Swan Lake (Altai Territory): photos and reviews of tourists

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Swan Lake (Altai Territory): photos and reviews of tourists
Swan Lake (Altai Territory): photos and reviews of tourists

Surely many of us at least once in our lives have heard about such an amazing place as Swan Lake (Altai Territory). Every year, not only local residents from neighboring towns and villages come here, but also guests from near and even far abroad. What is it that attracts this area? What is so unusual and fascinating about it? Well, let's try to figure it out, although, of course, it's impossible to tell in a nutshell about the miracle called Swan Lake (Altai Territory).

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Swan Lake (Altai Territory), whose sights have actually become the object of close attention, is today a well-known nature reserve in the country. Its territory is protected by law, and hunting and fishing are strictly prohibited here almost all year round.

This article aims to acquaint the reader as best as possible with a place called Swan Lake (Altai Territory). How to get there? What to pay attention to in the first place? By what principleorganize a trip? All these questions will be answered in detail.

Section 1. General information about the lake

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Swan Lake (Altai Territory), reviews of visiting which cannot but interest any, even the most capricious tourist, is a small reservoir up to 1 km long, up to 400 m wide and an average depth of 1 m. Geographically, it belongs to the Koksha river basin.

There are many hot springs on the banks and the bottom of the Swan, which feed the pond with warm water. Even in severe frosts, the temperature in the lake does not fall below +4 оС. It should be noted that the water here is always clean and transparent, so once the lake got its second name "Light".

In summer, the water temperature rises to +15 оС, and thanks to numerous springs, the water body never blooms. Of course, only the most courageous dare to swim here. But it is always a pleasure to ride on a boat or a catamaran on a transparent surface.

By the way, this is the only place in Russia where swans spend the winter every year, which are called whoopers for their characteristic trumpet sound.

Section 2. Do you know what?.

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Coming to Swan Lake - the Altai Territory in general is conducive to visiting - one cannot but take into account some features of the inhabitants themselves. Let's try to highlight some of the most interesting facts. Few people know that, for example, it is impossible to distinguish a female from a male outwardly. Marvelous,really?

And due to their size, swans are considered the largest waterfowl on the planet. The weight of adult whoopers can be 15 kg, and the span of swan wings reaches 2 m.

Birds have short legs, but very developed and powerful flying muscles. We also note that swans are very caring parents. After birth, whoopers take care of their cubs for about two more years.

By the way, since ancient times in Russia, people considered swans to be birds that bring good luck.

Section 3. Swan Lake (Altai Territory): how to get from Barnaul?

swan lake altai region how to get there

You can get to Gorny Altai only through the city of Biysk, after passing which, you need to follow to the village. Soviet. Further, the driver should carefully follow the directions of the sign and do not forget that Swan Lake (Altai Territory) also has a second name - Svetloye, and it is this name that is most often found in guidebooks.

Distance from Biysk is approximately 70 km.

On the way to the reservoir there is a parking lot, from which you will have to walk about 300 m further. And this automatically means that the shoes and clothes of travelers must be appropriate. Several piers and an observation tower are equipped on the shore of the lake.

In general, you can come to this place at any time of the year and by any type of transport (car, bus, motorcycle or even bicycle), but tourists who have already been here still recommend visiting the reservoir in their own car and it is in winter time. They say that's when you can feelits special, incomparable atmosphere.

Section 4. Majestic birds and Swan Lake. Altai Territory gives miracles

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The first time whoopers wintered on the lake was back in 1967. At first there were 15 of them, but every year the number of wintering birds increased sharply, and in our time there are more than 450 of them.

In 1973, the Lebediny reserve was formed here with an area of ​​more than 38 hectares. This contributed to an increase in the number of swans on the lake, as well as the appearance in this area, during the fishing period, of other species of birds and even animals.

Earlier, the locals called it exclusively Light, but after the majestic birds began to winter in it, the reservoir received a more poetic name - Swan Lake. The Altai Territory, which annually attracts a lot of vacationers, is generally famous for its unusual or even amazing territories.

It should be noted that the population of whoopers living here is in complete isolation from other swans. Young birds of strict beauty are gray in color, and adult swans are white and have yellow beaks. All whoopers until their 4 years of age find a mate and never change partners, which is why they are considered a symbol of fidelity.

