Club Hotel Tess 4(Turkey / Alanya): reviews of tourists, prices and photos

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Club Hotel Tess 4(Turkey / Alanya): reviews of tourists, prices and photos
Club Hotel Tess 4(Turkey / Alanya): reviews of tourists, prices and photos

Millions of tourists visit Turkey every year. This country seems to have been created specifically for recreation: gentle sea, hot sun, clean beaches and one of the most developed hospitality infrastructures in the world. Turkey is located on the Mediterranean coast, where the climate is very mild. The state receives a good income from the tourism sector, which is why the country is so hospitable. Moreover, there is a convenient visa and customs regime and a well-developed transport network.

Antalya is one of the Turkish resorts

One of the most visited cities in Turkey is Antalya. This is a resort located right by the sea. The city has its own international airport, hotels and hotels, restaurants and shops, all kinds of entertainment for every taste and budget. Many tourists visit Antalya for the purpose of shopping, as there are factories of leather goods, jewelry, and textile enterprises. Prices are much lower, and you can buy anything. The cuisine offered in the city is a local highlight. Juicy fruits and vegetables, fresh seafood and fish, Turkish sweets - all this is a must-try for everyonetraveler. Among the most visited and loved by guests attractions are the Duden waterfalls, which amaze with their magnificence, and the Olympus disco. Cultural attractions attract with original architectural structures. You can visit the most interesting archaeological museum. In the evening they organize the Fountain Show - a sparkling event that will be remembered for a long time.

Club Hotel Tess 4

club hotel tess

The hotel is located in Alanya - a district of the resort city of Antalya. It is located near the village of Konakli, 250 meters from its center. The distance to the airport is 110 km. Club Hotel Tess, Club Tess Hotel 4 - both of these names are correct.

The distance from the hotel to the coast is 147 meters, this is the first coastline. The hotel building was built in 1990, the last reconstruction was carried out in 2010, major repairs - in 2013. Club Hotel Tess (Alanya) used to be called Kaliopa Beach, then Lenna Beach and Sahara Beach. The area occupied by the hotel is 7500 m2. The building is a five-story building with a detached small villa, in which guests are also provided with rooms. Each room has a balcony. The territory is immersed in greenery, giving shade and coolness.

club hotel tess club tess hotel

Rooms and service

The hotel has 157 rooms and can be categorized as a small medium sized hotel. The total number of beds is 322. Each room is equipped with a balcony. 153 standard rooms are designed in accordance with the star level,accepted all over the world. Room service, daily cleaning of the room, change of bed linen and towels is a universally accepted service.The bathroom of each room has towels, a hairdryer, a washbasin, a shower and a toilet. The standard rooms have a TV with many channels (including Russian-language), a VCR, a safe for storing money and valuables, air conditioning and a telephone. The mini-bar in the room is paid, it is calculated upon check-out from the hotel, and it is replenished depending on the use by the guests. All rooms are furnished with comfortable new furniture. At the request of the guest, an extra bed can be placed in the room.

Food & Entertainment

club hotel tess club tess hotel

The system of the Club Tess Hotel (Turkey) implies work on the principle of "all inclusive". On the territory there is a restaurant with national and European cuisine, 3 bars with alcoholic drinks and cocktails. The food is varied, a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits - guests do not remain hungry. Alcoholic drinks are offered free of charge from 10.00 to 23.00. There is a pizzeria. Animators work day and night to entertain visitors. An outdoor pool with water slides, umbrellas and sun loungers by the pool are provided free of charge. For families with children, a children's pool is specially provided. The hotel's private sandy beach is 100 meters away. It is equipped with a separate bar, umbrellas and sunbeds are included in the price. For a fee, you can rent a mattress, book entertainment or enjoy water sports. At the request of the guest, you can calla doctor, use the laundry, visit an Internet cafe. There are several shops on the territory. For an additional fee, you can use the conference room, which is very convenient for business travelers.

club hotel tess alanya

Paid and free service

Free service includes aqua aerobics, water slides, jacuzzi use, luggage storage, currency exchange, on-site parking, beach volleyball, entertainment center, Turkish hammam.

For a fee, you can visit the sauna, massage, solarium. Paid services also include 24-hour room service, car rental and dry cleaning. The hotel can book individual excursions around the area.

