Malmo: sights, history of the city, photos and reviews of tourists

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Malmo: sights, history of the city, photos and reviews of tourists
Malmo: sights, history of the city, photos and reviews of tourists

This cozy provincial town attracts with its lack of hustle and bustle. By the standards of Russians, Malmö in Sweden is a very small settlement, although it is the third largest in the country. Unfortunately, few vacationers get to Malmö, and it is full of surprises.

Cosmopolitan City

The so-called Swedish gates to Europe are located in the south of Sweden, near the border with Denmark, on the very shore of the B altic Sea. Malmö, whose sights become the subject of admiration for tourists, is the administrative center of Skåne province.

About 320,000 people live in the cosmopolitan city, and half of them are migrants. It is cosmopolitanism that contributes to the development of its rich cultural life.

A bit of history

Due to its unique location in a sheltered bay, the city, built in 1272, has always prospered. For several centuries it belonged to Denmark and therefore keeps many works of architecture typical of the Middle Ages of this country. A large seaport and trade center grew richer from year to year. ATIn the middle of the 17th century, a war broke out between Denmark and Sweden. Soon, tired of the fierce bloody battles, they signed a peace treaty. According to him, it was decided in 1658 to give the province of Skåne to Sweden.

In the 16th century, Malmö even rivaled Copenhagen economically.

St. Peter's Church

The most famous religious landmark in Malmö is St. Peter's Church. This is the oldest temple in the city, which was built over 100 years. In the 19th century, local authorities, concerned about the problem of its destruction, decided to demolish the remains of the ancient monument. In its place was a new church built of dark brick. Its appearance is very restrained and may even seem plain and uninteresting from an architectural point of view to some. But such a laconic design is inherent in almost all Swedish architecture. But the interior decoration is a real admiration.

Saint Paul's Cathedral

The Gothic-style cathedral is located in the heart of the city, and its tall spiers can be seen from anywhere in Malmö, Sweden (photos are presented in the article). Particularly surprising is the multi-tiered tower of the square bell tower. The lower levels are decorated with spacious windows, while the upper levels are decorated with both bas-reliefs and gargoyle figures.

Inside the temple is decorated with columns and arcades (a number of arches), and its main relics are an old carved altar, on which famous sculptors worked, and an organ. Curiously, the walls and floor of the church are lined with tombstones.

During the service thatheld in the morning, tourists are not allowed to enter the church.

Malmehus Castle

Wonderful architectural creation, used to protect trade routes, is a fine example of Danish architecture in Sweden. The castle, more like a fortress, arose on the site of a destroyed building, which was intended for King Christian III. There are many architectural monuments of the Middle Ages in the province of Skåne, but Malmöhus is the most famous. The royal residence and a prison for prisoners were located here, including the husband of the Scottish Queen Mary Stuart.

Established in the middle of the 15th century, it has undergone several large-scale reconstructions and has taken on a modern look. The powerful citadel with baroque and renaissance elements is surrounded by a deep moat filled with water and a fortress wall with two high towers.

Malmö Castle

Historical interiors are recreated here, and therefore visitors immediately find themselves in the Middle Ages. In the building of the fortress there was a place for several museums, the expositions of which tell about the rich history of the country and the city.

Triumph of engineering

In 1995, the construction of a bridge-tunnel began, including a four-lane road across the Øresund Strait and a railway. But only 5 years later, its official opening took place, after which the city becomes a link between Sweden and Denmark. A very complex structure weighing 82,000 tons is connected by a tunnel on Peberholm, a specially created island.

Bridge in Malmo(Sweden) was supposed to make life easier for Danes and Swedes, because in just 20 minutes anyone can get from the city to Copenhagen. But in fact, the road is very heavily overloaded with traffic, and constant traffic jams occur on it.

Øresund bridge

Construction costs were about $2 billion, and now they are covered from the money collected from the fare.

According to tourists, crossing the bridge by car is an exciting adventure, and everyone gets a lot of unforgettable impressions from this trip.

Pride of all Sweden

The futuristic-looking skyscraper with the interesting name "Turning Torso" is Malmö's most modern architectural landmark in Sweden (see photo below). Designed by a Spanish architect, it really creates the effect of a swirling facade, because its author wanted to depict a human figure in motion. The residential building, formed from nine cubes, was considered the most "twisted" building in the world until 2013.

famous skyscraper

The façade of the building, indeed resembling a relief human torso, is very simple, but the bizarre form of the architectural creation compensates for the laconic design. The construction, directed upwards to 190 meters, is "folded" in such a way that the lower and upper segments are located at an angle of 90o to each other. During the construction, the most advanced technologies were used to make the structure stable and durable.

