Chanalai Hillside Resort 4, Thailand: hotel description, reviews

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Chanalai Hillside Resort 4, Thailand: hotel description, reviews
Chanalai Hillside Resort 4, Thailand: hotel description, reviews

All people dream of a perfect vacation, draw pictures of a good vacation in their heads and hopefully wait for their dreams to come true. But this is not always the case. Sometimes we know very little about the place where we are going. The lack of information can lead to the fact that the planned trip will be ruined. Therefore, it is very useful to read articles, reviews and forums in advance about the place where such long-awaited vacation days are planned. Below you will find out the most complete information about the Chanalai Hillside Resort 4.

Golden Buddha Country

The Kingdom of Thailand is located in Southeast Asia, and more precisely, on the peninsulas of Indochina and Malacca. The large extent of this territory from north to south makes Thailand very diverse in terms of climate. Tropical, equatorial and subequatorial belts bring varied weather here.

Thailand has been attracting Russian tourists for years with its fabulous landscapes, azure shores and impenetrable jungle. Resorts, one of the most famous among which is Karon Beach, invite everyone to admire the beauty and originality of Thailand. The country is incredibly rich in beaches and hotels that are looking forward totheir customers.

chanalai hillside resort 4
chanalai hillside resort 4


On the island of Phuket is the hotel Chanalai Hillside Resort 4. It used to be called Tropical Karon Resort, but this name has already begun to be forgotten. The international airport is only 40 km away, which is about 54 minutes by car, which can be ordered with a driver, or you can rent it for the holidays. The hotel is located on Karon Beach. A shuttle service is available to and from the airport.

Great conditions for vacationers

Very good hotel Chanalai hillside resort 4. Reviews allow us to conclude that the prices here are very democratic and the service is quite decent. In addition, the hotel has its own beach, which is constantly monitored, which provides tourists with safety and peace. The territory has its own recreation areas and good restaurants for different tastes. Accommodation at the hotel includes breakfast included in the price. You can choose one of three options to your taste.

caron beach
caron beach

Comfort for every wallet

All 211 rooms of Chanalai Hillside Resort 4 are incredibly comfortable and stylish. There are four types of rooms offered to tourists. Superior rooms are 36 sq. m. and are equipped with a bedroom in which there is one double or a pair of single beds.

There are more luxurious Deluxe rooms with a total area of 40 square meters. m. There are beds for both two and one visitor. Some deluxe rooms have direct access to the pool, making them highly sought after.all customers, regardless of the higher cost compared to the previous option.

chanalai hillside resort 4 phuket
chanalai hillside resort 4 phuket

Some Deluxe and Superior rooms overlook the Andaman Sea, making your stay even more memorable.

Pleasant little things

All rooms have a lot of necessary items and nice little things. Here you can find:

  • iron and ironing board;
  • balcony;
  • tea and coffee maker;
  • air conditioner;
  • bathroom with hairdryer;
  • cable TV;
  • microwave;
  • refrigerator;
  • mini-bar;
  • TV;
  • bathrobes;
  • free Wi-Fi;
  • closet for clothes;
  • long distance phone;
  • several nightstands;
  • safe.

If you need a separate bed for a child, then they will bring it to you for an additional fee. In general, a bed for children under 6 years old is issued free of charge.

chanalai hillside resort 4 reviews
chanalai hillside resort 4 reviews

Issues are resolved promptly

Reception and information desk will always help the client in resolving relevant issues. Car parking will come in handy for those who come by private vehicle. You will not find unkempt rooms at Chanalai Hillside Resort 4, because cleaning is carried out here regularly.

There are 2 swimming pools, and parents of toddlers will be pleasantly surprised by a special children's pool where the little ones will be completely safe. For outdoor enthusiasts,offer water and beach sports. Travelers will be delighted with the variety of excursions. Local attractions are very interesting. On one of the local beaches you can take diving lessons. Local jewelry stores are famous for selling very beautiful jewelry at very affordable prices. Clients of Chanalai hillside resort 4 Phuket, leaving for the next excursion or shopping, can easily use the service of a qualified and experienced nanny who is fluent in Russian.

chanalai hillside resort 4 thailand phuket karon
chanalai hillside resort 4 thailand phuket karon

Wide range of entertainment

The hotel has 3 restaurants. You can try Thai and international cuisine at the Hillside Restaurant. It will be difficult to pass by fragrantly prepared dishes. The menu is carefully crafted to suit all tastes.

Thai spa treatments and a fitness center will help to put your body in order, rejuvenate and improve your body. If necessary, you can get medical help. This issue is of particular interest to families with children. You can be calm, a child or an adult will be able to receive qualified medical care at any time of the day.

Reviews from guests of the hotel Chanalai Hillside Resort 4 (Thailand)

Phuket Karon is quite popular among the tourists of our country. Having rested at the hotel, they leave reviews that will help make a choice for those who are just planning their vacation and have not decided. In order not to overshadow the long-awaited vacation, you should first read the opinions of other people. This will help create an overall impression.about the proposed place of rest and decide how it suits you.

Mostly tourists note that the service at the hotel is very attentive. For example, if something unforeseen happened and you have to wait a bit until the room is ready, they will definitely bring coffee and something to eat. The rooms are exactly the same as in the picture, which is quite important, because it is not uncommon for a client to arrive at a hotel and see a completely different situation than he was presented at the travel agency or on the website of the host. The rooms have everything you need (hairdryer, iron, air conditioning, etc.). Only here in the shower and in the toilet glass doors. This is a little unusual, strange and uncomfortable. Many visitors are very confused by this. There are signs on the doors that say "Do not enter!" overturned by the wind, so the servants can disturb at the most unnecessary moment. Walk to the beach about 7 minutes, and the hotel is quiet and peaceful. Many of the vacationers note a large number of Chinese, who are found literally at every turn. However, this presence is unobtrusive and they usually settle in one wing. It is also worth noting that Russian tourists live in a separate building, which allows you to avoid discomfort when communicating with representatives of other countries. One of the pools is located on the roof. Its visit allows you to experience simply unique emotions.

chanalai hillside resort 4 on the map
chanalai hillside resort 4 on the map

I would also like to note a good breakfast (eggs cooked in different ways, Chinese noodle soup, fruits, vegetables, etc.), the cost of which is included in the accommodation. Not needed within the morning to think about what to eat. Then, during the day it is easier to do. However, many note that breakfasts are not very diverse. Shampoo and soap dispensers sometimes fall on the floor, so you need to be careful when using it. Impressive food design and attentive staff. Most tourists are satisfied with their vacation and hope that someday they will definitely return here.

Chanalai Hillside Resort 4 on the map of Thailand is one of the most visited places by Russian tourists. This is an excellent choice for those who want to relax inexpensively and tastefully. Be sure to visit it if your choice fell on Thailand. We hope our advice will be useful to you, have a good holiday.

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