Ukraine, Kherson region: map, districts. Rest in Azure

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Ukraine, Kherson region: map, districts. Rest in Azure
Ukraine, Kherson region: map, districts. Rest in Azure

How much does it cost to relax in the Crimea? Even taking into account the choice of an inexpensive hotel, the amount turns out to be unbearable for an ordinary Ukrainian. But the Kherson region borders on the Republic of Crimea and is washed by the waters of the same Black Sea. The sights of the region do not end there, because in the southeast it borders the Sea of ​​\u200b\u200bAzov, add to this 6 rivers and a reservoir. A number of unique parks, reserves and reserves provide an opportunity for active and educational recreation. The abundance of reservoirs fulfills the dreams of all vacationers in the summer.

Geographic location

Kherson region is located in the south of Ukraine, within the Black Sea lowland. Its western part borders on the Nikolaev region, the eastern part - on the Zaporozhye region, and the northern part - on the Dnipropetrovsk region. The southern part goes to the Crimea and, as already mentioned, is washed by two seas at once. Sandy spits, bays and islets stretch along the sea coast. This area covers a large area, about 30,000 km2. The landscape here is quite monotonous, far from tropical delights. Flat terrain, solonchaks, mostly steppe.But the abundance of water sources creates lush green oases that are so pleasing to the eye.

Kherson region map

Administrative-territorial division

Kherson region includes 18 districts, each of which includes a number of settlements. The capital and administrative center is the city of Kherson. The population of the region is about 1,000,000 people. The governor of the Kherson region, a former people's deputy, Yuriy Vitalyevich Odarchenko came to power on March 2, 2014. This is a prominent political figure, since 2011 he has been a member of the presidium and the political council. Former governor of the Kherson region, Mykola Kostyak, was removed from his post during a personnel reshuffle carried out by acting head of state Oleksandr Turchynov.

There are 11 cities on the territory of the region (of which 4 regional subordination - Kherson, Kakhovka, Novaya Kakhovka and Holaya Pristan) and 654 rural settlements. Districts of the Kherson region: Belozersky, Beryslavsky, Velikooleksandrovsky, Velikolepetikhsky, Verkhnerogachinsky, Vysokopolsky, Genichesk, Golopristansky, Gornostaevsky, Ivanovsky, Kalanchaksky, Kahovsky, Nizhneserogozsky, Novovorontsovsky, Novotroitsky, Skadovsky, Tsyurupinsky and Chaplinsky - are named in consonance with the names of regional centers.

Economy of the region

Kherson region is a rich region with a diversified industry. A third of all electric machines produced in the country, a fourth of cotton fabrics are produced here. But the main direction is, of course, ruraleconomy. This is crop production - cereals, sunflower seeds, vegetables and fruits are grown here. Animal husbandry occupies almost an equal part, there are huge farms for growing cattle, pigs and sheep.

In general, the food industry, mechanical engineering and metalworking, and electric power industry are developed in the region.

Mineral resources

The region is not of great importance in their extraction, however, cement and brick clay are mined here, which are in great demand in the construction industry. In addition, quartz sand, marl, limestone, s alt, peat and gas deposits are being developed.

Climatic features of the region

The entire southern Ukraine is characterized by rather hot and dry weather. In this regard, Kherson region is most favorably located. A map of the area will show in detail the abundance of water bodies. Near each of them there is a large number of small hotels and boarding houses where you can relax.

Kherson region

The climate is temperate continental; the hot heat of the steppe, meeting with the moist streams of sea air, forms quite comfortable conditions for living and recreation. The summer is warm, the average July temperature is +22 оС, the absolute record is +40 оС. Winter is mild, usually with little snow, rarely the thermometer falls below -3 degrees. Autumn and spring are warm and dry. Precipitation is fairly low.

Kherson region is well suited for lovers of road trips. A map of the area will help you find your way to all the sights, andflat terrain will allow you to get everywhere by car. There really is something to see here.

Cultural Heritage

Rarely where there is such an abundance of objects of natural reserve and cultural and historical funds. There are 69 territories in total, two biosphere reserves, 5 reserves, a dendrological park, 32 natural monuments, 12 parks that are monuments of landscape art, 10 protected natural boundaries. It is worth planning your vacation in advance in order to visit the maximum number of interesting places.

In addition, tourists often visit monuments of ancient architecture. The Greco-Sofievsky Church, St. Grigorievsky Monastery and Catherine's Cathedral belong to the buildings of the middle of the 18th century, the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit belongs to the 19th century. An experienced guide will take you along the secret paths of the distant past, you will visit the ancient barrows, the grave of the ataman, you will see the remains of the last Cossack sich, the ruins of the Turkish fortress Tyagin (XV century).

rest in the Kherson region

Natural treasures of the region

Without being here, it is impossible to imagine how much we alth Ukraine holds. Kherson region is a fabulous place, having visited it once, you will come back again and again. There are unique nature reserves here. Many representatives of flora and fauna are listed in the Red Book and are not found anywhere else.

No less interesting is the famous he alth resort "Gopri", located on the shores of Lake S alt. Not to mention the numerous recreation areas built along the sea coast, and this is quitejust enough to fill your holiday with impressions. Let's talk about each of these objects in more detail.

