Cenger Beach Resort Hotel (Turkey): photos and reviews of tourists

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Cenger Beach Resort Hotel (Turkey): photos and reviews of tourists
Cenger Beach Resort Hotel (Turkey): photos and reviews of tourists

Turkey is very popular with tourists from all over the world. Some like the bright, cheerful, well-deserved fame of Antalya, Kemer, Marmaris. Others choose less developed and less noisy places, such as Kizilot. The hotels here are new, modern, with a wide range of services at quite affordable prices. Cenger Beach Resort SPA Hotel is considered one of the best. Its rich infrastructure and special location allow everyone who is tired of the busy rhythm of life, vanity, endless worries and troubles to get a good rest. The hotel staff takes care of it all.

Location, description of the area

The five-star hotel Cenger Beach Resort (Turkey) is located a couple of dozen steps from the Mediterranean coast, in the new and still sparsely built-up resort area of ​​Kizilot. This is approximately on the border with the resort of Alania, which has long been chosen by Russian tourists. Manavgat, famous for its waterfalls and canyons, is only 13 km from the hotel. It is the third largest city in the region by area and population. On the publictransport, the journey there takes approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on how many stops will be at the request of passengers.

Cenger Beach Resort

A little further, literally 5 minutes from Manavgat, is the ancient city-museum of Side. The nearest airport is located in Antalya, which is about 90 km from Cenger Beach Resort. If you use a car, the journey will take about 2 hours, which tourists with kids need to take into account. An excellent paved highway almost all the time stretches along the coast. From the windows of the car or bus, views of the sea on one side and hills with rare groups of trees on the other. Arriving guests are immediately struck by some privacy of the hotel. In other resorts, sometimes from the windows of the rooms you can observe what is happening in the rooms of neighboring hotels - they are so close. Here, however, this is not the case, so you can enjoy a real rest from the hustle and bustle of the world. Even the nearest store is 7-8 minutes walk. But the highway is very close. Dolmushes regularly “run” here, so it’s very easy to get where your heart desires. In addition to cities, there are a couple of villages with small shops and taverns nearby the hotel. The nearest one is Kizilot (3 km to it). The second is Okurcalar (4 km to it). You can also walk to them if the weather permits.

Description of the territory

Since there are no other applicants for land nearby, the Cenger Beach Resort hotel is quietly located on a vast territory - 12 thousand square meters. Wonderful flowers are fragrant here, palm trees are green all year round,junipers and rhododendrons. Impressive lawns with emerald grass are also pleasing to the eye. The solid area made it possible to conveniently place two magnificent buildings on the territory, a wonderful swimming pool for adults with an island in the center, a mini-water park, a bar, a children's pool, tennis courts, sports grounds, and a parking lot. There is even a private amphitheater where concerts of touring artists, contests and quizzes organized by animators are held.

Description of hotel infrastructure

Cenger Beach Resort is brand new. It was put into operation in 2011. It consists of two stylish five-story buildings, between which there is a covered passage. The foyers of both buildings are spacious and bright. There is a reception desk in one, where there is a paid safe. Here you can also order dry cleaning, washing and ironing services, exchange currency, and resolve the issue of renting a vehicle. There are corners in the foyer where comfortable soft chairs are installed, beautiful lighting is arranged, there is a lobby bar. Wireless Internet works best here as well.

Cenger Beach Resort 5

Cenger Beach Resort in its infrastructure has an excellent spa, gym, bowling center, billiards, a nightclub with a disco and a bar, an indoor pool, gyms for sports, two conference rooms equipped with everything necessary technology for conducting business negotiations and meetings. For the convenience of vacationers, there are small shops on the territory with various trifles, souvenirs and other goods necessary for the rest.


