The best recreation centers in the Leningrad region: review, rating, reviews

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The best recreation centers in the Leningrad region: review, rating, reviews
The best recreation centers in the Leningrad region: review, rating, reviews

Summer is coming, which means that more and more people are planning their summer activities. The recreation center is a great place where you can spend time no less interesting than in the country, and sunbathe no worse than at sea. We have compiled a rating of recreation centers in the Leningrad region in this article.

Recreation center "Okunevaya"

This recreation center is located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, 47 kilometers from the city of Zelenogorsk. The first thing that pleases in this complex is the originally designed housing stock. There are economy and standard rooms, but for those who want a change of scenery, cottages in the style of a wardroom, boatswain, as well as a cockpit or a ship are offered. This is one of the best recreation centers in the Leningrad region due to the wide range of services provided.

There is a sauna, beauty and massage rooms, a restaurant, a bar where you can not only drink a glass of fresh beer with friends, but also watch football. In the leisure area you can play board games, roll balls on billiards.In the evening, the restaurant organizes entertainment events with interesting competitions and karaoke. During the day, lovers of active water recreation can go out on a yacht and fish in open water. The cost of living starts from three thousand rubles per person per day.

Base "Okunevaya"

Golden Hill

One of the best recreation centers in the Leningrad region is located on the shores of Lake Lyugovsky. But first you need to get to the Lodeynoye Pole station, and from it to the base about twenty kilometers.

The guest fund is designed not only for large companies, but also for family vacations. From 68 accommodation options, you can choose a country house, a cottage for two apartments, standard hotel rooms. In summer, the tent city, which is organized on the territory of the base, is popular. If you are looking for a calm, quiet place where you can take a break from the bustle of the city, then "Golden Hill" is exactly what you need: a lake, fishing, a bathhouse, billiards, walks in the forest, fishing, a beach. As additional services, boats, ATVs, water bicycles are offered for rent, and snowmobiles in winter.

Golden Hill

Lubimovskaya Base

Lubimovskaya recreation center is located 140 kilometers from St. Petersburg. The Leningrad region tempts travelers with its magnificent pictures of nature, peace and quiet. "Lyubimovskaya" is located in such a quiet, ecologically clean area. Near the base there is also an eco-farm where you can taste and buy for yourself and ingift products without artificial additives and GMOs.

Recreational housing stock - standard. Comfortable cottages with everything you need are offered to guests. Entertainment at the recreation center is the most enjoyable. Fishing enthusiasts can spend their holidays on the shore with a fishing rod. You can rent a boat and take an exploratory walk around the lake, explore each shore. After an active day, you can relax in a real Russian bath, sit with friends in a restaurant, which, according to vacationers, has excellent cuisine and large portions, which is also nice.

Base "Lubimovskaya"

Recreation center "Solnechnaya"

One of the most environmentally friendly places in the Leningrad region - the recreation center "Solnechnaya". The staff of the complex is ready to receive guests all year round, at any time of the day.

The base is located on the shore of Lake Merevsky, in the Luga region. On the territory there is everything for a comfortable weekend. Where to stay - choose for yourself:

  • standard hotel rooms;
  • bungalow with sauna;
  • cottages with sauna.

There are gazebos throughout the territory, in which electricity is supplied and there are sockets. You can sit comfortably with a laptop if the work still requires your attention.

As an active holiday, you can choose cycling or fishing. You can rent a boat and ride on the lake. Judging by the reviews, this is a favorite entertainment for vacationers at the base. Hiking enthusiasts will be happy to foray into the forest. You can also come to the recreation center withchildren, in the Leningrad region, as a rule, there is always clean air, which will only benefit children. They will return to normal city life refreshed and energized.

Base "Solnechnaya"

Forest air

One of the leading positions among the best recreation centers in the Leningrad region is occupied by a complex with the thematic name "Forest Air". It is located fifteen kilometers from St. Petersburg right in the forest, among centuries-old pines. The housing stock is organized according to the hotel principle. There are economy, standard and deluxe rooms.

The guests are offered several types of entertainment, standard for country life: horseback riding, bicycle tours. On the territory of the base there are several summer playgrounds for mini-football, volleyball and basketball. They will especially appeal to those who cannot imagine their life without sports. The restaurant serves delicious meals made with fresh produce delivered from the neighboring village. "Forest Air" is a great place for holding events not only for family, but also for corporate events. The cost of a room per day starts from 1500 rubles.

Recreation center "Rubin"

"Rubin" - a recreation center in the Leningrad region. It is here that you can relax from the hustle and bustle of the city inexpensively and comfortably. The cost of the room starts from 640 rubles. The rooms have everything you need for a long stay in nature, there is a TV, internet, each room has its own shower. Those who have already visited the recreation center leaveacknowledgment of three meals a day. Many people like that they do not have to buy food in a restaurant, as is the practice at many recreation centers.

Rubin has a developed infrastructure. It has its own equipped beach where you can take children. There are playgrounds for them. For walks on the lake, small light boats are offered for rent. You don’t have to go far for them, the pier is equipped right there, at the recreation center. For those who love long walks, rent a bike and explore the area.

Base "Rubin"

Recreation center "Robinson"

The recreation center "Robinson" is located near the village of Sinevo in the Leningrad region and offers its guests a wide range of services that will turn outdoor recreation into a real pleasure.

Base "Robinson"

The housing stock of one of the best recreation centers in the Leningrad region consists of standard class hotel rooms, as well as detached cottages, where you can comfortably accommodate a family or a large company. There is a restaurant on the territory where they prepare delicious he althy dishes from organic products that are delivered by the nearest villages: dairy products, meat and bakery products, vegetables and fruits. Grilled meat and barbecue lovers can use the barbecue area. Free WiFi is available on site.

There is entertainment for every taste: fishing, boating, which can be rented right there, walking onbicycles, sports games on the playgrounds, hiking. In the evening, you can relax in the sauna or Russian bath.

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