leading designers was the outstanding and talented Vyacheslav Oltarzhevsky. He carefully studied the technology of erecting multi-storey buildings, as he was engaged in the development and took part in the construction of buildings for temporary residence. The project of the Hotel building in Dorogomilovo (as the future hotel was originally planned to be called) became one of the most interesting things for him.

In 1953, the development of the project and construction began, in whichmore than 2,000 workers were involved. And on May 25, 1957, the beautiful hotel opened its doors to its first visitors.

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Hotel "Ukraine" - a masterpiece of architectural creativity of the middle of the XX century

Hotel "Ukraine" (Moscow) impresses with its size. It is the largest in height (206 meters with a 73-meter spire on which a hammer and sickle is hoisted) not only in the capital of Russia, but also in Europe. The total area of ​​the premises is about 89 thousand m2. And despite this, the delicacy and airiness of the building, which has 34 floors, fascinates.

The building consists of three parts. The main tower was surrounded on both sides by nine-storey buildings with an impressive view. They were originally intended for permanent housing.

The chic interior with its inlaid parquet, bronze chandeliers, massive natural wood furniture, many paintings by famous artists and the facade with elegant decorative decoration has always amazed guests with its luxury.

The materials used in construction and decoration are environmentally friendly and not cheap.

Since 1987, it has been considered a state-protected monument of history and architecture.

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Hotel "Radisson Royal" Moscow

Hotel "Radisson Royal" (Moscow) - this is the name of the hotel "Ukraine" today. The address in Moscow remained the same, but a private owner appeared. By decision of the government of the capital in 2005, the hotel complex was sold. Butthe main condition of the auction was the complete restoration of the building while maintaining the original appearance of both the facade and the interior.

In the same year, the restoration work of the outer part was carried out, and in early 2007 the hotel was closed for a full-scale restoration of the interior. Improvement of technical systems was carried out, work on arrangement of the territory around the hotel.

In 2009, the hotel complex was handed over to The Rezidor Hotel Group, one of the world's leading hospitality companies, which still manages it today.

As a result of restoration work, the hotel has retained the atmosphere of "Ukraine", but a modern technical structure has been created, a high degree of security and excellent comfort is provided.

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Hotel "Ukraine" today

Today the hotel "Ukraine" (address in Moscow - Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 2/1) is one of the best hotels not only in Russia, but also on a global scale.

This unique complex has all the necessary infrastructure that provides comfortable living for its guests.

Sufficient number of restaurants and bars with a variety of cuisine and the highest class to accommodate everyone who wants to eat deliciously.

High level of equipment of banquet and conference halls, libraries will help in solving many issues living in the hotel.

Boutiques, beauty salons, spa and fitness, a huge indoor pool with a wonderful design and much more - all this includes a hotel"Ukraine" in Moscow. The list of rooms is also very diverse. There are 505 of them in the hotel. There are both ordinary classic and deluxe rooms to choose from. They can recommend executive and grand executive rooms. People with disabilities will also feel comfortable in the rooms equipped for them.

A very large selection of apartments, depending on the needs and financial possibilities, also creates a positive image of the hotel.

Radisson Royal Hotel today

Businessmen, artists, high-ranking guests of Moscow and Russia stay at the hotel. Despite the fact that such a contingent of visitors constantly travels around the world, staying in the best hotels in the world, the Ukraine Hotel (Moscow) invariably evokes admiration. Reviews of hotel guests testify to the high qualification of the attendants, their readiness to promptly resolve all emerging issues at any time of the day. Service - at a very decent level.

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