Legend Sea Hotel Nha Trang 4 (Vietnam): description of rooms, service, reviews

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Legend Sea Hotel Nha Trang 4 (Vietnam): description of rooms, service, reviews
Legend Sea Hotel Nha Trang 4 (Vietnam): description of rooms, service, reviews

Russian tourists have long trodden not only a trail - a high road to Nha Trang. This city in Central Vietnam suits various categories of vacationers: families with children, romantic couples, noisy youth, and surfers. Accordingly, hotels in Nha Trang exist for every taste, budget and solvency.

There are both luxurious "five" and budget hostels. But it is better - tourists assure - to choose the golden mean, that is, a four-star hotel. Some of these hotels are not inferior to the "five" in terms of quality of service, and accommodation in them is more democratic. One of the hotels of this category is the Legend Sea Hotel Nha Trang 4. In this article you will find the most detailed description of this hotel, based not on advertising brochures, but on real guest reviews.

Legend Sea Hotel Nha Trang 4 (Vietnam)

Can I go to Nha Trang in March?

Vietnam stretches in a long and narrow strip from north to south along the Pacific coast. Therefore, despite the small area, the territory of the country is divided into three climatic zones. Vietnam in March is still ongoing cold rains in the north (near Hanoi) and the end of the high tourist season on the southern tropical island of Phu Quoc. What is the weather like in the first month of spring in Nha Trang?

Due to its central location, the resort experiences its most favorable period in March. Downpours, and even then short-term, lasting from 10 minutes to an hour, will overshadow your vacation a maximum of one or two times. But still there is no suffocating heat, like in summer. The temperature during the day is the most pleasant: +28 degrees. And the nights are also not cold (+ 24-25 ° С). The wind still raises high waves in the first decade of March, but at the end of the month the water element calms down. In any case, due to the indented coastline in Nha Trang, you can always find a beach where there is no storm. In this case, the lee side of Winpearl Island is ideal. All tourists say: it's worth going to Nha Trang in March. The weather won't let you down.

Hotel location

Vietnam in March

If you evaluate the hotel on a ten-point scale, then all tourists gave 10 points to the location of the Legend Sea Hotel. Resort amenities are within walking distance. Right at the gate of the hotel there is a bus stop number 4, which will take you to the pier on Winpearl. There are many cafes and shops around the hotel building. There is also a pharmacy, currency exchange, and numerous tour desks.

The hotel is not onthe first line, but from the rooms turned to the coast, the ocean is perfectly visible. This is the very center of the city, but the hotel is located on a fairly quiet street. So the hotel is suitable for all tourists without exception: both families with small children and those who want to be at the epicenter of Nha Trang's nightlife. Cam Ranh International Airport is 35 kilometers away.


The Legend Sea Hotel opened its doors to its first guests in February 2015. This is a very new, stylish, modern building with 20 floors. Since the hotel is urban, its territory is small. Many tourists say that because of this, the hotel has only 4 stars, because in other parameters (rooms, food, service) it “pulls” for a full-fledged “five”.

The triangular building is located on the corner of two streets. Therefore, the only thing that the hotel can afford from the territory is a small flower bed in front of the entrance. But the restaurant and pool are located on the roof. This circumstance is very popular with the guests. It's nice to swim or drink coffee and at the same time survey the ocean and the city from a bird's eye view. The pool is lit up in the evening making it a great backdrop for photos. The building, tourists notice, has several elevators, so getting to your floor is not a problem.

Legend Sea Hotel - Lobby

Legend Sea Hotel room descriptions

In a high-rise building, guest rooms are located from the 4th floor. The rooms are divided into categories:

  • superior,
  • deluxe,
  • premier,
  • suite,
  • luxury.

Inside each category there is another division according to the view from the window (ocean view is more expensive). Several rooms have all the amenities for people with disabilities. Tourists say that if the hotel is not full enough, they can give you a room of a higher category than the one you paid for. But in principle, superiors, deluxes and premieres are not much different, except that the last two have more space, panoramic views and a huge balcony. Suites and luxury rooms include additional services for guests.

What do tourists say about the rooms in the "Legend of the Sea"? Everyone remembers parquet floors and floor-to-ceiling windows. All rooms have balconies. Surprisingly for a "four", but guests are offered bathrobes and slippers. A pleasant surprise is the presence of a kettle and refillable bags of drinks. The beds in the bedrooms are large and comfortable. Otherwise, the rooms have a standard set of amenities for a 4hotel: TV, air conditioning, mini-bar, safe, hairdryer, toiletries, drinking water.

