Borovoye, a resort in Kazakhstan: photos and reviews of tourists

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Borovoye, a resort in Kazakhstan: photos and reviews of tourists
Borovoye, a resort in Kazakhstan: photos and reviews of tourists

Borovoe is a resort familiar to all fans of active and recreational recreation. This is a unique nature reserve in Kazakhstan, striking with a combination of various natural landscapes and their primitive preservation. The land of mountains and lakes captivates at first sight, but, in addition, there are impenetrable forests, mountain rivers and water cascades here.

Resort Overview

The village of Borovoye got its name in honor of the lake, in the immediate vicinity of which it is located. This settlement received the status of a climatic resort in 1910. This is an incredibly picturesque place with a special atmosphere where you can not only enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature, but also improve your he alth. The value of this place lies primarily in the special microclimate, and the combination of mountains, lakes and coniferous forests makes the air here special and truly healing. In addition, Borovoe is a resort where treatment with mineral waters and mud is used, as well as koumiss. This region is often referred to as the "Pearl of Kazakhstan" or "Kazakh Switzerland".

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Rest in sanatoriums and dispensaries

Tourists who want to improve their he alth and are accustomed toto relax with maximum comfort, you should purchase a ticket to a he alth-improving institution located in Borovoye or the surrounding area. Go through a full examination in advance and get a referral for treatment from your doctor. In local sanatoriums, diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous and genitourinary systems, as well as diseases of the musculoskeletal system and organs of the gastrointestinal tract are effectively treated. In addition to treatment with local gifts of nature, he alth centers offer therapeutic baths, showers, and apparatus effects. The Borovoe resort (Kazakhstan) boasts an abundance of modern sanatoriums with a developed infrastructure. Staying in them will allow not only to improve your he alth, but also to relax your body and soul - there are modern comfortable rooms, gyms, libraries, lounges and a variety of entertainment and he alth services. Often, whole families come here for vacation, and not only guests from neighboring Russia, but also residents of European countries.

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Alternative accommodation options

The tourist village of Borovoe is a resort that has been popular for more than a decade. In its vicinity there are many hotels and hotels of various levels of comfort. Also, various housing from private owners is rented here, and in the warm season it is not difficult to find an organized campsite or campground. The choice of accommodation should be based on your personal needs and your preferred holiday style. There is up-to-date information for tourists who love to travel "savages"with tents. In the summer season, these places are quite warm, and you can swim, and the number of sunny days in Borovoye and its environs can be envied by many famous resorts in the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory. However, you should stay in organized camping. Here you will find not only an organized camping life, but also increased security conditions. Remember, there are still wild animals and poisonous plants in the surrounding forests and mountains, so even short walks are recommended to be accompanied by a guide.

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Attractions and entertainment of the resort

The village of Borovoye is a resort designed for a relaxing recreational holiday. One of the main entertainments for vacationers in this area is visiting local natural attractions. In total, there are 14 large lakes in the nature reserve. In many of them you can swim, on the banks of some fishing or boat trips are allowed. Do not forget that the Borovoe resort offers active recreation all year round. In the winter months, well-maintained skiing and snowboarding trails are available here. Numerous tourist bases in the area offer rental of a variety of sports equipment and organized hikes and trips. As for local attractions, in addition to lakes, the most interesting are the mountains: Kokshetau (height 947 m), Sinyukha, Bulektau, Okzhetpes. Resting in Borovoe, you should visit the stone beach.

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Vacation prices

Notthink that you can relax in Kazakhstan for a symbolic cost. Many tourists joke that in "Kazakh Switzerland" the prices for everything are Swiss. However, this is an exaggeration. A double room in a sanatorium (with meals and wellness services) costs from 3,500 rubles per day. It is much cheaper to rent a house from private owners - from 500 rubles per person. Resort Borovoe (Kazakhstan) has a well-developed domestic infrastructure. In the village you can easily find shops, catering establishments, hairdressers, tourist offices and private guides. Many wellness services can be used in local sanatoriums without accommodation. But there are no nightclubs and modern entertainment centers here. However, many holiday homes hold their own discos, concerts and film screenings for guests. The cost of excursions, food and household goods is acceptable. Attention: the local currency is tenge, keep this in mind when booking tours and tickets and comparing the prices of different hotels and resorts.

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Station-resort Borovoye: reviews and photos of tourists

Vacationers who have managed to visit these places take with them only pleasant memories and incredibly beautiful photos. Even if the rest is associated with some everyday difficulties, the beauty of the local landscapes is amazing. The climate of the area has a beneficial effect on the body even without special treatment. There is a special air here, which is incredibly pleasant to inhale deeply. Resort Borovoye offers reasonable prices to tourists. A trip to these parts will be a worthy alternativetraditional summer vacation on the sea coast and will give you many memorable moments. Don't forget to try the local cuisine while you're in the region and pick up some souvenirs.

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Tips for vacationers

The most popular question among tourists going on vacation to these parts for the first time is how to get to the village. The most convenient option is by train from a city like Astana. The Borovoe resort is located three hours by rail from this settlement. We recommend using the services of local guides during your vacation. It is not difficult to get lost in the vicinity of Borovoye without a guide. If you are accustomed to a comfortable stay or plan to combine relaxation with treatment and rehabilitation, book vouchers to sanatoriums or hotel rooms in advance. The resort is becoming more and more popular every year, in the high season it is not always easy to find an accommodation option or a place in a particular resort.

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