Maldives or Seychelles - what to choose?

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Maldives or Seychelles - what to choose?
Maldives or Seychelles - what to choose?

Maldives and Seychelles are very popular islands among tourists, suitable for a serene warm holiday. Rest by the sea, warm sand, sea breeze, romantic sunsets. What could be more beautiful? That is why both island states are often in demand among newlyweds, spouses and just couples in love.

Let's consider in the article what to choose: the Maldives or the Seychelles, where it is best to go on vacation. As well as the pros and cons of the resorts of the two states separately.

Description of the Maldives

The Republic of Maldives is a state in South Asia in the Indian Ocean, located south of India. There are only half a million people here, they profess Islam. The capital and largest city is Male. The peculiarity of the islands lies in their beauty and incredibly blue lagoons. That is why tourism is booming here.

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Description of the Seychelles

Where is the Seychelles (or, in other words, the Republic of Seychelles)? This is a country in East Africa. But, like the Maldives, it is located in the Indian Ocean, in its western part, one and a half thousand kilometers from Africa and not far from Madagascar.

Seychelles have inits composition of 115 islands! However, people live on only 33 of them. The capital is the city of Victoria on the island of Mahe. And the population is only 90-100 thousand people.

The islands are mostly coral and granite.

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Climate and beach seasons

The climate, as a rule, in both states is very gentle, warm and favorable. In the best months, the thermometer mark stays around +25…30 оC. The time without rain is also called the dry season. In the Maldives, the tourist season falls on winter, starting in November and ending in April. At this time in the Seychelles it rains. It is worth noting that such periods here are quite mild, without heavy rains, without floods.

But in the summer, on the contrary, in the Seychelles the beach season, which lasts from May to November. It rains here from October to April-May. Showers are usually mild, averaging an hour.

But it is worth highlighting some of the advantages of relaxing in the "off season". In both states, regardless of the time of year, the weather is generally warm. During low seasons there are fewer tourists and tours can be cheaper.


Of course, any tourist who travels to the Maldives or the Seychelles does so in part from across the ocean. The beaches of the Maldives are very similar to each other: everywhere there are beautiful blue lagoons and white soft sand.

Seychelles is an abundance and a large selection of diverse beaches: from shallow, calm and neat to very wild, with rocks and large waves.


But everywhere is usually very clean, often cleaned,there are sun loungers. The sand is usually fine, pleasant for walking barefoot.


In the Maldives, almost every hotel is located on its island, very close to the beach. As a rule, you can live in rooms or in your own separate house - a bungalow or a villa. There are many five-star and four-star hotels with an all-inclusive system, but there are also three-, two-star hotels where there is no All inclusive and spa treatments, but this will not interfere with enjoying a wonderful holiday. Each island of this state has a similar appearance, only hotels differ.

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The cheapest and most unpretentious Maldivian hotels can cost from 15-20 thousand rubles for seven days for a double room, three-star hotels - from 30-40 thousand rubles per week. Four-star - from 70 thousand. The most expensive are five-star all-inclusive hotels, sometimes the price for a week is more than 200,000 rubles, but, as a rule, these are entire large bungalows or villas, which can have several bedrooms and beds. Sometimes this price is reasonable if you go, for example, with your family.

There are also many good hotels in the Seychelles with good service. The choice of location here is varied. There are hotels by the sea, there are in the mountains or in the outback, away from the water. You can also choose a more expensive or cheaper room, with or without your own kitchen, a completely wild lonely bungalow by the sea or a five-star hotel. The choice is very large. Prices also vary greatly, but a cheap hotel is easier to find because there are more of them. However, the price of three-star hotels usually starts from 30 thousand dollars or more.during the week. The islands on which the hotels are located are usually larger than the average islands of the Maldives, so there may be several establishments. Also, the islands are much more diverse in appearance.

As a rule, in the Maldives and Seychelles there are hotels on the water, the rooms of which have a transparent floor. There you can watch live tropical fish and algae, enjoy this beautiful view.

