Pimrada Hotel (Phuket, Patong): reviews and photos of tourists

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Pimrada Hotel (Phuket, Patong): reviews and photos of tourists
Pimrada Hotel (Phuket, Patong): reviews and photos of tourists

If you are planning a vacation in Phuket (Thailand), accustomed to outdoor activities and do not want to spend a lot on a hotel, then the three-star Pimrada Hotel (Patong) may be a very suitable option for you.

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Description, location and photo

Pimrada Hotel is located in the heart of Patong, a 10-minute walk from Bangla Road and Jang Ceylon shopping mall. The hotel is located in an area with a well-developed infrastructure - bars, restaurants, clubs, shops, supermarkets, spas, markets, travel agencies, etc. As for the nearest beach, you can walk to it in 15 minutes. Phuket Airport is 50 kilometers from the hotel.

Pimrada Hotel (Patong) 3 is a small city hotel. It does not have its own territory, as well as a pool. The housing stock here is represented by 32 rooms of standard and deluxe categories. All apartments have comfortable furniture, flat-screen TV with 50 cable channels, refrigerator with minibar, air conditioning, electric kettle and tea set, safe, bathroom. Please note that windows and balconies are not available in all room categories. On theFree Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel. Cleaning and change of linen and towels in the rooms is carried out every day. Beach towels are also provided free of charge. They must be picked up in the morning and returned in the evening.

To the services of tourists on the first floor of the Pimrada Hotel there is a cafe where you can taste dishes of both Thai and European cuisine. Also, guests can rent a motorbike, use the services of laundry and dry cleaning, exchange currency, order a tour of interest. In addition, for the convenience of guests, the hotel has an Internet cafe. The hotel's front desk is open 24 hours a day. Therefore, at any time you can contact the administrator with a request or question.

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Pimrada Hotel: reviews from travelers

Even if you consider yourself an unpretentious person and do not plan to spend much time in a hotel while traveling abroad, you will probably still want to live in a cozy room with comfortable furniture. Studying the reviews of those people who have already stayed in the place you are interested in will help you not to make a mistake in choosing a hotel. After all, they can share their opinion about the real advantages and disadvantages of a particular hotel, based on their own experience. Today we invite you to find out what impressions our compatriots had from their stay at the Pimrada Hotel in Phuket. We note right away that the vast majority of tourists were not disappointed in their choice. This is confirmed by the rating of the hotel, based on the assessments of itsguests. So, it is 4.5 out of the maximum possible five points.

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As travelers note in their reviews, the location of the Pimrada Hotel 3is unlikely to fully suit those who do not want to walk to the nearest beach for more than five minutes. So, according to tourists, the hotel is really far from the sea. It takes guests about 15-20 minutes to get to the nearest beach, Patong Beach. However, the path passes by the Jang Ceylon shopping center and Bangla Road, where you can buy something, have a bite to eat, go to a bar, etc. Not far from the hotel there is also a market where you can buy the freshest fruits and seafood. In the vicinity of "Pimrad" there are massage parlors, supermarkets, souvenir shops, scooter and car rentals, and much more. As our compatriots note, if you are used to active recreation, then this hotel is perfect for you.

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Housing stock

Proposed in the Pimrada Hotel 3 rooms, most of the guests were generally satisfied. However, many tourists pay attention to the fact that there are no windows in standard-type apartments. For some, this may be a plus (no noise from the street is heard, savings), but for some this state of affairs does not suit at all. Therefore, take this fact into account in advance so that you do not experience disappointment during your vacation. Moreover, you are unlikely to be able to change a standard room to a deluxe room, even with an additional payment already in place, since the hotel is in great demand among tourists, and freethere are almost never apartments here.

In general, according to vacationers, the rooms in Pimrada are quite spacious, bright, freshly renovated, with new furniture and modern appliances. Everything works without interruption. And if some kind of breakdown occurs, then after a message to the reception, the hotel staff quickly eliminates all malfunctions.

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When booking a room in the hotel in question, you can immediately pay for breakfast for the entire stay. However, judging by the reviews, many tourists prefer the option that does not provide any food. If you still choose breakfast, then they will be held in the hotel cafe in a buffet format. The choice of dishes here, of course, cannot be called very diverse, but in order to refresh yourself in the morning this is quite enough. So, for breakfast you will be offered scrambled eggs, stewed vegetables, pasta, rice, bacon, sausages, nuggets, fresh fruits and vegetables, cereal, toast, tea and coffee.

During the day, you can also eat in the hotel cafe for an additional fee or in the many cafes in the neighborhood. According to our compatriots, here almost everywhere they cook very tasty, and the prices are quite reasonable. Also, many are happy to visit the local market, where you can buy fresh seafood, which will be cooked for you right away for a very small surcharge. Experienced tourists are advised not to bypass the makashnitsa (mobile food kiosks).


As already noted, to the nearest Patong Beach from Pimrada Hotel (Phuket)walk will take at least a quarter of an hour. Moreover, the sea in this part of Phuket, according to many travelers, is not particularly clean. Therefore, most tourists prefer to visit other beaches of the island (Kata, Karon, Paradise and others). You can get to them by taxi or tuk-tuk. However, this does not come cheap. Therefore, many vacationers prefer to rent a motorbike. In this case, you will get complete freedom of movement around Phuket and will be able to independently visit all of its beaches and attractions, while saving a lot of money.

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