Where are the best ski slopes in the suburbs

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Where are the best ski slopes in the suburbs
Where are the best ski slopes in the suburbs

Moscow has a lot of ski lovers, but when it comes to winter holidays, most of them prefer to spend holidays abroad, spending large sums on tickets and holidays abroad. However, the Central Region offers a wide range of resorts. The ski slopes of the Moscow region provide excellent service and high quality tracks, while not emptying the wallet at the terrifying speed that European ski resorts are famous for.

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What prevents Muscovites from saving time and money? Why do they take a vacation to go skiing, if every weekend they have at their disposal convenient and high-quality ski slopes in the Moscow region? It's all about the lack of awareness of people about ski resorts near Moscow.

Kant Sports Complex

Kant sports center provides a wide range of services for skiers and snowboarders. Ski slope almost in the center of Moscow.Which of the residents of the metropolis, who are fond of active winter recreation, has not dreamed about it? "Kant" has 17 slopes, as well as many other useful services. Here you can find an ice rink, tubing, a gym, tennis courts, trampolines, a cycling track and a cross-country ski track. Everything a modern skier needs can be found in the Kant sports complex.

Kant also has its own ski school, where young athletes are taught the basics of this difficult business. Training takes place not only in winter, but also in summer: special exercises for coordination and stretching, as well as skateboarding and roller skating on an asph alt slope will help students feel more confident on steep turns with the onset of cold weather. Not only kids, but also adults can learn how to snowboard and ski.

Also in the sports complex "Kant" you can rent equipment, hold seminars, organize sports competitions, hold corporate skating and much more.

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Kurkino ski slope

Kurkino Ski Slope is a small but comfortable resort not far from Moscow. This winter resort has only two slopes and they are ideal for beginners. The ski slopes here are quite gentle and long, which allows beginners to work out the basics of technique with minimal risk to he alth. There is also a team of professional instructors and lifeguards who monitor the safety of vacationers. At night, the slopes are illuminated, allowing you to continue the descents.even after sunset.

Kurkino ski slope is an ideal place to relax with your family. There is a training track for children, where young talents can take their first steps in skiing without fear of injury. However, for experienced athletes who are used to riding steep, difficult slopes, Kurkino may seem boring and unpromising.

Most skiers visit Kurkino in December and January. Despite the simple, gentle slopes, many families go here year after year, because this ski resort is many years old, so some families have traditionally visited this slope for generations. Another reason for its popularity is low prices. Here you can ride to your heart's content without parting with a lot of money, and the rental of ski equipment here does not hurt your pocket too much.

Kurkino ski slope

Northern Slope Ski Resort

"North slope" - a ski resort in the Leningrad region, near the village of Toksovo. This complex is perfect for family holidays. Here you can rent ski equipment cheaply or take skiing lessons from an experienced instructor. In the 80s, members of the national teams of the USSR and Russia trained on these slopes, now it is open to everyone.

Total 4 tracks, one of which is training - that's all that the "Northern Slope" can boast of. The ski resort offers two red runs for advanced skiers, one blue run for beginners and a training run for those who are just starting to join the skiing.sports. On the territory of the resort complex there are several slopes for skiing on "cheesecakes", which bring a lot of joy to children and adults. There are also several trails for cross-country skiing.

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If you decide to spend a few days at the North Slope resort, the ski resort may offer you to stay at a local hotel that provides all the amenities for a moderate fee. For a large company, a cottage town on the territory of the complex is better suited. As many as 38 houses are waiting for vacationers. Renting a cottage will cost more than staying in a hotel, but it's worth it. "Northern slope" is a high-class ski resort. If you live in St. Petersburg and enjoy skiing, you will definitely like it here.

Ski slope "Narrow"

Uzkoe is a ski slope in the south-west of Moscow. In total, the complex has three slopes and a pair of drag lifts. Sparsely, but all this is located right in Moscow, without forcing fans of skiing to go to countryside complexes to go skiing or snowboarding. It is located not far from the Bitsevsky Forest park, directly opposite the Uzkoye estate. The ski slopes of the complex are suitable for both beginners and more or less experienced skiers.

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Here you can rent equipment cheaply, as well as learn the basics of skiing skills in a children's and youth sports school. For those who like to ride in the dark, or do not have time to come to the slope while it is light,lighting systems work. There are also snow cannons to keep the snow cover in good condition. The cafe, located nearby, is always ready to receive visitors to the Uzkoe complex. A ski slope right in Moscow can be a great place to relax after a hard day's work.

Chulkovo ski base

Only 20 kilometers from Moscow is a ski club named after Guy Severin. Here skiers can find a slope to their liking. There are gentle, unpretentious slopes for beginners and difficult tracks for experienced athletes. If you come with your family to ride "cheesecakes", you will also get to the address.

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There is a school at the Chulkovo ski base where everyone can learn the secrets of skiing. Here it is possible to rent equipment in parts or complete sets, and a small cafe on the territory of the ski complex will allow tired athletes to warm up and relax.

Lisya Gora Sports and Ski Complex

Not far from the Pekhorka River there is an all-season sports and ski complex "Lisya Gora". If you love extreme sports, this is the place for you. There are ski slopes for beginners - gentle and safe, there are also slopes for experienced, self-confident extreme sportsmen. There is also a slope for those who first skied.

In the summer you can go karting or play paintball on Lisya Gora. If you don’t have your own equipment, it doesn’t matter, here you can rent everything you need for an activerecreation. Every weekend, all kinds of entertainment events are held on the territory of the sports and entertainment complex.

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Snow Fairy Resort

The resort of Shukolovo called "Snow Fairy Tale" is perfect for lovers of a calm, measured outdoor recreation. It has nine slopes for skiers, skaters can easily find an ice rink here, and those who prefer cross-country skiing will not be disappointed either. Various seminars and trainings are held here, and the beautiful nature allows you to relax even in the warm season.


For many, winter is the time of endless sitting at the computer or malicious "staggering" in bars and clubs. Few people realize that winter sports are no less diverse than summer ones - you should not wait out the cold in anticipation of warmth, complaining about frost and icy wind. When you get into skiing, you'll look forward to snow.

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