When the swans arrive for the winter with the onset of cold weather, the locals know that it is already pointless to hope for warmth: the sun will begin to warm only in the spring, after the swans fly north.

Section 5. What else can you see in the area?

swanLake Altai Krai how to get from Barnaul

Apart from swans, about 2 thousand more ducks winter on the lake. Among them are many mallards, waders, goldeneyes, teals, gulls, black ducks, pintails, gray geese, etc.

Although Swan Lake (Altai Territory), a photo of which will surely adorn any family archive, has become a natural monument, it is still open to the public. And, by the way, is one of the objects in the tourist route along the small ring of Altai.

If you plan to visit Swan Lake (Altai Territory) on your next vacation, any local resident will be able to tell you how to get there, and some will even volunteer to personally guide you to your destination.

However, according to experienced travelers, it is still better to go there in the cold season. In winter, you can see a magnificent sight there: snow-white shores with frost-covered trees frame the blue expanse of water, and steam swirls from the lake, among which proud birds can be seen.

From the observation decks on the shore, you can admire the behavior and graceful beauty of whoopers.

Section 6. Choosing the right time to travel

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So, the purpose of our trip is Svetloye, or Swan Lake (Altai Territory). We have already figured out how to get to this object, now let's talk about the right season to visit.

The best time to visit Swan Lake, of course, is winter, although in summer you can enjoy spending time here, admire the picturesque nature and enjoy the freshair.

But it is in December of every year that snow-white flocks of proud birds fly to the ice-free lake and leave this area only in March to fly to the polar regions for nesting. The next year the swans arrive with their offspring.

These graceful snow-white birds, bringing happiness, gave the lake an extraordinary fairy-tale beauty, a special atmosphere of tenderness and romance, an aura of innocence and poetry, the energy of love and fidelity.

Section 7. Valuable tips for tourists

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Tourists who want to visit the Lebedinsky Reserve should pay attention to the fact that the optimal time for watching swans is in the morning before 9:00 or before sunset. Why? The thing is that by noon most of the birds fly away. On frosty windless days, there is a high risk of heavy fog, due to which they will not be visible at all.

For some time the swans always keep a certain distance, so there is no need to rush to approach them immediately upon arrival. Better to wait until they swim closer.

It will be good to visit the lake on warm days in late November - early January, when birds fly a lot and generally lead an active lifestyle.

Spyglass or binoculars, warm clothes and hot tea in a thermos are very useful for traveling.

Section 8. Organization of the work of the Swan Reserve

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The Swan Sanctuary was created to maintainecological balance and conservation of the natural complex of the region, preservation of natural habitats of different species of birds and reproduction of animals. It consists of forest, meadow, wetlands, almost 100 km of the Katun River and 70 islands.

KGBU "Altaipriroda" takes care of the well-being of the Swan Reserve. On the shore of the lake, to reduce the disturbance of birds, a modern observation deck was built and several piers were equipped. Also in the near future, it is planned to build an ecological trail and a modern pavilion for observing the behavior of swans on the territory of the reserve.

To keep birds alive in winter, Altaipriroda feeds them with concentrated feed. The road to the lake and the observation deck is also regularly cleared of snow and precipitation.

Since 2013, Gazprom began to take care of the Lebediny reserve, which, of course, could not but have a positive effect on the life of its inhabitants. A lot of money is now regularly allocated to maintain this territory.

Section 9. Traveler Reviews

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Every year tourists from all over the world come to admire the splendor of Swan Lake. On the positive side, they note a huge number of beautiful pigeons and wild ducks in the reserve, an observation tower on the shore and wooden piers above the water, from which a picturesque panorama opens. There is also a unique opportunity to observe the life of wonderful birds. The visitors were delighted with how close the proud handsome men swam to the people,giving the opportunity to feed yourself with bread literally out of hand.

There are, of course, those tourists who did not like the trip. They are outraged by the large number of visitors in the reserve, who are sometimes more than the swans themselves, three times. Also, those who have been here did not like the shore of the lake overgrown with bushes, from which you can hardly see anything, long lines to the pier, narrow flooring, high humidity of the area and the unworthy behavior of tipsy tourists.

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