S.Oliver stores in Moscow: clothes and accessories

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S.Oliver stores in Moscow: clothes and accessories
S.Oliver stores in Moscow: clothes and accessories

In Russia, the fashion brand of clothes and accessories s.Oliver appeared recently, but quickly won the hearts of Moscow youth. Founded in Germany, the retail company began to spread throughout Europe, looking at Russian consumers as well. The largest number of stores of this brand can be found in Moscow.

Brand story

Every big thing starts small. This is what happened with s.Oliver. In 1969, Bernd Fryer opened a small boutique, which he called "Sir Oliver". It was the author's exclusive clothing for men. After 4 years, all of Düsseldorf knew his products as premium business clothes, which many wanted to wear. Mr. Bernd decided not to miss the profit and opened a line for women.

s.Oliver stores in Moscow: addresses

Today's name s.Oliver appeared in 1978 and was already positioned as casual wear for men and women. Only in 2003, the brand decides to enter the foreign market, opening in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. AT2006 conquers Poland, Italy and Kazakhstan, in 2007 - France and India. Later it appears in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Canada and finally conquers the Russian market.

In total, 10,300 stores are open in the world, and the s.Oliver group of companies now unites several brands under itself. Successful development is due to the quality and wide demand of the products sold in the mass market segment.

s.Oliver stores

The main office of the company is located in the German city of Rottendorf, from where all other international offices in Indonesia, Turkey, India and China are managed. Armin Fichtel has been the company's CEO since 2015.

Prevalence in the Russian market

In Russia, including Moscow, the first s.Oliver stores appeared about ten years ago. Fashionable clothes at low prices quickly captured the attention of the city's residents, and the brand became very popular. In 2011, a joint advertising campaign of singer Alexei Vorobyov with a youth brand began, which certainly raised the rating of stores among the Russian audience.

Now you can find s.Oliver clothing stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Yaroslavl, Krasnodar, Novokuznetsk and other cities. The Russian audience has taken a liking to the new German youth brand, which continues to open stores throughout the country and further develop the brand.

Popularity in the capital

s.Oliver stores in Moscow cover a wide range of consumers. Since the brand keeps up with the times and releases on timefashion collections that take into account all the latest trends, and even at attractive budget prices, then young people are happy to go shopping there.

In Moscow's shopping centers there is a huge variety of competing brands of clothing and accessories, especially in the mass market segment. The s.Oliver brand has not yet gained such high popularity as the world-famous Swedish brainchild of Erling Persson, but is slowly gaining momentum with enviable constancy.

s.Oliver clothing stores in Moscow

Now in Moscow, s.Oliver stores are represented in almost every major shopping and entertainment complex, which ensures the brand is accessible to guests and residents of the city.

Who is interested in visiting s.Oliver?

A person of any age can dress stylishly in s.Oliver. Here you will find clothes for both a fifteen-year-old teenager and a retired man.

The company's policy is to create fashionable and affordable clothing for any customer, without discrimination based on gender or other characteristics. And the brand does it well.

Simple and beautiful things are waiting for buyers on the shelves, and affordable prices do not affect the quality of clothing. Products are well and correctly sewn, rarely comes across a marriage.

s.Oliver stores in Moscow: phone

The product range is very diverse. Here you will find not only men's and women's clothing collections, but also an impressive selection of children's accessories. There are also the necessary accessories: gloves, umbrellas, bags, shoes, jewelry forhair, belts. In the store, you can not only dress up, but also buy gifts for your friends by choosing items that suit them.

Shoes are designed according to special design projects of excellent quality. Most shoe models use natural, breathable materials.

Store addresses

The company does not have a multichannel broadband regional phone in Moscow in s.Oliver stores. You can get through only through the administration of the direct tenant.

Addresses of s.Oliver stores in Moscow (shopping centers): "MEGA Belaya Dacha", "Pike", "City on Ryazanka", "Budapest", "Oblaka", "Sokolniki", "Motes", " Golden Babylon (Prospekt Mira), Golden Babylon (Otradnoye), Rublevsky, Zvezdochka, Holding Center (Metro Planernaya), Holding Center (Metro Teply Stan), Bucharest, Friendship, Arcadia, Gagarinsky, Metropolis Plaza, Prague Passage.

In addition to shopping malls, separate s.Oliver stores are located at:

  • Shchelkovo highway, 7с1;
  • St.26 Baku Commissars, 7/6;
  • Dmitrovskoe shosse, 101а;
  • Presnenskaya embankment, 2;
  • Turgenevskaya Square, 2;
  • Leningrad highway, 5.
  • Marshal Zhukov Avenue, 3

The walking distance of s.Oliver stores in Moscow allows everyone, even the busiest resident of Moscow, to get acquainted with the products and make their choice.

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