Holidays with children

It is worth noting that this hotel, like any four-star hotel, provides tourists with children with cots in the room for free. You can ask for them upon check-in. The hotel restaurant provides a special seat for babies. In addition, the hotel provides a children's pool and a playground - this will help keep the child occupied and give him a lot of pleasant impressions. There is a special children's entertainment club for children from 4 to 12 years old.

Reviews of tourists

club hotel tess 4 reviews 2014

Many citizens of Russia and the CIS countries choose the Club Tess Hotel 4- reviews of accommodation in it are quite easy to find. Tourists say that there are problems with check-in - you have to wait for several hours to go up to your room. Of course it isthe claim, rather, is not to the hotel administration, but to tour operators - it is better to organize the delivery of guests to their place of residence closer to lunchtime, since the Club Hotel Tess has an estimated time of 12.00. This means that the previous guests will have vacated the rooms by this time, plus cleaning takes about two hours - it turns out that the check-in takes place at 14.00, not earlier.

Most guests of Club Hotel Tess note a small but well-groomed territory, good food. Out of habit, the spiciness of the dishes surprises, but this is typical of national Turkish cuisine.

In addition, there are shops and a market near the hotel where you can buy any amount of fresh vegetables and fruits.

About Club Hotel Tess 4 Reviews from 2014 report that the hotel has recently undergone a major overhaul, so guests are greeted with a fresh interior and new furniture. Vacationers love the coloring of the wallpaper, original lamps, the cleanliness of the rooms and the cozy atmosphere.


club tess hotel club hotel tess 4 7 6

Accommodation at the Club Hotel Tess (Club Tess Hotel 4) - 7-6 nights costs from about 700 US dollars per adult. The cost varies depending on the season and the country of purchase of the travel package.

You can book your stay at the Club Hotel Tess on your own via the Internet or with the help of tour operators. In the latter case, one can hope that the delivery of guests from the airport and check-in to the room will be organized. All additional services and entertainment can be ordered on the spot. The hotel belongs to the categorysmall hotels, during the season - spring and summer - it is better to book accommodation in advance to get a good room with a magnificent view.


The hotel is located in Alanya, a resort area that is interesting in terms of excursions. The town has several attractions that tourists should definitely visit. The main ones include the Red Tower - this is an architectural structure erected in the 13th century. The tower is built of red brick, which explains its name. It was designed to protect the bay of Alanya, and the image of the tower is applied to the national flag.

Tourists are interested in the Pirate Fortress - a majestic ancient building with more than 140 bastions. It consists of 83 towers, the walls are built in three rows and stretch from the very coast for a decent distance - a majestic sight!

Alanya Mosque is another man-made attraction. It occupies a fairly large area - 4500 meters. On the territory of the mosque there are kitchens, educational institutions, baths, there is its own observatory and library. The mosque in Alanya is a monumental building designed to strengthen the Muslim faith. In her courtyard there is a mausoleum where Suleiman Khan, the famous Turkish ruler, and his wife are buried. In addition to architectural monuments, the town is known for its unique natural caves.

Alanya caves

Dim Cave is the second largest cave in Turkey. The area of ​​the cave is 420 meters. There are many stalactites and stalagmites in it, striking the imagination with their intricateforms. There is a small lake inside. Excursions to the cave are held regularly, guests of the country visit them with pleasure, leaving beautiful pictures as a keepsake.

club tess hotel

Another interesting cave is the Cave of Lovers. The legend of this attraction says that a pair of skeletons entwined in an embrace was found here. They got here after a shipwreck. Another version tells that lovers, in order not to part, must go through the cave together and at the exit from it jump off a cliff into the sea - there is no gentle descent. After death, they are promised eternal happiness to be together. To return back to those who are not going to jump down - tourists and guests of the city, they also need to go back through the cave.

Damlatash Cave was discovered in 1948. The grotto is full of stalactites and stalagmites that are over 15,000 years old. The air here is filled with vapors of carboxylic acid, which has a very beneficial effect on the respiratory system: scientific studies confirm that it cures asthma.


Traveling to Turkey is unimaginable without shopping. A large selection of fairly high-quality and inexpensive clothes beckons! Many brands are represented in company stores. It is profitable to buy leather and fur products, gold and jewelry here. Bazaars and markets are closer to the center of Alanya, prices for tourists are a little high, because in Turkey it is customary to bargain. People who know the art of bargaining are respected by local merchants. Markets attract with prices and a variety of goods - in Turkey you can buyanything. Traveling through shops and souvenir shops will take a whole day, and believe me, it will be one of the most exciting!

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