Entertainment and infrastructure

The Maldives and the Seychelles are not at all similar in their entertainment. The Maldives is ideal for an all-inclusive holiday. Here you can relax to the fullest: swim every day, relax on the gentle sand, visit spa treatments, massage, enjoy delicious food. You can also go diving. However, here you are unlikely to find a very active holiday. In addition, the Maldives is not suitable for people who like to travel wild and save as much as possible without spending money on expensive hotels. The fact is that there are many islands here, and many of them belong to certain hotels.

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There is a capital here - the city of Male, but here everything is completely different from the fabulous resorts of this state, because the state itself is quite small and the population is small. The upside is that prices can be low if you sleep in a hostel/cheap hotel and eat regular food bought on the street or in shops. There are also places to visit. For example, Muslim mosques, a national museum, as well as a botanical park, where an abundance of tropical plants: various orchids, palm trees and much more.

Seychelles is just a godsend for outdoor enthusiasts. Many excursions, there are also diving, boating, walks through the forests and hills and much more. When the Seychelles were discovered, they began to be actively built up, so there are a few more interesting places here. In the Seychelles capital, the city of Mahe, there are places to go: museums, exhibitions, galleries, churches, temples, casinos, numerous monuments, gardens, parks.

In general, the rest in both states is very good. Maldives - for a relaxing beach holiday, Seychelles - for a more active one.


As it turned out, the Maldives and the Seychelles are not at all similar to each other. The infrastructure is also different. The Maldives usually offer a beach holiday on the territory of a luxury hotel, that is, on the island. Traveling between the islets is not popular - you will not see anything new there. Just another hotel, beach and sand. But in the capital, the city of Male, you can travel.

But in the Seychelles, transport links between the islands are very developed. On each island you can find eateries or small hotels and something interesting, specially open to tourists from all over the world. It is also much easier to travel "savages" by changing location frequently and spending the night in a different location/island each day.

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What is more expensive: the Seychelles or the Maldives? There is no single answer. With the Maldives, the situation may be easier, since you can buy a comprehensive tour and it will immediately be clear how much it costs. During the holidays you don't have more waste. Of course, there may be high prices for tours to the Maldives. "All inclusive" and a five-star hotel dramatically raise the cost of the holiday. However, you should not take the tour completely without food, you need at least breakfast at the hotel. In the Maldives, buying food separately can be more expensive than eating on a paid tour.

In the Seychelles, people tend to spend time actively. Traveling somewhere, excursions also cost money. But the hotel here, as a rule, you can save money.

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How to get there?

The Maldives are much closer to Russia than the Seychelles. The islands are located just south of India. But the Seychelles - east of Africa. Therefore, it is easier to get to the Maldives from Russia and sometimes a little cheaper than to the Seychelles. The reason is also that there are direct flights from Moscow. A one-way ticket costs an average of 17-30 thousand rubles. Upon arrival in Male, then you just need to get to the desired island and that's it. In addition, Russians do not need a visa here if the stay is not more than 30 days.

But in order to fly to the Seychelles, where the airport is located in the capital of Mahe, you need to make a transfer upon arrival from Moscow. Usually they are made in the city of Dubai in the UAE or Doha in Qatar. A one-way ticket with or without a transfer costs at least 20 thousand rubles. And only after that to get to the right place in the Seychelles. A visa is also not required here, however, a certain package of documents may be required.

Instead of a conclusion

So, we have examined how the Maldives and the Seychelles differ from each other.You can't say for sure which is better. Both states are great vacation spots. Let's highlight the pros separately.

The Maldives is worth a trip if:

  • you want to relax, spending time mainly on the territory of the hotel island;
  • love to relax on the beach, swim and lie in the sun;
  • want to go diving;
  • do not plan to visit other places;
  • want to relax from November to April - this is the most velvet season in the Maldives;
  • love spa treatments;
  • want to live by the sea;
  • want to save some money on your flight.

The Seychelles is worth a trip if you:

  • love outdoor activities;
  • love excursions, trips to different islands;
  • planning a vacation from May to November;
  • love a beach holiday - then the Seychelles, where there are different beaches, are also suitable;
  • want to have a choice of where the hotel will be, because the islands are completely different;
  • love rocky terrain and rich vegetation;
  • plan to live in a very cheap hotel.

Here are almost all the advantages of rest in each of the states. There is something for everyone.

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