Legend Sea Hotel room description


Meal concept at the Legend Sea Hotel – BB. But you need to see these breakfasts! The Vietnamese love to eat soup in the morning and generally recharge their calories until the evening. Therefore, for breakfast, dishes such as stewed duck, fried pork and beef, potatoes, and hot vegetable dishes are served for a morning meal. You can try pho soup - a visiting card of Vietnamese cuisine. Breakfasts cannot be called very diverse, but something is constantly changing - either pancakes instead of pancakes, ornoodles instead of potatoes.

Constantly on the tables there are at least three types of fruits, a lot of vegetables. The time for breakfast suits everyone - food in the Sirena restaurant starts at 6:30. Tourists who intended to go on an excursion had time to eat before departure. Whenever you come for breakfast, there is always the same range of dishes, and there is enough of everything.

Legend Sea Hotel Nha Trang

Where tourists ate during the day

On the roof of the Legend Sea Hotel, near the pool, there is a bar. There you can order not only drinks, but also light meals. There is also a bar-cafeteria in the lobby, where, according to tourists, delicious desserts are served. But mostly the guests ate outside the hotel. Right next to the hotel there is a cafe "Ali Baba". They serve delicious homemade meals, huge portions, low prices.

Nostalgic for the homeland should visit the restaurant "Moskva". It is located on a parallel street, five minutes walk. Not far from "Moscow" there is another restaurant - "Armenia", with Caucasian cuisine. There is a fruit market next to the hotel. March is mango and papaya season! And there are many Vietnamese cafes and inexpensive eateries in the hotel area and on the beach. So you will definitely not stay hungry in Nha Trang.

Legend Sea Hotel: beach, sea, pool

Although the hotel "Legend of the Sea" is not located on the first line, but from it to the embankment go at a slow pace for five minutes at most. You just need to pass a small shady street where the silk museum is located. The beach does not belong to the hotel, but the entrance to it is free. Only sunbeds cost money andumbrellas. If there is no excitement, then the water in the sea is clean. A storm on the sandy shore raises turbidity and causes various debris. But the ministers immediately remove it.

There are showers and toilets on some parts of the beach. Most of the tourists who rested in March went to the sea only in the morning and in the evening, because at noon it gets very hot. The guests spent their days by the pool. It is located on the roof, clean and very beautiful. Sun loungers around the pool are free. Beach towels are issued at the door of the hotel and at the exit to the roof. You can change them throughout the day as much as you want.

Legend Sea Hotel - beach

Hotel services

All tourists agree that the service at the Legend Sea Hotel is at the highest level. They clean the rooms twice - in the morning and prepare the bed for bed. And not just like that - they wiped it in the middle and straightened the coverlet, but very carefully. Bed linen of the highest quality, new and clean towels, both bath, white, beach, blue. If you book this hotel in advance, you can specify which diet you are following (vegetarian, lactose free, etc.), and separate dishes will be prepared for you for breakfast.

Travelers with a small child will be provided with a crib in their room, and the restaurant will provide a high chair for feeding the baby. The hotel has a small spa center consisting of a sauna, hammam and massage room. Smiling and helpful staff tries to serve you in everything. The staff at the reception speak excellent English. Unfortunately (and maybe fortunately for some) Russian touriststhere is not much, so there may be a language barrier. The hotel has a laundry service. Free Wi-Fi is great in all hotel rooms, not just at the reception.

Legend Sea Hotel Nha Trang - service


Tourists are encouraged to actively travel around the city and its environs. Moreover, the Legend Sea Hotel is located in the very center of Nha Trang. You can go on some excursions on your own. For example, it is worth visiting the Vinpearl entertainment island, Baho hot springs, Thap-Ba mud bath, Yang Bay waterfalls. There are many tour desks around the hotel. Their staff will organize a trip to the excellent beaches of Cam Ranh, Zoklet, the Northern or Southern Islands, as well as more distant trips. Many commendable reviews about the excursion to the Dalat mountain resort. If you are not constrained in funds and want to get acquainted with the sights of all of Vietnam, then tourists recommend you go to Ho Chi Minh City, to the capital of the country, Hanoi, and to the most beautiful bay on the planet - Ha Long.


All guests were satisfied with their stay at the Legend Sea Hotel. In the reviews, they praise the good soundproofing of the rooms, comfortable beds, and the quality of cleaning. Many people liked the rooftop pool - it does not smell of bleach, and there are always few people around it. For the location of the hotel, tourists put the highest rating. Everything is within walking distance, there are many objects of urban infrastructure around (market, cafes, shops, public transport stops).

But at the same time, tourists also noted the disadvantages. Shower cubicle in the bathroomThe room does not have a door, so water splashes on the floor. During the arrival of Chinese groups, the restaurant hall becomes crowded. But for many tourists, these little things did not spoil the rest. Travelers admit that they would love to come to the hotel "Legend of the Sea" again.

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