Network hotels: best hotels, room descriptions, services, infrastructure, features, photos

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Network hotels: best hotels, room descriptions, services, infrastructure, features, photos
Network hotels: best hotels, room descriptions, services, infrastructure, features, photos

Vacation, duty, wedding or other event - the question arises of choosing a hotel in another, and often unfamiliar country. Such a "home away from home" can either be the best memory of a vacation or ruin it completely.

To study offers, view photos, read reviews of real tourists, these days you can literally without leaving your home. However, there are thousands of hotels and hotels, the opinions of vacationers are sometimes polarly different. How not to get lost in this diversity?

Hotel Stars

hotel star rating

The star rating of a hotel is the very first selection criterion for many.

But first, you should decide not on the level of the hotel, but on its purpose. Imagine if you are going to relax in a seaside resort, but ended up in a city hotel focused on business travelers. It may be luxurious, stellar and comfortable, but it still won't live up to your expectations.

All hotels are conditionally divided into 3 categories.

  • Resorts. Holiday hotels. They are usually located on the coast of the sea, river or lake, behindcity, have a large surrounding area with many areas for recreation and relaxation.
  • City & Business. City hotels. Suitable for tourists who want to see the sights of the city or organize business meetings. Located not just within the city, but within walking distance from the historical center, or other infrastructure facilities.
  • Transit. Hotels located right on the territory of airports, railway stations and other transport hubs. Convenient for transit passengers. They may also have a "business" category with the necessary set of services.

Only having decided on the purpose of the trip, you can proceed to the choice of the level of the hotel.

In Europe, hotel stars are assigned by a special commission that considers applicants according to 21 criteria. This includes the size of the rooms, the frequency of cleaning, and the availability of additional amenities: a bar, a restaurant, a spa, a gym. The qualifications of the staff are also assessed separately. The presence of such an "optional" unit as a porter, porter or concierge in the staff can earn the hotel an extra star.

However, this categorization is very conditional. Of course, in a five-star hotel you will receive a guarantee of comfort, and amenities will definitely not be on the floor. But even the "five" may not live up to your expectations.

In an unfamiliar country, it is better to trust familiar brands.

Features of the monobrand

film frame

A hotel chain is not just a name, but also a certain quality standard. Moreover, management follows this quality uncompromisingly. After all, there is only one negativeexperience is the loss of a client for the entire network. The management team usually has clear criteria for design, room size, range of services. Staff training is also centralized. Therefore, if you liked your stay in one of the hotels of the chain, feel free to book a room in another.

It is also worth considering that the usual categorization by stars is the European system. For example, Asia and some southern countries have their own criteria for assigning stars. Therefore, the hotel may surprise you, both pleasant and not so.

If you go with a familiar brand, you will at least avoid disappointment.

Destination - Turkey. Looking for familiar names

Turkey in the summer is a Mecca for Russians. The famous All Inclusive, the sea and children's animation attract fans of "vacation without worries". There is also a downside. With such an influx of tourists, the hotel business in Turkey is put on stream, there is no need to talk about any individual approach. There are also very extreme cases of poisoning with stale food, dirt in the rooms and other delights.

However, there are chain hotels in Turkey that "keep the mark".

Perhaps the most famous Turkish chain is Crystal Hotels 5, awarded many awards. There are hotels in all popular resorts: Belek, Side, Kemer, Bodrum.

Crystal hotels specialize in seaside vacations and spas. Any traveler can find "his" hotel. Some of them are a paradise for families with children. For the most demanding tourists, Nirvana Lagoon Villas Suites & SPA is recommended - impeccable service and complete privacy are guaranteed.

One morewell-known Turkish network - Delphin. Seven hotels of the network are located in the most popular resorts. All of them are marked with five stars. The main distinguishing feature is the beaches, huge landscaped areas with exotic plants and plenty of entertainment for children.

Rixos in Turkey is the most "European" network. Designed for we althy tourists, however, the rest is worth it. Nine unique hotels of the network are mini-cities with all the infrastructure, their own unique style and color. The list of services provided is huge, the staff does everything to make you feel like a guest of royal blood.

What attracts hoteliers to the capital

Russian chain hotels are represented by almost all world brands. Moscow is a "tidbit" for hoteliers around the world. Millions of tourists, annual exhibitions, conferences and sporting events force chains to fight for the right to open their hotel there.

From luxury five-star chain hotels in Moscow, you can list Hilton, Kempinski, Hayatt, Sheraton.

Slightly lower class, but with good service and premium location - Radisson and Novotel. Medium budget option - Ibis, Park Inn.

SLH Quality Seal. Luxury for the discerning

network logo

"Little luxury hotels of the world" - this is how the abbreviation SLH is translated.

Strictly speaking, this is not a chain, but rather a sign of quality, like, for example, a Michelin star for restaurants, a kind of club for the elite. But there is no doubt about the level of hotels marked with the SLH sign. The main selection criterion isuniqueness. There are no two alike. Ski, exotic, city and historical hotels are marked with the SLH brand. Combines their luxury and service beyond comprehension. These are truly the best chain hotels in the world.

One of the most amazing, secluded residences of the SLH club is located on the island of Muhu (far from everyone has heard of this place) in Estonia.

Pyadaste Manor. Hidden Gem

Piadaste Manor

Piadaste Manor is a historic 15th century manor that belonged to Baron von Knorr. Now it is a luxurious hotel complex with the main building of the estate, a park, gravel paths and a gardener's house. It is not necessary to describe the style and architecture of the estate, we can only say that Estonians have a very careful attitude to history. Want to go to the 15th century with running water and an iPad instead of a key? You there.

Rooms is not the right word for this hotel. Apartments, rooms, anything but rooms. There are no two alike. The medieval architecture of the building is complex, which is why the layouts of the rooms are unusual, with niches and alcoves. Wooden floors, woven runners, hand-embroidered bedspreads in traditional Estonian style. On the other hand, an interactive bed with a remote control at the head. You press the button - the TV hidden at the foot "floats", one more press - the lighting scenario changes. A bathroom behind a glass wall that turns opaque… yes, yes, again at the push of a button. An integrated audio system, a staff call button…it's easier to say what isn't there.

Soothing northern nature,bicycles for walking, a sauna on the seashore and a video library with old films - complete relaxation is guaranteed.

SLH hotels are the quintessence of chic, aristocratic vacations. Minus one - the price. But they are worth it.

What about the budget option?

Radisson Blu Latvija, Riga

View from Radisson

This complex of the world-famous Radisson chain is a typical 4 city and conference hotel. Offers perhaps the best combination of price and quality. Located in the center of the Latvian capital, a couple of blocks from the Old Town. It has several bars, restaurants and conference rooms. From the top floors of the hotel offers an unforgettable panoramic view of the city. The highlight of the hotel is the best spa center Espa Riga in the B altic States.

Nice bonus for consistency

loy alty program

Wherever and for what purpose you go, hotels of well-known chains will receive you with maximum comfort.

Probably all well-known chains offer their own loy alty program. Definitely worth joining the club. Membership is generally free and the savings are substantial.

Firstly, hotels inform about special discounts, promotions and hot deals. Secondly, the membership card usually gives a permanent discount even in the high season. Hotels often give gifts to loyal customers in the form of services, flowers and sweets in the room, free transfers, dinners and much more.

Never be afraid to ask for a room a class higher, or demand relocation if something does not suit youarranges. Hotel managers are more willing to accommodate regular customers.

And remember: one unhappy customer is a loss for the entire network. Even if something marred your stay, branded hotels are more likely to listen and accept your complaint. And, of course, they will try to rectify the situation.

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