Hotels in Boracay. Boracay island hotel rating (Philippines)

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Hotels in Boracay. Boracay island hotel rating (Philippines)
Hotels in Boracay. Boracay island hotel rating (Philippines)

According to many, the Philippines is a small state, lost among the expanses of the sea, consisting of more than 7,000 islands. It is not yet among the popular tourist destinations, but is in no way inferior to many of them.

The Philippine Islands have plenty of exotics, amazing organic cuisine, well-developed infrastructure, modern architecture, excellent climatic conditions, wonderful natural scenery, and a real paradise for diving and windsurfing lovers. Of course, it is difficult for tourists to choose which of the 7000 islands is suitable for recreation. According to reviews, the most party of them is the island of Boracay. Hotels with prices ranging from 3.5 thousand to 20 thousand rubles, depending on the class, are an ideal combination of value and quality.

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Holidays in the Philippine Islands

They are all beautiful and all have their own tourist features. Some of them have a lot of opportunities for noisy entertainment, while others are excellent conditions for secluded relaxation.

Still, Philippine resorts are designed for we althy touristsabove average. On some of the islands there are practically no large hotels - only small bungalows, while on others - entire hotel complexes. Boracay Island, as already noted, is one of the noisiest and most popular resorts for visiting young people. Diving and exotic lovers also come here.

Types of tours

Tour operators often organize combined tours - holidays on several islands at once. Of course, none of them has any historical sights, but nevertheless, those guests of the country who want to get in touch with the exotic of these places make hiking trips to natural resources, while others dream of enjoying plenty of underwater walks and exploring the seabed.

In the evenings, they have access to various types of interesting leisure activities on the territory of the hotel complex or on the embankment. Boracay hotels are quite consistent with international standards. Tourists who come here for a wild vacation are surprised at the degree of well-established tourist services.

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The best time to go to the Philippines

It's always summer in this country. However, as with all islands, predicting the weather is not an easy task. Sometimes there can be great weather for several weeks in a row without rains and winds, and it also happens that the sea begins to storm for several days, and there is no way to swim in it.

Just keep in mind that in the off-season (early spring and late autumn) there can be prolonged downpours. But the winter months are even a very convenient time for a beachrest.

By the way, the island of Boracay is distinguished by an incredibly interesting celebration of the Christmas holidays, which here begin on December 16 and last until January 6. These days you can have a lot of fun, dance in disco bars, hang out in nightclubs, in a word, celebrate Catholic Christmas and New Year in a non-standard and original way.

By the way, on the snow-white beaches of the islands, you can also celebrate a wedding in an extraordinary way, and then spend a honeymoon. In a word, if you do not like standard solutions and dream of spending your vacation in a special way, then you have a direct road to the Philippines.

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It's a tiny island. It has an oblong shape. Its width (at its widest point) is 2.5 kilometers, while its length is about 7 km. Although the island is not a popular tourist destination, its beaches are ranked 5 in the world by reputable travel publications.

Boracay hotels can also compete with the best hotels in Europe, America and mainland Asia. However, as you understand, the main we alth of these places are natural beauties. The beach of the island has a length of 4 km, it is completely covered with snow-white, flour-like sand. Palm trees come to the very edge of the turquoise water. Well, why not advertise the Bounty bar?!

Numerous bars and cafes, restaurants and hotels, clubs and shops are scattered along the coast. As already noted, prices here are not low, but compared to Europeanquite acceptable.

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How to get to Boracay?

If you are going to this island, you will first need to fly to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, and from there take a domestic flight to Caticlan or El Nido. The flight will take about an hour. Almost all Boracay hotels provide tourists with a transfer from the airport to the hotel, and on a motor boat. You will spend another half an hour on the way. By the way, the boat, as a rule, does not moor to the pier or the shore, but stops in the water. Tourists have to take off their shoes in shallow water to get to the shore. Things are transferred in the same way.

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Best beaches in Boracay

We bring you information on the best beaches on the island. We hope that it will help you in choosing a hotel. So, the most comfortable is White Beach - one of the best not only in the Philippine archipelago, but throughout the world. However, it is very calm and not crowded here.

It is perfect for those who come to the resort to get complete relaxation, break away from everyday hustle and bustle and relax in the gentle sun. There are no coral reefs directly along the coastline, but they are located 100-150 meters from the coast. Another excellent beach of the island - Bulabog Beach - is located on the other side. It can be windy there, and therefore windsurfers mainly come here.

Best hotels in Boracay

Further in the article we present the rating of hotels on the island, which were named vacationersmost comfortable. By the way, it even includes two-star hotels. This means that tourists rated not only the quality of services, but also the attitude of the staff, the cuisine, and the location.

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So, the top five hotels in Boracay are:

  • “Shangri La Boracaya Resort & Spa 5”.
  • “Seven Stones 3”.
  • “Boracay Regency Beach Resort 4”.
  • “Nandana Borakaya 3”.
  • “Arvana Hotel 2”.

By the way, “Arvana” is one of the few hotels that have their own beach. All the rest, even the fives, are located on municipal beaches, which do not get worse from this.

Boracay hotels with private beach

In addition to the above-mentioned Arwana Hotel & Restaurant Boracay 2, hotels of this type include 357 Boracay 4 and Boracay Regency Beach Resort 4. Their guests have the opportunity to use beach equipment - umbrellas, sun loungers and towels - for free, while on municipal beaches all this is provided for a fee.

Top Hit Hotel 2016

So where do Russian tourists prefer to relax in Boracay? Despite the fact that the Dave Straw Hat Hotel (Boracay) is not included in the top 5 best hotels on the island, it has become the most popular and sought after among Russians.

What is his attraction? Firstly, it is quite small, only 6 seats. Located 50 meters from White Beach. The hotel building is immersed in lush vegetation, there is a boat station nearby. However,despite this, it is very quiet and peaceful here.

There is free Wi-Fi in the patio of the hotel restaurant, which is much appreciated by our tourists. The rooms here are very comfortable and nicely decorated. All of them are equipped with excellent bathrooms, air conditioning, fans, safes and minibars, a seating area overlooking the garden.

By the way, in the tour desk, which is available at the hotel, you can book trips to other islands, as well as boat trips. As for food, the cuisine here is simply excellent. In addition, barbecue facilities are available upon request (free of charge).

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