Cenger Beach HotelResort 5offers 266 rooms for guests, located on five floors of each building. Elevators are available, but they are often busy during peak season, which should be taken into account, especially for those who find it difficult to walk up the stairs. When booking, it is advisable to be interested in which floor the booked room is located on. Also keep in mind that not all apartments have balconies. For some, this is not important, but someone dreams in the evening, when the heat subsides, to sit on the balcony, admiring the sunset. Room types are as follows:

1. Standard.

2. Family one-room apartments.

3. Family two-room apartments.

4. Economy

5. For the disabled.

The area of ​​the rooms is 24 and 32 square meters, excluding the "economy" type. It is not very spacious here, there are no balconies, and in some places even the windows are quite small. Each room is equipped with a furniture set (single and double beds, bedside tables, wardrobes), a telephone, a mini-fridge replenished daily with water, a plasma TV, a hair dryer, and air conditioning. Some apartments have bunk beds with ladders. The bathrooms are equipped with washbasins, toilet and shower. Hygiene products are replenished as needed.

A distinctive feature of Cenger Beach Resort 5is amazing cleanliness. The rooms are cleaned every day, towels are changed, from which the maids lay figures on the beds. Bed linen is not washed, clean and tidy. No cockroaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs.

Cenger Beach Resort SPA

Room windows overlookeither on the sea or on the territory of the hotel. The design of the rooms is not flashy, everything is in soft pastel colors, on the walls - paintings that harmoniously fit into the overall interior.


Cenger Beach Resort SPA Hotel offers its guests 3 restaurants for food. The main and largest (for 600 people) is called "Pamphylia". Up to 450 people can be accommodated in the covered part at the same time, and 150 can be accommodated on the terrace, from where great views open up.

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are held in Pamphylia. The chef is a master of the highest class. He and his assistants surprise and delight guests with new dishes literally every day. The menu includes meat (chicken, veal, beef, lamb, turkey), fish (including grilled), dozens of salads and side dishes, unusually delicious sweets. All this is excellently served and beautifully decorated. The food here is not only tasty, but plentiful. And no one counts how much the tourist took food for himself (buffet-type meals), does not follow if anyone took something to his room. You can eat from 7 am, when breakfast starts, until 11 pm. Estimated dinner time is 9pm. In addition, during the day, second breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea with pastries and drinks, free ice cream are provided. Drinks include classic coffee, tea, juices.

Two other restaurants can prepare dishes (Turkish cuisine, fish, seafood) on request. They work from 19.00 to 21.00 daily.

Cenger Beach Resort SPA 5

Besides this, Cenger Beach Resort (hotel) in itsinfrastructure has 4 bars - in the lobby, near the pool, on the beach and in the disco club. It offers a variety of drinks and cocktails, seven types of which can be taken for free. No need to pay for Turkish alcoholic drinks. In addition, in the bar on the beach you can not only drink, but also have a snack. There are even a few hot dishes on the menu.

Sea, weather conditions in Kizilot

Cenger Beach Resort SPA is very close to its private beach. Before it you need to go 400 meters through the tunnel. The sea in this area of ​​Kizilot is crystal clear, but open to all winds, so there are waves here. On the one hand, this is a small problem for vacationers with small children, on the other hand, it is a paradise for surfers. Sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach are free, which is not often found in Turkey. Employees of the Cenger Beach Resort SPA-hotel also provide clean beach towels every day free of charge. A feature of this stretch of coast is that the beaches here are not sandy, but pebbly. There are even large stones, so it is advisable for vacationers to have special swimming shoes on their feet. The entry into the sea is not particularly gentle, which some like and others do not.

Besides the beach bar, there are many activities such as banana boat rides, glass bottom boat rides. There is also a yacht and scooter rental.

Cenger Beach Resort SPA Hotel

The weather conditions of this region allow you to have a great rest from May to September inclusive. In summer, there is practically no rain here, it is very hot (quite often the mercury column rises above 30 degrees Celsius, andin some years it generally froze at around +45). The sea near the coast warms up well during these months: the water temperature is from 25 to 28 degrees Celsius. In May and September it is relatively "cool": +25 … +30 оС. Even in April and October it is relatively warm here (during the day the air temperature fluctuates between +22-26 degrees). The sea warms up to +20 оС and higher. The only minus of the rest in these months is the precipitation, which is “pleasant” literally every week. However, this does not prevent you from having a great rest, because there is not yet a large influx of tourists, and prices are not as high as in the peak season.