On the 54 floors are bothoffice space and 150 apartments. These are real spacious mansions with observation decks, conference rooms and wine cellars. The beautiful building can only be admired from the outside, tourists are not allowed inside.

Malmo Arena Modern Center

In November 2008, a multifunctional complex was opened, called the city of Malmö. The attraction, the photo of which is sure to be taken by tourists as a keepsake, is actually impressive.

The structure, located on an area of ​​51,000 m22, is a concert hall, a stadium, and a venue for symposiums and negotiations. The modern center has a huge restaurant and about 20 cafes. In addition, those who wish can stay in a comfortable hotel.

City within a city

The Western Harbor area, from the windows of which houses offer wonderful views of the Øresund Strait, is the most environmentally friendly area. This is a kind of city of the future, built on the site of former shipyards.

And now modern houses rise here, for the construction of which the latest eco-technologies were applied so that people live in harmony with nature and lead a he althy lifestyle. Cars cannot be parked in the residential area, so residents leave them outside and switch to bicycles.

Ecologically clean area

It is curious that the quarter in which windmills and solar panels are installed is energy independent. It also has a unique system that heats houses in winter and cools them in hot summers.

Exactly over thisthe famous skyscraper grows in the area, which has become the most interesting attraction of Malmö. And the whole of Western Harbor is famous for its modern architecture.

King's Park

The city has a huge number of parks, but the oldest is the Royal, which opened in 1872. It is located on the very outskirts of the historical center of Malmö in Sweden. The famous landmark designed by the architect Ove Hansen, a big fan of Foggy Albion, is decorated in the English style.

The park is located on the site of an old cemetery, which caused a lot of talk. Religious figures could not calm down for a long time and tried their best to prevent its opening. However, it so happened that the amazing masterpiece, created by human hands, really liked the locals, who soon forgot about all the unpleasant moments.

royal park

Numerous fountains and sculptural compositions harmoniously complement the amazing beauty of this corner. And there are real legends about its luxurious greenhouses and decorated flower beds. Now it is a great place for family holidays and romantic meetings.

Picturesque Manor

On the outskirts of the city is a curious landmark of Malmö (Sweden), reflecting its diversity. The rural estate of Katrinthorp was founded at the end of the 19th century by the we althy merchant Bierman, but the main house of the estate appeared 14 years later, under a new owner.

Unfortunately, the estate was badly damaged by a terrible fire that broke out in 1826. The reconstruction lasted quite a long time, and the estateowner has changed again. And then the municipality of Malmö bought the estate, in which restoration work began.

Katrinthorpe is now a whole complex that includes a large house decorated with wall and ceiling paintings, a kitchen garden and a garden with a magical view, a greenhouse and a rose garden - favorite places for tourists' photo shoots.

Beach vacation in the city

Russians do not associate Sweden with a beach holiday, but meanwhile it is in the south of the country that you can sunbathe and swim. The average air temperature in summer is 23 оС, and the sea temperature is 21 оС. The mild climate, a large number of sunny days contribute to excellent pastime at sea. The beach season in the resorts of Sweden is very short: it starts in mid-June and lasts until the end of August.

Among the places intended for the entertainment of vacationers, the beaches that stretch along the coastal strip in the province of Skåne deserve attention. They even got the name "Swedish Riviera".

beach holiday

Since the city of Malmö in Sweden is located in the south of the country, you can have a good rest here in the summer. City beaches are sandy and very long. Ribbersborg is the most popular holiday destination among locals and tourists. It is curious that on the territory of more than two and a half kilometers there were places for nudists, disabled people and dog lovers who came here with their beloved pet.

Where to stay?

The city has a huge selection of hotels of various price categories, and vacationers can make a decentchoice. The cost of a double room starts from 70 euros per night.

Radisson Blu Hotel Malmö and Savoy Lulea are the most luxurious hotels offering a high level of service. The Park Inn by Radisson Malmö is a mid-range hotel popular with tourists. And young people who come in large groups most often stay in numerous hostels.

Many tourists choose not only hotels in Malmö (Sweden). Those who travel by car settle in campsites located outside the city.

Reviews from vacationers

Tourists admit that in terms of the location of the main attractions, Malmö is a compact town that can be walked around in one day. Some walk on their own, imbued with the spirit of an amazing corner where antiquity and modernity are intertwined. And others hire a guide who knows the local places well.

This is a green town where people mostly travel by bike, the safest form of transport. In hotels, you can rent it for free and travel around all the local monuments.

In addition, the Russians note that a large number of migrants does not negatively affect the standard of living, but, on the contrary, the city prospers and develops economically.

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