European Quarter in Nha Trang: where is it, what to see

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European Quarter in Nha Trang: where is it, what to see
European Quarter in Nha Trang: where is it, what to see

Vietnam is often called the country of dragons and fairies. The name of the state can be translated as "the country of the southern Vietnamese", but until 1945 it was called Annam, and its current name was used in the literary language. It was made official by Emperor Bao Dai. Today we offer you a virtual tour of the most developed and popular resort in the country, a place that has many opportunities for great recreation and a variety of entertainment - the city of Nha Trang, located in the south of Vietnam.

We invite everyone who has been to this resort to join our conversation and, in the comments to the article, tell us about your impressions of the city, which has changed in recent years: many hotels, bars and cafes have appeared there, and the popularity of the resort is growing with every year.


Nha Trang districts

The city is conditionally divided into three districts:

  1. Southern.
  2. Central.
  3. North.

Next, we will briefly describe each of them.

South area of the city

It is located a 30-minute drive from Cam Ranh Airport and the pier, from which boat trips depart daily. There is also a cable car to the VinPearl entertainment island. The area is calm and quiet, despite the fact that there are noisy discos in Central Park. There are many small budget hotels and cafes here. One of the most popular is a cafe in Central Park - "Louisiana".

Districts of the city
Districts of the city

Of the attractions located in this part of the city, many tourists recommend visiting:

  • Central Park.
  • Bao Dai Villas.
  • Museum of Oceanography.

If you are more impressed by some interesting place, advise it to travelers going to Nha Trang for the first time.

Central District

Judging by the reviews, the busiest place in Nha Trang. The European quarter, which among our compatriots is known as Russian, in which the number of bars, cafes, shops and restaurants per square meter just rolls over, is located right here.

The Central District is crowded and noisy, there are many tourists from Russia, there is always somewhere to go - everything is within walking distance: minimarkets and fruit shops, night markets. There are many hotels of different levels of comfort in this area, including chain hotels - Best Western, Sheraton, Novotel and others. The beach here is more crowded.

Sights of Nha Trang
Sights of Nha Trang

North Region

It's across the bridge, an hour from the airport. The area is calm, somewhat remote from the center. If you plan to take a taxi every day, then living here is expensive. The sea in the bay is very calm, and the beach delights with cleanliness. There are not too many hotels here, usually houses are rented in this area.

European Quarter in Nha Trang

First, let's figure out where he is. The fact is that in this city there is no line of demarcation of districts. However, conditionally, the first three lines from the famous Lotus, located on the embankment, are referred to this site. The European quarter in Nha Trang got its name due to the fact that tourists with a European appearance like to relax here: Americans, Slavs, Europeans. The first, second and third lines of the European quarter serve as a reference point.

On the opposite side of the European quarter of Nha Trang there is a wonderful green square with gazebos, exercise equipment and benches. One of the most popular restaurants in the city, Sailing Club Bar, operates on the very seashore. The local beach is wide and clean, but the closer to the Lotus tower, the more noisy and crowded it becomes.

What to see in Nha Trang on your own?

This city has many architectural and historical sights. Many of them can be explored on your own, as they are located within walking distance. Let's introduce some of them.


Built at the beginning of the last century, the temple is made in the Gothic style, familiar to Europeans. high belfrydecorates the building. It has a number of traditional small windows and a dial. The building is crowned with a stone cross. The height of the cathedral, where today the residence of the ruling bishop is located, is almost 40 meters. Its windows are decorated with magnificent stained-glass windows made of colored transparent glass. They fill the building with bright sunlight.

Cathedral in Nha Trang
Cathedral in Nha Trang

Three large bells, which were cast by local craftsmen from copper, were installed on the tower two years after construction was completed. Work on the chimes continued until 1935. Today it is one of the magnificent Catholic complexes located in Southeast Asia.

Central Park

Due to the focus on Russian-speaking tourists, the park has acquired the semi-official name "Gorky Park". It is located within walking distance of the Cathedral. Not only guests of the city, but also local residents love to relax here. The park is open seven days a week and almost around the clock - it closes just before dawn for a few hours. At this time, employees are cleaning up the alleys and lawns.

central park
central park

Musee Alexandre Yersin

In addition to ancient attractions and entertainment centers, Nha Trang is home to the country's largest unique Pasteur Institute, which develops and tests new vaccines. At the end of the 19th century, it was founded by the French scientist Alexandre Yersin. His scientific work and life is dedicated to the museum, located in the building of the Institute. The exposition is located in three rooms where he livedprofessor.

They carefully store the personal belongings of the scientist, original handwritten documents, photos and scientific equipment. Visitors can sit on the chair where the professor used to work, walk along a row of bookcases filled with books, look into the microscope.

Alexandre Yersin Museum
Alexandre Yersin Museum

Central Beach

Many tourists know that the Central Beach of this resort is the center of entertainment and cultural life of the city. It is interesting in itself, and therefore it can rightfully be called a landmark. It is always lively and crowded, but at the same time calm and cozy.

The infrastructure is so well thought out here that there is enough space for everyone and everything - for numerous kiosks with hot food, for bars and cafes, for sports grounds and outdoor discos. And lovers of water entertainment compete in surfing, sailing, divers explore the underwater world with interest, and hang gliders enjoy flying in the air.

Nha Trang central beach
Nha Trang central beach

Lotus Tower

And now we invite you to explore one of the main attractions of Nha Trang. "Lotus" is a delightful building in the shape of a legendary flower that adorns the city's embankment. The official name of the building is the Incense Tower. Previously, in its place was a memorial dedicated to the fallen defenders of Khanh Hoa province.

An exhibition complex was built here in 2008, partly funded by the Vinpearl Land hotel complex. The Lotus building is shaped like a famous flower. In its premises are heldvarious exhibitions. You can visit the exhibition complex for free. A high-speed elevator transports visitors from floor to floor. Before visiting the Lotos, check out the schedule of events - something interesting is constantly happening here, so guests can choose an event to their taste.

Tower "Lotus"
Tower "Lotus"

Where to stay?

There are hotels in the European quarter of Nha Trang for every taste and financial we alth. There are quite a few of them here. Many of them are located close to each other. The best of them, taking into account the price-quality ratio, should be attributed to:

  • Rosaka Nha Trang Hotel.
  • Hanoi Golden Hotel.
  • Starcity Nha Trang.
  • LegendSea Hotel.
  • Golden Holiday Hotel.
  • Poseidon Nha Trang.
  • Novotel Nha Trang.

We will dwell on the description of only one of them in more detail.

Novotel 4

Modern and stylish hotel "Novotel" is suitable for all categories of tourists. Its guests will appreciate the convenient location near bars, with numerous restaurants, shops, with the city's most popular beach.

Novotel Hotel is located on the resort's main street, a 40-minute drive from Cam Ranh Airport. It offers comfortable and cozy rooms that are equipped with the necessary household appliances, all the amenities that hotels of this class provide.

Image"Novotel" in Nha Trang
Image"Novotel" in Nha Trang

The hotel's restaurant serves Eastern and Western cuisine in buffet style. On the third floorthere is a pool bar. Here you will be offered soft drinks, cocktails and juice.


We briefly told you about the wonderful Vietnamese resort - Nha Trang. Judging by the reviews of travelers, here you can have a good rest with friends or family. There will be no problems with accommodation: there are many hotels here, and the service is quite decent. We hope you enjoy your stay at this Vietnamese resort.