Water park "Limpopo" - the first in the Urals

Water park "Limpopo" - the first in the Urals
Water park "Limpopo" - the first in the Urals

The water park "Limpopo" (photo below) received its first visitors in 2005 (the first such complex opened in the Urals). There are several plots under its roof:

  • aquazone;
  • places of special (increased) comfort;
  • pools;
  • food court.
  • Limpopo water park

Here you can just relax, and if you want to get a thrill, and improve your he alth. The complex has water rides (for adults and children), a variety of slides (17 types), pools (including hydromassage), waterfalls, coffee shops and cafes.

In one day, the water park "Limpopo" can serve 1000 people (at a time). Thanks to modern equipment, the most comfortable conditions have been created here: along with an integrated water purification system and supply and exhaust ventilation, constant air and water temperatures are maintained (+30 оС and +28 о С respectively) at 60% humidity. Representatives of the rescue service are constantly in the aquazone.

Limpopo water park prices

Waterpark "Limpopo". Water attractions (adults only)

  1. "Anaconda" - the length of the closed pipe is 146 m, the inner diameter is 1.4 m. The descent is carried out in a circle with a height difference of 16 m.
  2. "Orange river" - descent in the gutter, performed "head back", length - 67.4 m, drop - 8 m).
  3. "Free Fall" - the descent is similar to the previous attraction. Length - 44 m, drop - 16.3 m.
  4. "Black Hole" - descent in a closed tube with light effects (93 m, with a vertical drop of 12.5 m).
  5. "Multi-slide" - a three-lane slide (open, 75.4 m, with a drop of 14 m).

Waterpark "Limpopo". Children's water attractions

  • "Red River" - a chute with a drop of 4 m and a length of 33.5 m (open).
  • "Ship" - consists of five slides with a difference of 95 cm, length - 1.7 m.
  • "Cliff" - three slides with a difference of 2.6 m, length 7 m.
  • "Hydropipe" - two elements with a total length of 6.8 m, with a height difference of 2.7 m.
  • "Slow River" - a pool encircling the aquazone (with a gentle current).
  • Wave pool (area 400 sqm).
  • Swimming pool (25 x 11 m).
Limpopo water park photo

High comfort zone

This is a private area with an individual Finnish sauna with a font. Here you can also order drinks, hot dinners or light snacks. The maximum number of guests is 10 people.

Bars, cafes

The territory of the bath complex has several bars and cafes where you can order juices, tea, cocktails, pizza, french fries, barbecue, fish cooked on coals. The children's cafe has its own special menu. Prices are quite reasonable.

Limpopo Water Park takes over the organization of holidays for children

For the birthday person there are discounts in the form of a free visit (you need to have a birth certificate with you). Your child and guests will be provided with an individual entrance, a dressing room, a playroom (soft), a buffet hall. If you wish, you can easily agree on ordering branded invitations to the holiday. Children can be accompanied by up to 3 adults.

The order is placed under the following conditions:

  • number of children - up to 18 people (one room) or up to 12 (another type of room);
  • minimum amount - 1000 rubles;
  • maximum age for birthday party and invitees is 15;
  • mandatory presence of the birthday person with a document confirming the date of birth.

For an additional payment, you can use the mailing of invitations, the work of animators, the services of a photographer. Buffet available.

Discounts are available for regular group visits (non-holiday) with set meals.

Limpopo Aquapark, prices:

  • 2-hour vacation - from 100 rubles (children) to 650 rubles (adult);
  • 4-hour stay - from 100 rubles to 850 respectively;
  • evening break (19.00-22.00) - 3 hours for the price of 2 (from 100rubles up to 850).

If the entrance ticket is purchased between 10.00-11.00, then a full day of stay in the water park will cost you only 600 rubles (adult ticket). The cost of a child ticket is from 100 rubles.

Price increases slightly on weekends.

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