Leisure activities on site

Cenger Beach Resort SPA 5 boasts a very large (over 1000 sq. meters) outdoor pool with an island in the center. Two pretty bridges lead to it. There are plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas on the island and around the pool. Towels are provided to hotel guests free of charge. Next to the pool is a free mini water park with two water slides. There is also a smaller heated indoor pool.

The hotel can offer its guests a wonderful SPA complex, which provides the following services:

- aromatherapy;

- sauna;

- hammam;

- Jacuzzi;

- paid massage.

Cenger Beach Resort Hotel

For outdoor enthusiasts, there is an excellent gym, bowling, billiard room, sports grounds.

Daytime at the Cenger Beach Resort SPA 5hotel, animators work, shows and other entertainment programs are arranged. Opens in the eveningnight club with disco. There is no noise from him, as he works on the beach.

For little guests there is a shallow pool, chairs, cribs, a kids club, special contests and programs are organized. If necessary, parents can order a babysitter.

Leisure outside the hotel

Active vacationers never get bored at Cenger Beach Resort 5. Although Kizilot itself cannot boast of any sights, it is only a 20-minute drive from the unique Side. This city-museum was founded in the 7th century BC. It was built by the Greeks, so many of the unique historical monuments that have survived to this day are made in the classical Greek style. You can see the Agora, the temples of Apollo and Artemis, the bishop's palace, the Nymphaeum fountain and much more, visit museums or just stroll along the ancient streets. In addition, guests of Cenger Beach Resort Side will find it interesting with its amazing beaches, many shops, bars and restaurants.

Cenger Beach Resort Turkey

Another entertaining excursion can be made to Manavgat. This is a very large city with a well-developed infrastructure. Here you can find a wide variety of entertainment, and in addition, go to admire the man-made waterfall, Lake Titreegnel, the ruins of Seleucia, the mosque, the Koprulu canyon. A ticket to go there costs $3. e., to Side - a little more expensive (2014 prices). The most restless and curious tourists can visit Alanya. The road there will take 40-50 minutes, the fare is 10 USD. e. In Alanya, you can not onlyto admire unique historical monuments, but also to be stingy.

Additional information

The modern five-star hotel Cenger Beach Resort SPA (Side, Kizilot) is ideal for those who prefer a relaxing and comfortable stay. It is located at some distance from shopping centers and all kinds of entertainment venues. Everything you need for leisure activities is available on site. Those wishing to make excursions to neighboring cities can use dolmush (they stop right in front of the complex) or rent a car. This service is provided by the hotel.

The main contingent of holidaymakers at Cenger Beach Resort are Germans and Turks, so all staff are focused on knowledge of the languages ​​of these countries. Even the receptionists don't speak English very well. Only a few employees know Russian.

Rooms at the hotel are modern, bright and quite spacious, but no extra beds for adults, only baby cots. Accommodation for a child under 6 years old (without a separate bed) is free of charge. There is also no charge for a cot for babies under 2 years old.

Pets are allowed in the hotel only with the permission of the management.


Most of the tourists who rested in Cenger Beach Resort SPA leave positive reviews. Among the advantages of the hotel are:

  • beautiful territory;
  • very large and clean pool;
  • availability of water slides, free of charge;
  • kids club;
  • perfect cleanliness in the rooms and in the hotel itself;
  • delicious food, huge variety of dishes, decent service;
  • proximity to the sea;
  • good towel service;
  • availability of a SPA complex.

Disadvantages (where without them?) are as follows:

  • distance from the city, shops and entertainment centers;
  • lack of knowledge of Russian and English by the staff;
  • animation in an incomprehensible language;
  • provision of the ordered room not from the first day after arrival;
  • no Wi-Fi in rooms;
  • eternal employment of elevators (problematic for those living on non-top floors);
  • Inattention of individual employees.

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