Askania-Nova Biosphere Reserve

Recreation in the Kherson region is not only warm sea and golden sand. There is also a luxurious, charming, green oasis in the endless steppe. It was created in the last century by the landowner Friedrich Eduardovich Falz-Fein. Thanks to his idea to withdraw vast territories from land use, unique vegetation and rare animal species have been preserved intact.

Later this steppe reserve was expanded, its territory occupies more than 100 hectares. A real park zone has been created, high observation hills have been poured, a large number of ponds have been built, beautiful glades have been laid out. The whole territory is divided into a zoo and an arboretum. One half is a real green corner, which has collected more than 1000 species of trees, not counting 1500 flower and ornamental plants. Here you get the complete impression that you are in a fabulous green kingdom.

The founder of the park did not limit himself to preserving the virgin steppe, he founded a wonderful zoo, brought animals from all over the world. Who can't be seen here! Przewalski's horses, bison, buffaloes, zebras, kulans. And near the reservoirs is a real bird's paradise. More than 100 species of mammals and birds are collected here and live peacefully in the neighborhood. Do you want to arrange a holiday in the Kherson region? Be sure to visit Askania.

rest Kherson region

Azov-Sivash National Park

Has less variety of landscape, it is a steppe zone wherea huge number of steppe grasses grow. Including unique and listed in the Red Book. Not all tourists can appreciate the beauty of this area, but what fascinates is the number and variety of birds. For some, the park is a habitat or nesting place, others are here only during the flight. But in general, during the year, the presence of about 1 million birds is recorded here. If watching a wonderful vacation for you - Kherson region is waiting for you.

Of the relatively common species, ducks, gulls, terns, waders, and swans live here. There are the rarest species listed in the Red Book: sea plover, stilted eagle, white-tailed eagle, black-headed gull. With due patience, you can meet bustards, little bustards, cranes, golden eagles, falcons in these places.

In addition to the reverent care and bird watching, the park's employees have created a protected hunting economy. On its territory live such animals as red deer, fallow deer, mouflon, kulan.

Sanatorium "Gopri"

Kherson region has long been famous for this mud bath. It began to operate in 1889, has changed since then, but the air, saturated with the aroma of the steppe and coniferous forests, sulfide-silt mud and sodium chloride brine supplied by the lake have remained the same.

Ukraine Kherson region

Rest on the sea coast

At all times, such a trip was considered the crowning achievement of a vacation. The warm sun and the gentle sea, the unique climate and the stunning beauty of nature attract people here today. When compared with morefamous resorts such as Crimea, Sochi, Y alta, Antalya, it is clear that the prices here are much lower. Such a holiday is well suited for people with a modest income.

Tourism is well developed here. Boarding houses are built along the entire coast, ready to receive guests. Locals rent out rooms or entire houses to visitors for vacations. It costs a lot less than paying for a hotel room, especially if you cook for yourself.

Resort village Iron Port

This place is extremely popular with tourists. Moreover, not only residents of Ukraine have a rest here, in the summer you can meet people from all over the CIS and even abroad. According to the websites of travel companies, it is noticeable that the Iron Port is always very popular. The Kherson region is rich in various resorts, but it is here that the extraordinary hospitality of local residents, the abundance of fruits and seafood, as well as the cleanest and most gentle sea are noted.

There are a lot of options for living: youth or family hotels, boarding houses, recreation centers. You can always find suitable housing in the private sector. Holidays here are much cheaper than in the Crimea, while you get the same service.

Lovers of a relaxing holiday can enjoy plenty of clean beaches. Comfortable sunbeds and umbrellas, plenty of bars with soft drinks. The Iron Port is famous not only for its golden sand and warm sea. Kherson region offers a number of interesting excursions that will diversify your vacation and give you many pleasant experiences.

Have you ever taken a bath in a hotsources? If not, then it's time to try. Just 15 km from the resort area there is a geyser, there are 3 baths - two with hot water and one with therapeutic mud.

Kherson region sea

Settlement Azure

No less famous for vacationers than the Iron Port. From the first days of June to mid-September, Azure is waiting for you. Kherson region, so rich in marine entertainment, surpasses itself here. If you are on vacation with children, be sure to pay attention to local hotels. Along the coast there are many recreation centers, among which one is especially famous - with the name "Korabel".

Clean sea and golden beach, abundance of local fruits, amazing excursions - it's tempting, but not enough for children. An excellent water park, together with caring animators, will give a fun pastime for the whole family. While the kids are having fun in the pool under close supervision, you can enjoy the freedom to your heart's content. Water rides, catamarans, banana boats and scooters will be a favorite pastime for all age groups. For older children, there is an Luna Park, open-air discos are held every day. Without hesitation, go to rest in Azure! Kherson region will reveal all its beauty to you and give you a bright summer.

Districts of Kherson region

Summary of results

Do you want to learn a lot about Ukraine and at the same time have a good rest? Then Kherson region is waiting for you! The sea and the sun, an abundance of fresh fruits and the best Crimean wines,interesting excursions to memorable and protected places will make your vacation unforgettable. This is one of the most beautiful and fertile regions of Ukraine. In addition to agriculture, industry is well developed here, a small region provides a third of the machine building of the republic. And, of course, tourism - no other region of Ukraine can boast of such an influx of tourists. The gentle coasts of the Black and Azov Seas, as well as reasonable prices, bring people here from all over the post-Soviet space. Rest in the Kherson region will be remembered for a long time.

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