Main Botanical Garden named after. Tsitsina RAS: a unique nature reserve within the metropolis

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Main Botanical Garden named after. Tsitsina RAS: a unique nature reserve within the metropolis
Main Botanical Garden named after. Tsitsina RAS: a unique nature reserve within the metropolis

Moscow is often criticized for excessive urbanization and insufficient green areas and vegetation in general. However, in order to stop considering the capital of Russia exclusively as a stone jungle, it is enough to visit the Main Botanical Garden. What is the history of this unique organization and how to get on a tour here today?

Caring for nature is essential at all times

Main botanical garden

The main botanical garden named after N. V. Tsitsin was founded in the capital on April 14, 1945. And this is no mistake - the official victory in the Great Patriotic War had not yet been won, and the Academy of Sciences of the USSR was already preoccupied with the issue of preserving and studying the plant world. The organization was unique for its time. From the moment the decision was made to create it, it was decided that the Main Botanical Garden of the USSR Academy of Sciences would become not only a place where plants would be collected and accumulated, but also actively explored. The organization immediately receivedthe rank of a research institute of the first category. To create a garden, the Ostankino forest park massif was allocated - a picturesque place in which several small rivers flow, the total area of ​​\u200b\u200bwhich is about 360 hectares.

No time to travel around the world? Visit the botanical garden

The main botanical garden named after n v tsitsina

Landscape architects and botanists from all over the world worked on the creation of the Main Botanical Garden in Russia. The area chosen for growing the plant boasts a significant variety of soils. Thanks to this, it became possible to reproduce the flora of almost all continents of the Earth. Its modern name is the Main Botanical Garden. It is no coincidence that the RAS received Tsitsin, the academician, whose name this unique organization bears today, was its permanent director for 36 years. To date, the collection consists of more than 17 thousand plants brought here from all over the world. At the same time, important scientific research is being carried out here and today.

The Arboretum is the pride of the Main Garden of the country

On the territory of the Botanical Garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences there is a unique nature reserve - an array of natural forest, covering an area of ​​about 50 hectares. Mostly it is a local oak, the age of many trees, according to scientists, is 100-200 years. The main botanical garden also boasts its own arboretum, which is located in its northern part. On the territory of about 7 5 hectares grow trees from all over the world. Many species could hardly endure the harsh Russian winters, but many yearsthe work of botanists made it possible to identify and derive the most stable ecotypes. The research work carried out in the arboretum has made it possible to identify a significant number of species of trees and shrubs that are best suited for growing in our country. Today, these plants are successfully used for landscaping parks and gardens throughout Russia.

Interesting areas and locations

Main Botanical Garden Ran

Many tourists come to the Main Botanical Garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences primarily to visit the Stock Greenhouse, where you can admire exotic plants from the tropics and the Japanese Garden all year round. But this is not all local attractions. Of considerable interest is the zone of ornamental plants. And the location of agricultural crops is one of the most unusual. Numerous varieties and hybrids of the same species grow very close. By visiting this exposition, you can significantly change your ideas about familiar vegetables and get a lot of interesting ideas for your own garden. In the zone of cultivated plants, one can clearly trace the process of cultivation, because in the neighborhood with the usual varieties of berries and vegetables “from the garden”, their wild relatives grow.

Updated information for tourists

The main botanical garden named after tsitsina ran

Everyone can visit the Main Botanical Garden named after N.V. Tsitsin from mid-spring to mid-autumn daily from 10.00 to 20.00. An entrance fee is charged for access to the territory of some expositions. You can see the Stock Greenhouseonly as part of an organized excursion group by appointment. The main botanical garden offers excursion services when visiting other locations. When viewing the expositions in the company of a guide, you can not only admire the beauty of plants, but also learn many new and interesting facts.

What to do in the botanical garden? Who will be interested in this tour?

The main botanical garden named after Tsitsina

Main Botanical Garden named after. Tsitsina in Moscow is a great place for walking. Here you can walk all day, literally moving from one climate zone to another. Along the way, studying the tablets with the names of unknown plants and their brief description, you will learn a lot of interesting facts. Not so long ago, bicycle paths were laid on the territory of the garden. Now here you can not only enjoy walking, but also ride. The entire territory of this unusual protected area is ideal for photo shoots. But the Japanese Garden makes an absolutely incredible impression in the spring. At this time, sakura blossoms here, and this is a truly fantastic sight. How to get to the Main Botanical Garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences? The nearest metro station to the main entrance: "Vladykino". If you go out into the city in the direction of Botanicheskaya Street, you can walk. Ground transport runs from the VDNKh metro station to the botanical garden. These are trolleybuses: 9, 36, 73 or buses: 24, 85, 803.

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